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Who Called Me

Who Called Me from 01133508520?

🛑 The number that called you from 01133508520 belongs to IMFS Debt Collection. They usually calling to recover debts from credit cards, store cards, current accounts and loans.

Beating Debt Collectors

There are several ways to deal with debt collectors and improve your finances.

Choosing the right way to tackle your debt could save you time and money, but the wrong one could cause even more harm.

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why is 01133508520 calling me

Why am I being called by 01133508520?

IMFS call debtors from various different numbers. The main reasons they call people are:

  1. To collect payment – The first reason IMFS are calling from 01133508520 is to try to collect payments as swiftly and as hassle-free as possible. In an ideal world for them you would be able to fulfil the entire sum of the debt right there on the spot by card payment or at least to organise ongoing monthly payments.
  2. To gather information – if you are completely unable to pay the debt, the next step is for IMFS is to gather a much key information from you as possible. They want to know what your income is, what your expenses are and whether you could sell anything of value to cover your debt.
  3. To intimidate you – There are certain things as only debt collectors that IMFS can do. For example they cannot break into your house or tell anyone you know about your debt with them. However, they can consistently call you from alternative numbers to 01133508520 at any time time of day between 6am and 9pm to try and get hold of you. This commitment to retrieving the debt can be very intimidating if you don’t know how to act in response.
01133508520 Debt Free

How to handle IMFS Collectors (01133508520)? 

I’ve written an extensive on how to deal with IMFS Debt Collection and some ways that you can stop them in the article linked below:

IMFS Debt Collection – What to Do

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Should I ignore Debt Collectors?

You can watch this video to learn what’s allowed as per the law and what you can do to avoid exploitation by these debt collectors:

IMFS Debt Collection Contact Details:

Phone number:

  • 01133508520


4100 Park Approach, Thorpe Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, LS15 8GB


Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
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