Who Called Me from 03445439169?

The company who called you from 03445439169 is LCS Debt Recovery. They collect debts for a variety of companies including large utility firms such as E.ON and British Gas. They also collect debts for HMRC.

Don’t worry, here’s what to do

You could get rid of debt collectors by writing off your debt. I’ve put together a 4 question debt calculator which will tell you if you’re eligible:

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This 4 question debt calculator will tell you if you’re eligible.

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Reasons why you were called by 03445439169

LCS could call you from several numbers. The main reasons they call people are: 

  1. To collect payment – LCS will most likely be calling you in order for you to confirm ownership of the debt and for you to pay the entire sum immediately over the phone.
  2. To get more information – If you can prove that you are unable to pay in any form on the spot then LCS will be looking for additional information from you that might help them claim the debt at some point in the future.

  3. To intimidate you – Letters are hardly worrying to some however phone calls make the situation appear a lot more personal and a lot more serious. LCS know this which is why they will attempt to contact you by phone call in order to get you to pay.

How to Stop LCS Debt Collectors? 

I’ve written a comprehensive guide about what to do when LCS contact you and ways that you can stop them in the article linked below:

LCS Debt Collectors – How to Stop Them

Find your best debt solution

debt solution

Is all this information starting to feel overwhelming? Don’t panic! I’ve put together a 4 question debt calculator so you can quickly and easily find the best solution for you. Answer the four questions now.

Should you ignore Debt Collectors?

You can watch this video to learn what’s allowed as per the law and what you can do to avoid exploitation by these debt collectors: 

LCS Debt Collection Contact Details:

Phone number:

  • 03445439169
  • 0344 543 9169
  • +443445439169
  • 443445439169


Baylis House Office No.15 Stoke Poges Lane Slough Berkshire SL1 3PB

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