The 118 118 Money website and app has now been down since 22nd March and their communications suggest that they may have been hacked. An estimated 300,000 customers are unable to service their loan and credit card accounts, however, they are still able to make payments.

If you are a 118 118 Money customer, I strongly recommend that you change your passwords to something different than what you used for the 118 118 Money account.

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At the time of writing, if you go to, you will see a site maintenance page up saying that they are investigating ‘unauthorised access’ to their systems, suggesting they’ve been hacked.

118 118 Money

118 118 Money also put out a similar Facebook post explaining that their team are working hard on resolving the issue.

Facebook post of 118 118 Money

118 118 Money will for the time of being no longer be processing credit card and loan application, which has probably done them a favour during this uncertain economic client amidst Coronavirus.

Existing credit card customers can continue to use their cards as normal.

Customers who wish to contact the company about their loans or credit card are asked to use chat function; the current working hours are 11am to 5pm.

Live chat is now available on

No phone numbers are given, however, you should be able to reach customer service by calling the numbers given on the back of the credit cards, shown below. Be warned, in their mandatory letter to all customers they said “Given the high volume of calls at this time, customers may experience longer than normal wait times”. Expect a long wait and lots of hold music.

08000 118 222

02920 548176

I’m sure 118 118 Money are scrambling to resolve this security breach and hopefully we’ll hear some official communication from them soon.

Update 28/03/2020, the following email has been received from the CEO, Ali Chaudhry:

What happened?

On Friday 20th March we discovered an illegal unauthorised access to our network which includes

We regret to inform you that recordings of customer service calls were accessed by the criminals responsible for the cyber attack. As a result, we are writing to all of our customers to inform them of this.

For those customers who have called our customer service line, certain pieces of personal data could potentially be affected. This could include your name, address and date of birth or other personal information that was discussed as part of the calls with our customer service team. We believe that, since the data is held in the form of call recordings, it would be extremely time consuming for anyone to attempt systematically to extract or copy your personal information.

As things stand, we believe that the only data affected by this incident was the call recordings. We do not believe that our customer database itself has been affected.

118 118 Money are offering a “complimentary Experian Identity Plus membership” for all those that have been affected. I tried this, but it’s an absolute faff if you already use the use Experian to check your credit score for free. Experian and 118, sort it out. Not a happy customer right now.

118 118 Money offering Experian membership

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