Angel Advance Debt Solutions review

Angel Advance claim to make nuisance debt calls and letters a thing of your past. They offer debt solutions that will make you free of debt over time. The not so good news is that these services will come at a cost. Does that mean you should pay up, or are there better options available to you?

Discover more about Angel Advance and get the latest information about their debt solutions in our detailed review – with real customer experiences included!

Who Are Angel Advance?

Angel Advance’s tag line is ‘Supporting Financial Wellbeing’ which sums up their services concisely. They offer a wide selection of debt solutions for the whole of the UK, including Scottish equivalents to some of the English and Welsh debt solutions. Since 2013, Angel Advance claim they have helped almost 18,000 people with their debt problems, which equates to over £17 million of debt repaid. They also run an online blog to help people manage their finances.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Angel Advance offer debt solutions for all UK residents. They offer help with:

Angel Advance customers often use their IVA service because it is a formal agreement that needs to be created by an insolvency practitioner and then accepted. So, what is an IVA? The short answer is it is a repayment plan for people with a lot of debt, which requires them to pay £100 (often more) each month. If you can make these repayments for five years, all your debts are wiped even if you still owe a lot of debt.

The longer answer with more information on this type of debt solution is available in our IVA guide.

What Do People Say About Angel Advance Debt Services?

Angel Advance has helped many people get out of debt, which is evident if you take a look at some of their decent Google reviews:

Angel Advance were brilliant in helping me to satisfy my debt. They were always contactable by telephone or email to address any concerns I had. Definitely recommend them.”

[Google Reviews]

The most helpful company the gentleman (Matthew) who dealt with our account couldn’t have been nicer thank you for helping us through you have been a real star I can’t thank you enough.”

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However, don’t be completely fooled by a couple of good reviews. It may be that there are cheaper ways to get out of debt using debt charities or other respected commercial groups.

Angel Advance FAQs

See below to find some of the most asked queries about Angel Advance and their debt services:

Are Angel Advance legit?

Angel Advance is a legitimate debt solutions provider for UK residents. They are regulated by the FCA, meaning they must operate in a way that is transparent and fair to debtors. If you have already agreed to an Angel Advance service, you can enjoy the peace of mind that they are not a scam debt help group.

Angel Advance Debt Solutions Review

How can I contact Angel Advance Limited?

Angel Advance are contactable in many ways. They have a freephone number you can call, which is provided at the bottom of this post. They also have online chat functions and a contact form you can use on their website.

Are Angel Advance debt solutions free?

It would be great if Angel Advance decided to provide their services for free, but 99% of their work comes at a price.

The reason for this is because they are a commercial company trying to make a profit. Some services may be cheaper elsewhere, or debt charities could provide comparable services without any cost whatsoever.

How much does Angel Advance cost?

The price for Angel Advance debt solutions will differ based on your personal debt circumstances and the type of debt solution you need. Not all debt services require the same level of work, so some are naturally more expensive than others. Their fees are not advertised so you will need to get a quote to find out how much Angel Advance will cost you.

Will Angel Advance stop my creditors from calling?

When you agree to an Angel Advance debt solution, the idea is that your creditors will stop hassling you to pay because an agreement is in place. Unfortunately, some creditors use automated systems so their calls and texts may not stop straight away, or at all.

Does Angel Advance offer free debt advice?

Yes and no.

Angel Advance ask you to get in touch with your circumstances so they can recommend one of their debt solutions. Although this recommendation is free with no obligations, you have to questions how much this constitutes advice or if it is just keeping you in their sales funnel to later make a profit.

For real free advice with no sales pitch, you should try a UK debt charity instead.

Does Angel Advance use online debtor portals?

Yes, like many other debt solution providers, Angel Advance has an online portal that debtors can access to manage their plans and view statements. This can give you additional comfort knowing that you can see where payments are going, track your debt and keep a record of payments made to date.

So, should I use Angel Advance to clear debt?

Angel Advance has much better online reviews than other businesses offering commercial debt solutions. If you want to use a commercial company, then Angel Advance may be among the best in the UK.

But there may not be a reason for you to spend even more money on paid-for debt solutions. Some comparable services are available at cheaper companies and even for free with charities and money advice organisations.

Make sure to weigh up your options and do some research before committing to Angel Advance.

Angel Advance Contact Details


Angel Advance,
850 Birchwood Boulevard,
Birchwood, WA3 7QZ

Contact number:

0800 210 0638


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