As of September 2020, Aperture Debt Solutions IVAs are being handled by another company by the name of Debt Movement UK Ltd, previously kown as Jarvis Insolvency.

Understand what Aperture Debt Solutions is all about in this guide: read about their services and how previous customers have been treated. We’ve also compiled all of the company details and registrations in a company profile.

Who Are Aperture Debt Solutions?

Aperture Debt Solutions, also known as Aperture IVA due to one of their popular debt solutions, helps people get out of debt. They are based in Belfast.

Aperture Debt Solutions has over 20 years of experience in the debt industry. They are fully regulated and acknowledged by industry bodies and are a legitimate business in the UK.

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Services with Aperture Debt Solutions

Aperture Debt Solutions offers a wide variety of services that can be useful to people in small and large amounts of debt. They offer:

One of the most popular debt solutions at Aperture Debt Solutions is an IVA, which is why so many people are going to want to learn more about the new business handling these arrangements. 

An IVA is a debt solution aimed at people with more than one debt and people who can make a bigger monthly payment to pay them off. Usually, debtors will pay a minimum of £100 per month towards their debts for five years. When the five-year period ends, they become debt-free even if there are still thousands of pounds left unpaid. 

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Aperture IVA Reviews

At the time of writing, 51% of Trustpilot Reviewers believed Aperture to be excellent.“Most horrific company I have ever come across AVOID. If you want to be trapped, mis-sold, ignored and led up garden path after garden path then they are for you. 10 years coming up since my IVA and despite now be closed still have several issues.”

“It has[sic] been a long 6 years or longer. Sheer delight, it’s over. Thank you so much for all your help in successfully completing. It really feels as if you have helped me remove a very tight noose from around my neck.”

[Trustpilot Review]

Aperture Debt Solutions FAQs

Below you can find lots of questions that debtors usually ask before using Aperture Debt Solutions:

How much does an Aperture IVA cost?

Aperture Debt Solutions does not publish the actual costs of their IVA services online. One thing is for certain. An IVA is an ongoing debt solution, so you can expect to pay ongoing fees for their help. That means fees could continue for 60 months, which makes even small fees costly over time.

Is an Aperture IVA 100% guaranteed?

No, an IVA can never be guaranteed because it is voted on by your creditors. You need a majority vote for it to pass and be agreed. Although you may be a good candidate and have a strong case, there is no certainty on how creditors will vote.

What to do if you already have an Aperture IVA?

Earlier we brought you breaking news that Aperture Debt Solutions is passing their IVAs over to Jarvis Insolvency. The good news is that you do not have to do anything if you already have an Aperture Debt Solutions IVA.

Everything should continue as normal with the same terms and fees. However, this is a worrying sign for the future of Aperture Debt Solutions. Why would they just hand over their best-selling product to another debt management company? 

Will Aperture Debt Solutions stop creditors from calling?

Maybe. Some debt solutions will stop creditors from calling and sending debt letters, but others may not. Sometimes, automated technology and lack of communication mean debt calls could continue even after a debt solution has been agreed.

How can I contact Aperture Debt Solutions?

If you want to contact Aperture Debt Solutions, we have provided their website, phone number and address at the bottom of this Aperture review. 

Does Aperture Debt Solutions offer informal agreements?

Yes, Aperture Debt Solutions offers different informal agreements that are not legally binding. But this does mean your creditors can change their mind at any moment. Keeping up with repayments is one way to avoid this happening. 

Where can I get more information on Aperture debt solutions?

Aperture Debt Solutions offer many services which means debtors have a lot of specific questions relating to each one. Aperture recognises this and have created a dedicated FAQs page on their website with extensive questions and answers for each debt solution.

We recommend checking this out before getting in touch with them (if you decide to do so). 

Aperture Debt Solutions Contact Details


The Lanyon Building
Jennymount Business Park
North Derby Street
BT15 3HN

Contact number:

0333 939 7920


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