An in-depth review of the Aqua Credit Card application process


4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

I’ve been struggling to rebuild my credit score after my problems with payday loans, so I’ve decided to apply for an Aqua Credit Card.

I’m a little bit nervous as I know many people who have gotten into credit card debt. The key is not to treat the credit card like ‘free money’ and to make sure to pay it off every month. If I do that for a few months, then I should see my credit limit increase.

I chose Aqua Credit Card as it has a free credit score tool so I can see how I am progressing – hopefully this will keep me motivated enough to keep me making the full payments. I also note that they do Aqua Loans, so that may also come in handy in the future.

Anyhow, enough about me, here’s what I had to go through to get accepted for the Aqua Credit Card.

Who are Aqua?

The Aqua Card is issued by NewDay Ltd, registered in the UK. The company assists customers with Card applications take less than 60 seconds and there are two credit cards available to customers in the UK.

Where to Find Aqua Credit Card

Finding Aqua Credit Card was ridiculously easy, I simply typed in ‘Aqua’ into Google! It was the very first result.

What’s the Aqua Credit Card all about?

The Aqua Credit Card is marketed to people like me who have less-than-perfect credit. They say that using thier credit card will help build your credit score. I figured that they’re more likely to accept my application as they market themselves as a credit builder credit card for people with poor credit.

What’s the risk when applying?

I was worried about applying to too many credit cards as I know that can impact your credit score. If the companies see that you’ve applied for lots of credit cards and loans recently it makes you look desperate and high risk, so they’re less likely to lend to you!

Luckily Aqua has a 60 seciond ‘eligibility check’ where you can check to see if you would be accepted before submitting a full application and potentially impacting your credit score even more.

Other things that sold me on the Aqua Credit Card

The other main selling point for the Aqua Credit Card is the ‘helpful tools’ that will help me stay in control of my finances – I want to be able to set up spending limits and alerts so my spending doesn’t get out of control and so that I don’t miss a payment

On to the eligibility check

The first step of the application is the no risk, 60 second eligiblity check.

This was relatively straight forward. You’ll need the following details:

  • Title
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Marital status
  • Email
  • Mobile number
  • Your last 3 years of addresses
  • Your income

At the bottom of the page, don’t forget to untick all of the marketing preferences so you don’t get spammed in the future!

Finally once you’ve entered everything to the best of your knowledge you just hit the big yellow ‘check my eligibility’ button. Fingers crossed!


To my suprise I was given a 99% chance of being accepted for the Aqua Credit Card. I’m guessing that once I submit my full application they will do some further checks and that’s why they can’t give me a 100% chance. But hey, 99% is almost 100%, so I thought I’d risk it and submit the full application. The risk here is when I submit the full application, even if I get declined, it will show on my credit reference file and negatively impact my credit score.

The full application

Once I was 99% accepted I decided to go ahead with the full applicaiton. Now this was a loooong page, however there’s very little to do on it. I quickly checked my details and skimmed the legal documents. Just in case, I also downloaded the legal documents.

Also on this page there’s an opportunity to control how you recieve your credit limit increases – whether it should happen automatically or manually. I decided to go for manually – it’s always risky for me to have too much credit, particularly if I were to go into debt again. I’d rather keep a low limit.

Sealing the deal

Once I had checked over the full application, all it required me to do is check a box which acted as my electronic signature and click the big yellow ‘accept offer’ button. Fingers crossed!!

Final result

Success! I was accepted, yay. I can’t believe I’ve been accepted for a credit card. My credit score was so low and now I’m one more step closer to improving my credit score again.

The success page tells me my Aqua Credit Card will be in the post along with my pin code within 7-10 days.

Once I have the card I will be able to download and log in to the app and see what features there are that can help me in my credit rebuilding journey.