Ashfords debt solutions review

Lots of finance and legal businesses are offering debt solutions and debt help services to people struggling across the UK.

Ashfords fall into that category with some appealing debt solutions, even if you will have to pay additional costs for their help. But will it be worth it? Should you think about using their services to get out of debt?

Get the lowdown on Ashfords now with our debt solutions review.

Who Are Ashfords?

Ashfords is a law firm operating across the UK. They are one of the biggest around with over 500 members of staff in total and annual turnovers exceeding £40 million in most years. Many of their services is geared towards businesses and corporations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t offer services to individuals. If you search their website hard enough – provided at the end of this review – you will find they offer personal debt solution services as well.

What Debt Services Do Ashfords Offer?

Ashfords offer three different services that could solve your debt problems. These are:

The first of these services listed is a formal arrangement where your creditors will not chase the debt for a full year. Some people in the debt industry compare Debt Relief Orders to a mini type of bankruptcy, but they are certainly not the same things. Only certain people in debt will qualify for a DRO.

Find out if a Debt Relief Order is right for you, here!

The Website Experience at Ashfords

We had hoped to bring you some recent debt solutions reviews from Ashfords’ customers. However, all of the reviews we did manage to find online related to their other services, i.e. corporation law. Hence why we decided to analyse their website experience instead…

On the whole, the website does well to point you in the right direction to their personal insolvency section. However, don’t go looking for tabs across the top because they are not there. Instead head towards the personal services section and scroll down to find the small selection of debt solutions.

Calling their offices does not appear to be free of charge but you can get around this by using the contact form on the site.

Ashfords Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about Ashfords with these common questions and answers:

Can I trust Ashfords?

As a team of lawyers with a formidable reputation, there is no doubt that you can trust them to be transparent and provide regulated services. But lots of commercial debt solution companies can guarantee this, so it shouldn’t be a major factor when choosing a company to use.

Is Ashfords for everyone?

Not all debtors will benefit from the personal insolvency services with Ashfords. They offer three debt services and all of them are aimed at individuals with lots of debt or small debts with lots of different creditors and debt collection agencies.

Can Ashfords guarantee me an IVA?

An IVA is a solution that gets multiple creditors to agree to monthly repayments for five years before all debt is wiped. The majority of creditors must vote in favour of the IVA (drawn up by Ashfords) for it to pass and come into effect. Although you may commit to significant payments and stand a good chance of getting an Ashfords IVA, there is nothing to say that you will not get a majority vote from creditors and the IVA will not pass.

Will Ashfords get my bankruptcy accepted?

The same can be said about Ashfords bankruptcy services. These applications also need to get accepted and Ashfords cannot make guarantees, although they will be able to provide a good level of assurance if they think it will be accepted.

Do Ashfords give free debt advice?

Debt advice is not a service listed on the Ashfords website. They may offer this prior to you choosing a service but it is likely to be sales orientated. If you wish to receive debt advice without cost and without any hidden sales motives, we recommend using the free content on Money Nerd and speaking with UK charities who specialise in helping people with debt and money worries.

Are Ashfords’ debt solutions expensive?

The debt solutions fees at Ashfords are not mentioned on the website, which is normal because the fees charged could be subject to personal needs and circumstances that alter the amount of work involved. Just remember that fees may be ongoing so could be much more than they look at first glance.

Additionally, Ashfords is a law firm and this may increase the price compared to other debt solution providers that are not.

Why are there limited Ashfords insolvency reviews?

We are unsure why few people have reviewed the personal debt solutions at Ashfords. It may be because people tend not to want to disclose personal debt on the internet, but that cannot be verified as a reason.

Is it easy to contact Ashfords?

You have three options to contact Ashfords. You can call them or write to them using the details provided at the end of this Ashfords review. Or you can use their online contact form by visiting their website (also provided in the next section).

What does MoneyNerd think of Ashfords debt solutions?

Ashfords limit who they can help with personal debt by only offering debt solution for people in significant debt and do not offer DMPs and other informal agreements. We think they are too niche to be one of the best UK insolvency groups for personal debtors and their fees are likely to be higher due to being a recognised and successful law firm.

Ashfords Debt Solutions Review

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01392 337000

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