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Tobie Timmermans

Tobie is a Finance Specialist with first-hand experience working with FCA Regulated Finance Companies in the debt industry. He has recently moved back to his hometown, Malvern, after studying economics at Loughborough University.

Tobie’s degree has given him a comprehensive and rigorous understanding of the financial world. He’s now excelling at applying that academic framework to real life situations. Helping other people is at the heart of everything he does.



Posts by Tobie Timmermans:

Budgeting – a simple guide

You can’t deal with debt unless you have a budget you can use. A budget is a tool to check income and expenditure, to see where your money is going. With your budget you can see where your money’s being


Staying Sane with Debt Problems

If you’re struggling with debt, know that you’re not alone. According to the Office of National Statistics, 4% of households have problem debt that they’ll really struggle to get out of. Even if you don’t fit into this category, even


IVA Forums – Which Is Best?

Been thinking about using an IVA or just a way to get out of debt? You might find answers, support and community guidance on an IVA forum. Learn more about IVA forums and the best IVA forum you should join

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