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Complain to a Bailiff Company – Complaint Letter Template

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.


Download this letter template for when you want to make a complaint about a bailiff or bailiff company. 

Dealing with bailiffs can be scary but they still have rules to follow. If you believe a bailiff has acted wrongfully and treated you in ways that are against the law, our letter template will make your complaint smoother. All you need to do is add some personal information to make it unique to your complaint. 

If you want to complain about bailiff fees and think you have been overcharged, use our other specific complaining about bailiff fees letter template, which you can find here. 

Letter Template

To Whom It May Concern

Regarding Case #: [your case number]* (required)

I would like to make a complaint against your company. The details are set out below.

[explain the details of your complaint. make it clear whether you are complaining about the company, a particular bailiff or both. set out the facts clearly and put things in date order if possible. say what you are not happy with and what you want the bailiff company to do about it. include a copy of any paperwork that you feel supports your complaint.]*. (required)

If you fail to resolve my complaint to my satisfaction, I will have no alternative but to take my complaint to [enter the name of the creditor here]* (required) and the[enter the name of ombudsman or trade association here]* (required). 

I look forward to hearing from you.

Downloadable Resource

The download links below take you to a Google document template where you can make a copy or save in any document format you like. Note, you may have to login to your Google account.

Download – Single (for one person)
Download – Joint (for couples)

What can and can’t bailiffs take?

There are strict rules on what bailiffs can and cannot repossess. You should try to avoid this by using a repayment plan, but if that is not possible, you should know these rules. Bailiffs can take control of goods and valuables that are in the debtor’s name only. If the debt is in a joint name, they can only take possessions belonging to those people. Moreover, they cannot remove items that you need for work, such as valuable worker’s tools or a work computer. 

If you think a bailiff has repossessed an item that they were not legally allowed to take, you should make a complaint about their actions and request for the item to be returned to its owner. You can make this type of complaint with our complaint to a bailiff company letter templates above. 

What bailiffs use physical force?

Bailiffs can ask for a locksmith for help to enter a building and repossess items, but they are not allowed to physically handle you to get inside (such as pushing you over). They can stand in doorways to stop doors from closing on them. 

If they have been physical with you or threatening, this would be grounds to download our letter template and lodge your bailiff complaint. 

Bailiffs trying to collect from vulnerable people

There are laws in place that prevent a bailiff from trying to visit vulnerable people, especially if they live alone. If you have proved yourself as a vulnerable person and bailiffs have shown up at your front door, they will be breaking the rules. 

Vulnerable people are afforded more time and relaxed enforcement practices. If a bailiff does not adhere to these rules and has visited your home as a vulnerable individual, you can also use our letter template to make a complaint.

You should use our other letter template found here if you want to explain why you are a  vulnerable person in the first place. 

Does a bailiff have to accept a payment plan?

A bailiff does not have to accept a debt repayment plan at the stage of enforcing a court order to recover the debt. If your proposed payment plan is not valuable enough to the creditor or company you owe, they may prefer to remove goods and earn more money back for their client. 

However, if you are making a reasonable repayment offer with an initial payment (this will be required!), there will be a good chance of agreeing to a repayment plan instead of facing repossessions. 

You will not be able to make a complaint about not agreeing to a repayment plan. 


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