A broken leg injury could be fatal. It can impair not just your physical but your mental health as well. One of the reasons may be the expenses required for health and medical assistance.

However, there are several ways to make a compensation claim for a broken leg.

In this article, I will outline all the necessary things you may require to successfully claim for leg injuries and how much compensation you can receive.  

What qualifies as a broken leg?

A broken leg may also be referred to as a leg fracture.

This could be as minor as a hairline fracture or as severe as a compound fracture. The severity of the fracture can only be determined through an X-ray.

What should I do in case of a leg fracture to get accommodation?

It is crucial you gather evidence if you have sustained a leg fracture or injury. This is important so that you can submit documentation in case you want to apply for compensation later. 

The easiest way to do this is: 

  • Take notes on your phone or notebook
  • Record the incident on your cell phone
  • Try capturing visible images that show the place where the accident occurred
  • Take pictures of your leg injury showing visible damage
  • Keep track of the ambulance and the hospital you were taken to
  • Gather witnesses: people around you, people who assisted you, and your doctor
  • Your financial and medical record should be compiled and kept safe
  • If you already have a lawyer, inform them immediately 
  • If you have insurance contact them

How much is a broken bone worth?

If one claims compensation, minor leg injuries could be worth £6,900. For a more severe case, the accommodation could go up to £100,000.

However, injury claims could vary based on your requirement. 

The range for the compensation amount could differ based on factors such as: the type of your personal injury, whether you require further assistance and surgery, or if you might require an amputation for your leg injury. 

Based on your individual requirement, you may receive a compensation of approximately £210,000 or more.

How do I make a claim for a broken leg injury?

Contrary to the common belief, this is not a very difficult process

You can start by finding a lawyer or a solicitor through a regulation authority.

After discussing your personal injury with your lawyer, you can ask for how much injury compensation you will receive. Then you can file for a claim after you are satisfied with the terms and conditions. 

What is the compensation calculation process?

The process is simple as you can easily access a personal injury claim calculator online.

Start with selecting the type of injury and the claims calculator will tell you how much injury compensation you can receive.

The compensation calculator will tell you the estimated amount based on the severity of the leg injuries.

How much compensation can i get for a tibial plateau fracture?

In severe cases, this type of injury may take more time to heal.

The amount of compensation claim you can make for a tibial plateau fracture or a shin-bone fracture depends on your personal injury.

For a minor fracture the injury compensation amount can range between £8,000 to £24,000. However, if you require a metal rod to be inserted your average cost may range between £8,000 to £24,000

If your injury is severe and requires long term assistance, your calculated value could be between £24,000 to £74,000.

How much does a broken leg injury cost?

I would say this depends upon several factors. 

Now, let’s assume you do not have insurance. In this case the amount for recovery would be anywhere between £6,900 to £205,300

However, if your situation is complicated and your injury requires more healing time, your expenses may increase drastically and may cost you around £100,000

In case, your condition deteriorates and you need to get your lower leg amputated, the estimated cost could be around £85,000 to £116,000.

Does broken leg compensation vary based on the fracture?

Well, yes.

Since there is a vast range of leg injuries, the compensation amount may vary according to the severity or the type of fracture. 

In case you’re wondering: you may also be able to claim for suffering and pain in case of a leg fracture. 

I would suggest that you consider your healing time and how complicated your case is. This may help you get a larger sum of compensation. 

How much compensation can I get for a broken leg?

You may know that the cost varies based on the type and severity of the fracture. For a broken Fibula or Tibia, you may be able to get a claim for an estimated amount of £7,000. However, if you have multiple fractures there is a possibility that the value may rise to £21,000

In addition to this, you should also know the compensation amount also depends on how the accident occurred. The estimated amount for an accident occurred by a car or a motorcycle could be between £80,000 to £210,000. However, the amount for a pedestrian getting injured would range between £21,100 and go up to £41,675 depending upon the severity.

What types of leg fractures can I demand compensation for?

Where there are numerous types of leg fractures, you may be able to claim compensation for almost any type of leg injury. 

These include any and all kinds of minor or complex fractures. I will list a few down for better understanding. 

  • Stress fracture: A minor fracture that causes a severe bruising or contusions within the surface of the bone.
  • Displaced fracture: A fracture where the bone in the leg is split into two or more parts.
  • Compound fracture: A fracture that causes an open wound and the bone to appear through the skin of your leg.
  • Transverse fracture: A straight line fracture across the bone in your leg. 
  • Segmented fracture: A broken leg from two different places with a floating segment of bone in between.
  • Greenstick fracture: Fracture where the bone is not broken all the way through but there is a significant crack.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How much can you claim for a broken fibula or tibia including the surgery? 

For a minor fracture in your broken tibia or fibula, you may be able to claim a value of £10,100. In case of pain and suffering or multiple injuries the value may increase.

How serious does a fractured leg have to be in order to get a compensation? 

A broken thigh bone could be excruciating. In some cases, it may even pose to be life-threatening. You may require immediate medical assistance to shift you to the hospital in order to prevent additional damage in your leg. It may be enough to get you compensation conveniently for your injuries. 

How much compensation can I get for a broken leg?

For an uncomplicated leg injury that occurred through an accident you could receive a grant ranging from £7,000 to £11,000. This excludes the cost for leg surgery and amputation.

What is the recompensement amount that I will receive for a broken Tibia and Fibula?

It solely depends on the type of leg fracture or your injury. In particular, an average amount required for a broken fibula or Tibia, excluding surgery, is £10,100.

How much compensation can I claim for a fractured Femur?

A broken Femur injury is termed as a severe leg injury. The minimum amount you can claim is approximately £12,010. 

How much can you claim for pain and suffering in case of a leg fracture?

The amount of compensation that you might be able to claim for pain and suffering in case of a leg injury may start from £21,000 and go up to £100,000. This is the amount excluding the surgery. 

What value can you receive for a leg injury through a litigation?

The calculated amount for a broken leg injury including a surgery is approximately £113,580. This is the case unless the wounded person contracts a dreadful infection or needs to get their leg amputated. If you are fortunate, you may also be able to claim for your loss of earnings. 

Can a leg injury result in an amputation?

Unfortunately, yes. 

As bad as it sounds, if your fractured bone is not placed correctly, it may lead to a severe infection. The infection is called osteomyelitis, and it may result in an amputation.


broken leg compensation - how to claim

I would suggest, in case of an unfortunate accident, try not to panic. Stress can increase your recovery time and make the situation more complicated. That is not something you would want.

It is crucial that you find yourself a certified orthopaedic so you can get your injuries recognised. You will require documentations of your injuries through a recognised doctor. The documentations will help you with the injury compensation process.

If you are worried about the finance, you can easily apply for a claim through a solicitor. You will be able to understand how much injury compensation you could be entitled by showing documentation for your injuries.

A stable mental state allows you to heal faster. If your case is severe and your mental health has significantly been impacted, you might even receive a claim for not just your injuries but for counselling as well. 

Follow the instructions and guidelines provided in order to be well informed before applying for a claim. All the necessary information has been provided above. This article also gives all the important details on what you need to know before approaching a solicitor’s regulation authority.

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