A broken wrist could have a severe impact on not just your physical but your mental health as well. A major reason for this could be the amount of expense required for health and medical assistance.

However, I assure you that applying for a broken wrist compensation is not that difficult.

I have compiled this complete article with FAQs and all the important things you should know before applying for compensation for a broken wrist.

What constitutes a broken wrist?

Broken wrist refers to a severe crack in the bones of your wrist. These could range from minor hairline fractures to severe compound fractures.

What should I do if I have sustained a broken wrist injury? 

The first thing you should do is to immobilize your arm.  Unnecessary movement may increase the damage. 

Visit a medical professional and get your injuries recognized. Your doctor could prescribe some medication and precautionary measures, it is crucial you follow them strictly.

Moreover, I would advise you to take pictures and video evidence of your injury. You could also take pictures of the place of the injury. If possible, try and get the information of the witness. They could help prove your innocence later by giving a testimony.

Furthermore, keep a complete record of your medical reports and the expense incurred. The documents could help as evidence in case you decide to apply for a claim later. 

Hire a personal injury solicitor to claim compensation for your wrist injuries.

Can I get an injury claim if the accident was my fault?

You might be able to get an injury claim in this case. However, you should not be convicted of a criminal offence. 

Can I get compensation for a wrist injury after a road traffic accident?

If the accident was not your fault, you might be able to get compensation in this case. 

However, you might need to prove that the accident was not your fault.

What type of broken wrist injury will I be compensated for?

You may get compensation for a number of fractures and wrist injuries.

These include: 

  •  Stress fractures: Fracture resulting in contusions on the surface of the bone.
  • Displaced fracture: Fracture causing the bone to split into two or more pieces.
  • Compound fracture: Fracture resulting in an open wound to appear through the surface of the skin of your arm.
  • Transverse fracture: A straight line fracture.
  • Segmented fracture: In case the wrist is broken from two different places resulting in an individual part to float between the two broken bones.
  • Greenstick fracture:  A significant crack that is half way through the bone.
  • Dislocation of the wrist joint
  • Muscle injury near the area of the wrist
  • Tendon or ligament rupture
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome: vibration white finger
  • Strains and sprains
  • scaphoid fracture: fracture in one of the small bones of the hand
  • Colles fracture: colles fracture is a breakage between your elbow and wrist bones
  • Tenosynovitis: tendon damage or inflammation in the wrist

What are the most common reasons for a wrist injury?

You might sustain wrist injuries for a number of reasons.

These include:

  • Sporting injuries
  • Accident sustained at work
  • Road traffic accident
  • Slip trip accident
  • Assault 
  • Heavy object
  • Repetitive strain injury (RSI)

How much compensation can I get through special damages for a wrist injury?

You might be entitled to compensation for special damages. 

On average your estimated claim for future loss and expense incurred may range between £10,000 to £400,00.

However, for estimated future losses for a severe case may go up to £500,000.

What is the average compensation for a fractured wrist injury?

For a minor wrist injury your injury claims may range between £1,000 to £4,160.

In case of a moderate fracture, your injury claims may range between £11,040 to £34,340.

However, for a severe fracture and long term damage, your injury claims may range between £21,480 to £34,430.

How do I know if I am eligible to make a wrist injury compensation claim?

You may be entitled to a wrist injury compensation claim if the accident was a result of someone else’s negligence. 

In case, the accident was your fault, it might be difficult to make a compensation claim.

You may be able to apply for a claim through a personal injury solicitor. 

How much wrist injury compensation can I get for complete loss of function?

Your wrist injury claim may range between £40,630 to £51,070 in case of complete loss of function.

How much compensation can I get for permanent disability after a wrist injury?

In case of permanent damage, your injury compensation may range between £20,900 to £33,430.

However, for less severe damage, your injury claim may range between £10,750 to £20,900.

For a minor fracture or a soft tissue injury that can no longer recover, your injury claim may go up to £8,740.

How much compensation can I get for an uncomplicated colles fracture?

Your wrist injury claim may range between £3,000 to £4,000 for an uncomplicated colles fracture.

However, for a severe case of a colles fracture, your estimated compensation may increase to £5,600.

How will I benefit from an injury claim?

You could be entitled to a number of benefits through a wrist injury compensation claim.

These include:

  • Travel expenses: the amount of expense incurred during your treatment
  • Care assistance: full time help required for your injuries
  • Equipment purchases: tools and equipment required for your treatment
  • Medical expense: amount spent on your medicines, or medical follow ups
  • Loss of earning: expense incurred on your treatment and medication
  • Psychological damage: counselling and therapy after your damages
  • Loss of income: in case of loss of job or hindered ability to work
  • Ongoing expense: long term medical assistance 

What is the average payout for a dislocated wrist?

Your average payout for a dislocated wrist may range between £2,600 to £7,800.

How do I apply for compensation for a wrist injury?

Applying compensation for a wrist injury is not a difficult process if the accident was not your fault.

The first thing to do is to complete a medical treatment for your injuries. Delaying the treatment could lead to loss of motion or severe damage to the muscle. 

You are required to keep all the medical reports safely for future verifications. I would advise that you also keep a complete record of all the external expenses incurred on your treatment.

Hire a personal injury solicitor through a well reputed legal organization to begin your wrist injury compensation process. 

Your personal injury solicitor will evaluate your case and assess how the injury took place. If the injury was caused by an accident that was not your fault, you might be entitled to a compensation. 

After evaluating the severity of your wrist injuries, will claim compensation for your personal injury.

What is the average payout for a scaphoid fracture?

In case of a scaphoid and a soft tissue injury, you might get a claim ranging from £3,010 to £4,050. This is the amount if your recovery time requires no more than 12 months. However, your payout might increase in case of a severe injury. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Can I apply for a claim without hiring a solicitor?

You might be able to apply for a claim on your own. However, an experienced solicitor might help make the application process easier.

How much compensation can I get for tenosynovitis after a wrist injury?

Tenosynovitis is referred to inflammation or damaged tendons of the wrist. Your wrist injury claim in this case may range between £2,200 to £17,500.

How long do I have to apply for compensation for my wrist injuries?

You are expected to make a claim within 3 years. The time for your injuries claim begins from when you sustained the trauma.

How long does it take for a fractured wrist to heal?

It could take approximately 6 to 8 weeks for a broken wrist to start healing. However, it may take longer if your fracture is more severe.

However, it could take over 6 months for severe wrist injuries to heal.

Will my fractured wrist hinder my ability to move my fingers?

This could be the case for a severe fracture. However, you could move your fingers slightly to create movement and to reduce swelling. I would advise you not to carry out everyday tasks and consult your doctor for professional advice.

Can my broken wrist heal on its own?

Your fractured wrist could begin to heal on its own. However, your doctor could prescribe you medication for better healing.

In case of a severe fracture, your doctor might reposition your bones and align them.

How do I know if I have sustained a broken wrist?

You might feel a sharp staggering pain in the region. Moreover, you might witness some swelling or bruising on the surface of your skin.

What is the most common type of wrist fracture?

A distal fracture is known to be the most common wrist fracture. This is mainly caused due to a slip and trip accident on an outstretched hand.

How severe is a wrist fracture?

A wrist fracture could have a severe effect on the nerves of your hand. Moreover, it might reduce the blood flow to the fingers.

Can I make a claim for a broken leg after an accident?

Broken leg compensation payouts could depend on the severity.

Your estimated compensation for broken leg may range between £7,000 to £11,000

What is the average amount of compensation for minor wrist injuries?

For minor injuries your compensation may depend on the time required for healing.

In case of minor wrist injuries requiring 7 days of healing time, your claim may go up to £600.

However, for wrist injuries requiring approximately 28 days for healing, the amount may range between £600 to £1,200. 

Further, if your injuries require approximately 3 months, your payout may range between £1,200 to £2,150.

broken wrist claim

To conclude:

I understand a fractured wrist injury may reduce your quality of life drastically. However, I assure you applying for a compensation might help take some stress off your shoulders. 

If the accident was not your fault, the accommodation is your right. Read the guidelines carefully as it has all the necessary information you need before applying for your claim.

Follow the instructions carefully in order to be fully informed about your compensation amounts.

Hire a solicitor to start your compensation process for your injuries.

Feel free to contact us if you require any further information.

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