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Have you recently received a Buckinghamshire parking fine? These types of parking fines are also known as a PCN or a Penalty Charge Notice. Parking fines are issued for several things, including parking on yellow lines, not paying the correct fees in a car park and many more. 

We answer all the most common questions about a Buckinghamshire PCN, how you can handle it and whether you should be paying or appealing. 

Let’s get started. 

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances, parking tickets are not enforceable.

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What is a Buckinghamshire PCN?

A Penalty Charge Notice is issued to vehicles that have parked in a way that doesn’t adhere to the parking regulations in Buckinghamshire. 

PCNs are given by Civil Enforcement Offices (CEOs); CEOs enforce the rules around traffic, parking and other vehicle-related laws and restrictions. 

You might see that when you return to your vehicle, you have a notice on the windshield, but in some cases, it will be sent to the home of the registered vehicle owner. 

Using the car registration number, Buckinghamshire council will contact the DVLA for the registered keeper’s address to send the PCN. 

Some car parks are fitted with cameras, so if you forget to get a ticket or don’t pay on the way out, the camera recording will enable Buckinghamshire council to contact the registered vehicle owner. 

Can I ignore a PCN?

Unfortunately, you must choose a course of action when you are issued a PCN. Penalty Charge Notices can be paid or appealed based on your circumstances, and you’ll need to decide which option is right for you. 

Ignoring a PCN will see charges added, and eventually, it may be handed to an enforcement agent. 

How much is a Buckingham Parking Fine?

Buckinghamshire council has two rates for PCN charges based on the seriousness of the contravention. 

The lower rate for a PCN is £50, while the higher rate is £70. 

Paying the fine within 14 days, the early-repayment time frame will give you a 50% discount. This means you’ll only pay £25 or £35 instead of the full amount. 

You have up to 28 days to pay the full fine if you don’t pay within the first 14. After 28 days of non-payment, Buckinghamshire council will send a NtO (notice to owner), which is a formal request for the fine to be paid. 

Aside from the NtO, late payment fees may be added on top, and if the debt gets passed to an enforcement agency, they will also add their own fees. 

Can I appeal a PCN?

Yes, you have the right to appeal a PCN, so long as you take action as soon as possible. The moment you receive the PCN is the best time to begin the appeal process. 

I have a great template that you can grab to help with your appeal letter: PCN Appeal Letter Template – Free

Make sure you collect all the evidence you need to appeal and start the process. 

Do not pay your PCN if you intend to appeal. 

The Buckinghamshire website states that paying the fine means you accept the PCN was correctly issued and that you owe Buckinghamshire council money for breaking the parking regulations.  

How can I appeal a Buckinghamshire PCN?

You can access the appeals portal on the Buckinghamshire council website. If you intend to appeal, make sure that you do not pay – but that you file the appeal within 28 days (but within 14 days is better).  

Appealing a PCN is straightforward; you’ll need the 10-character PCN reference number printed on your PCN and your vehicle registration. Additionally, provide evidence supporting your appeal and why you believe the PCN should be cancelled. 

Appeals that are rejected within the 14 days early-repayment discount period will receive a further 14 days at the discounted rate. 

The full charges will apply if you don’t appeal within 14 days but before the 28-day timeframe. 

You can make your appeal to Buckinghamshire council via the online portal or in writing using this address: 

Buckinghamshire Parking Services, 
PO Box 3584, 
SN15 9EF

In cases where the PCN is not paid or appealed within 28 days, the vehicle owner will receive a notice to owner, and if you wish to appeal this, you’ll need to make a formal appeal.

If this formal appeal is rejected, you can take the case to the Traffic Penalty Tribunal.

Buckinghamshire does not take telephone calls to discuss appeals or decisions relating to parking fines. 

Note: Only send copies of supporting evidence, and keep the originals. 

How long does the Buckinghamshire PCN appeal process take?

Buckinghamshire council aims to respond to all parking fine appeals within ten days of receipt. 

You will receive either a postal response or they will reply via email where you have given them an email address. 

Rejected appeals will have a reason enclosed – and offer you guidance on the next steps. 

Keep in mind that you can’t call and discuss your appeal or the decision, so you’ll need to wait a short while for the outcome. 

How can I pay a Buckinghamshire parking fine?

To pay, you can head to the Buckinghamshire council PCN payment portal. Make sure you have: 

  • your vehicle registration, 
  • PCN reference (10 characters long), 
  • and the credit or debit card on which you wish to pay the fine. 

My PCN isn’t from Buckinghamshire council – now what?

Private parking companies are also able to issue parking fines in some circumstances. We have plenty of information about how you can deal with private parking fines, also known as Parking Charge Notices: Private Parking Fines

Parking Charge Notices and Penalty Charge Notices are two different things. Private businesses like NCP are responsible for the parking charge notifications. Local authorities issue penalty charge notices. 

So make sure you read the notice you have so you know who you need to pay or appeal to. 

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat to an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

You can try it out now, just remember to cancel the trial once you’ve got your answer.


Buckinghamshire PCN – Do I Pay or Appeal?

The decision to pay or appeal your Buckinghamshire parking fine comes down to your personal circumstances. An appeal may be your best course of action if you have a valid reason and supporting evidence.

Check out this list of great reasons to appeal: Good Excuses for Parking Ticket Appeals.

Paying your Buckinghamshire PCN within 14 days can be the right option to benefit from the 50% discount. 

Need more help? We have a comprehensive Parking Fine and Parking Ticket information section.