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If you have found yourself beating away creditors and struggling to deal with debt, you may be tempted to try the debt solutions on offer at Bulley Davey Accountants. Their debt services are designed to help individuals to get out of debt and stop creditors calling in the process. But as you might have guessed, these services are not free of charge.

To find out if Bulley Davey’s debt solutions are worth it, read our review on their work, now.

Who Are Bulley Davey Accountants?

David Bulley is a team of chartered accountants and experienced tax advisors. Their services are vast, but they have categorised them nicely on their website, making it easy for you to locate their personal insolvency services and your potential debt solutions. The company was established in 1935 and currently work from seven offices across England and Wales.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Despite working as accountants, David Bulley offer a good selection of debt solutions, including:

Three of these services are formal debt solutions requiring agreements made by insolvency experts or formal acceptance of an application (i.e. bankruptcy). Debt Relief Orders are a little like bankruptcy because they stop creditors harassing you for money, but they only last for a set period of usually one year.

A Debt Relief Order could be a way to get out of debt is you are unemployed or not earning enough to cover your essential monthly expenses. Click our link to learn more!

Bulley Davey Customer Experience

We were not able to find any reviews on David Bulley that were left by people who used their debt solutions. So, how is the customer experience when you use their website? The website is fairly straight forward and nothing too taxing – pardon the pun.

You can contact a specific office by heading to the contact page and selecting the office you need. Note, it can be easy to miss the chance to select the office. Once selected, it will bring up an office address and a phone number which is not free to call. However, there is an email address you could use instead.

Some Common Bulley Davey Questions

Get your Bulley Davey FAQs answered here:

Is Bulley Davey a legitimate and helpful company?

Bulley Davey have been operating in the UK for almost a century. They are completely legitimate and regulated to work within the accountancy and debt industry. If you choose Bulley Davey, you can relax knowing they are not out to scam you and the company must stick to industry regulations.

What type of debtors can Bulley Davey help?

Unlike some accountancy firms, Bulley Davey can help a wide range of debtors. They offer informal solutions which may be applicable to people with small unsecured debt. However, they also offer IVAs and bankruptcy services which are aimed towards people with multiple debts that are quite large.

What are the Bulley Davey informal debt solutions?

As mentioned, Bulley Davey list informal debt solutions on their website. There is no information to say what these informal solutions are. Often, they are agreements with your creditors but they are not legally binding. In other words, your creditors could change their mind about the agreement and you or Bulley Davey can’t do anything about it. Most of the time, this doesn’t happen.

Are Bulley Davey personal insolvency services cheap?

You will have to pay for Bulley Davey debt solutions and each one will come with different fees. Some of them are monthly fees and can soon pile up to significant costs. Don’t expect Bulley Davey debt solutions to be inexpensive.

Can I get free debt advice with Bulley Davey?

There is nothing to suggest that Bulley Davey offer free debt advice. Any advice they provide will likely lead to one of their paid-for debt solutions. You can get free debt advice from UK debt charities – without a sales pitch included.

Is a DRO or IVA guaranteed with Bulley Davey?

No debt solution provider will be able to guarantee that they can get you a DRO or an IVA. This is because even if Bulley Davey do good work, it is still down to the creditor to accept or reject the agreements.

Are some Bulley Davey services available with debt charities?

Some of the informal debt solutions and maybe even formal solutions can be found with debt charities. This means you could get comparable services without having to pay. Always look across the market before choosing a company to help.

Will Bulley Davey help me get rid of annoying debt calls?

A Bulley Davey debt solution should stop annoying debt calls and other communications. Yet, some people still get these calls because the creditor does not update automated software. To stop these you might have to contact anybody chasing you and make them aware of the agreement through Bulley Davey.

What are the Bulley Davey contact details?

At the end of our Bulley Davey review you can find contact details for their main office. We have also provided their website address. By visiting their site, you can find their email address and any updated contact details.

Do we think you should use Bulley Davey debt solutions?

We believe Bulley Davey are better than many other accountancy firms because they offer a much bigger selection of personal debt solutions and don’t solely focus on corporation insolvency. At the same time, you may find cheaper debt solutions elsewhere and you might even be able to cut costs completely by using a UK debt charity instead. They are not suitable for people living in Scotland and trying to escape their Scottish debts.

Bulley Davey Contact Details


4 Cyrus Way

Cygnet Park




Contact number:

01733 569494


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