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CAP Debt Help Reviews & Information 2022

Debt Advice Foundation Review

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Debt charities can be an excellent place to go if you need support with debts – and CAP Debt Help is one of them. Below you can find out more about CAP Debt Help, what they offer debtors, how they operate and even read recent CAP Debt Help reviews.

Everything you need to know about this debt charity is right here!

What Is CAP Debt Help?

CAP stands for Christians Against Poverty. They are a charity that strive to address a growing poverty issue in the UK, and that means helping people with money worries and debts. In fact, they first helped UK residents out of debt back in 1996. The head office of CAP Debt Help is based in Bradford where around 300 staff members work to help UK debtors.

CAP Debt Help works with churches to provide many of their services across the UK, which is why their name has a religious reference. The group is part of an international movement. There is also CAP Canada, CAP Australia, CAP New Zealand and CAP America.

What Debt Services Do CAP Offer?

Cap Debt Help offers services and advice in areas other than just debt, such as searching for jobs. But here we will focus on the debt help services they offer:

The last service on that list is Debt Management Plan where Cap Debt Help will negotiate a repayment plan with your creditor on your behalf. It is an informal debt solution but one that can be effective. It may even pause any debt interest from accumulating.

You can learn more about Debt Management Plans on our DMP Money Nerd guide!

CAP Debt Help review

CAP Frequently Asked Questions

How does Cap Debt Help work?

CAP Debt Help works by offering free debt advice to people with debts. They will speak to you to understand the situation and more about your debts, and then give advice based on what you told them. This is why it is so important to tell the truth when speaking with CAP. Their team are trained to never judge and show compassion to your situation.

Is Cap Debt Help free?

Yes, all the debt help services are provided to you for free. Even their other services such as life skills and job searching are provided free as well. They are 100% a debt charity.

Can I get a face-to-face appointment?

CAP Debt Help also run a network of contact centres. At these centres, you can attend face-to-face appointments. At the time of writing, there is limited availability because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But in usual circumstances you can get an in-person meeting to discuss your debts rather easily. 

What is the Cap Debt Help number?

If you would rather call them and speak over the phone, we have added the Cap Debt Help number to the bottom of this review. You will also find their official web address as well.

What debt solutions can Cap Debt Help provide?

Debt advice is very useful and can help you find clarity at a confusing time. But Cap Debt Help only offer one real debt solution, i.e. a solution to end your debts. That is a DMP as we discussed earlier. These are usually used by people with smaller debts that can be repaid by the debtor over time.

Can Cap Debt Help stop annoying debt calls?

A Debt Management Plan will not guarantee that those debt calls will stop. You could ask your creditors to stop calling if they continue and it may work, but again, there are no guarantees. 

Do I have to be a Christian to use CAP?

No, Cap Debt Help is open to everyone of any faith and no faith. They are a collection of churches but that doesn’t mean you need to be a Christian to benefit from their help.

How Is Cap Debt Help funded?

Cap Debt Help is funded by donations. If you wanted to you could make a small donation via their website. 

Are there other debt charities to use?

Yes, there are lots of UK debt charities around. Take a look at some others on our quick debt charity guide!

Contact CAP Debt Help


Jubilee Mill
North Street

Contact number:

01274 760720



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Are you struggling with debt?
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