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Carrington Dean Debt Solutions

If you are in debt and looking for a way out, Carrington Dean may provide an answer for you. They are a commercial company offering debt solutions that come at a cost. They do not offer free debt solutions like some charities, but you still may want to hear what they have to offer.

Our Carrington Dean debt solutions review has been created to give you a rundown on the company, the types of debt services available and if they are a good fit for your needs. Read on to uncover more.

Who Are Carrington Dean?

Carrington Dean is an insolvency practitioner group helping debtors get out of debt. The majority of their work is aimed towards the Scottish debt industry, which is also where the business is headquartered. They offer debt services for people struggling with overdraft debt, utility bill debt, unpaid rent and more.

Interestingly, Carrington Dean was the first ever Scottish debt solution company to be recognised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Carrington Dean offer a huge number of debt solution services. They can help you via:

Debt Relief Orders are some of Carrington Dean’s most popular debt solutions. These are for people on low income with debts they cannot afford to pay. The Debt Relief Order prevents your creditors from chasing you for debt for 12 months and is often considered a smaller scale type of bankruptcy. It can work well for some people, but you will have it on your credit file for six years!

What Do People Say About Carrington Dean Debt Services?

Carrington Dean received bad reviews online by debtors who regretted using their services:

Be careful as this company add thousands to your debt. These trust deeds can be arranged free of charge with charity run companies. You are trying to get out of debt not more be added.”

From start to finish this was a very bad experience. My trust deed was paid in September 2019 and I have just been told from one of my debtors that I still owe the money. Never received a discharge. Just call CD and they said it been paid. Who knows what is going on and what the truth is!!!”

Maybe you should also overlook Carrington Dean debt solutions and try a free debt charity instead?

Carrington Dean Frequently Asked Questions

Find the popular questions about Carrington Dean debt services here:

Is Carrington Dean a scam company?

No, Carrington Dean is not a scam, but they do charge for their services as a commercial company. Yes, you can find some comparable services for free with debt charities, but that doesn’t they are a scam. It is important to do your own research before committing to make sure you don’t feel like you have been scammed out of additional costs.

Will they guarantee to get me out of debt?

If you keep to the formal agreements on offer with Carrington Dean, such as their IVAs, you will become debt free. However, this guarantee is only there once your creditors have agreed to the arrangement because it then becomes legally binding.

Informal agreements that carry no legal weight will not for 100% certain get you out of debt, but if you keep to the repayments then they are likely to help you pay off your creditors eventually.

Are Carrington Dean debt solutions free?

No, you will have to pay for Carrington Dean debt services. You might need to pay for the initial work, admin costs, monthly fees or a combination of these. Be aware that if you need to pay a monthly fee for the duration of your debt solution, this could add up to thousands of pounds.

Are there free alternatives to Carrington Dean?

If these Carrington Dean fees are putting you off using their services, you’ll be pleased to know that some of their debt solutions can be found with debt charities for free. You won’t be able to get all of their services for free with a charity, after all, they provide a huge selection of services and more than most providers.

Will Carrington Dean stop my creditors from calling?

Carrington Dean should be able to stop your creditors calling because they are agreeing a way for you to pay and creditors won’t need to pester you for money. That comes to fruition most times but there may be creditors who continue to call, text and email because they use automated processes that are not updated often.

Do Carrington Dean offer free debt advice?

One of the Carrington Dean debt services is free. You can access free debt advice on your situation. But as is normal with commercial companies, this advice will likely direct you to one of their debt solutions which you then have to pay for. If you don’t want to hear from people who are trying to sell you a service, consider using the free debt advice from UK debt charities like Step Change instead.

How often do I pay Carrington Dean fees?

Most of the Carrington Dean fees are paid each month at the same time that you make a monthly repayment to your creditor(s). But don’t forget that you may be subject to other fees like administration costs. Make sure you get a full breakdown of the fees before agreeing, which Carrington Dean must provide or are breaking regulations.

Does Carrington Dean end up being expensive?

It is known that Carrington Dean can be expensive. Just take a look at the first of the two reviews we supplied above. This debtor used Carrington Dean and ended up paying thousands of pounds on top of their debt to get become debt-free.

This is usually the case if your repayments are spread out over years, like an IVA would be.

So, Is Carrington Dean worth it?

Carrington Dean offer an extensive list of debt solutions, especially for Scottish debtors. In this respect, they are a good option for a lot of people, but their services may cost you heavily. For some services, they are not worth it because there are cheaper comparable debt solutions with other providers. And you could get the same solution for free with a debt charity.

Carrington Dean Contact Details


Regent House

5th Floor

76 Renfield Street


G2 1NQ

Contact number:

0808 2085 1168

Carrington Dean

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