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Carter Backer Winter is one of your options when creditors are chasing you or debt collection businesses keep on calling. They offer services that can help you escape significant debt, but does that mean they are any good? Unlike debt charities, using their debt help services comes with a cost. So, what did other debtors experience when choosing to use them?

Learn more in our CBW debt solutions reviews, aimed to provide key information about who they are and if they can assist you.

Who Are Carter Backer Winter (CBW)?

CBW is regarded as one of the top 50 financial and business advisory groups in London. The business has been operational since 1957 and employs more than 160 staff members. They offer a range of tax planning and accountancy services but have topped these up with some insolvency services for individuals struggling to deal with multiple creditors.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Carter Backer Winter include two debt solutions among their wider selection of services, namely:

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)
  • Bankruptcy

An IVA is their most popular debt solution available for individuals. This is a formal agreement drawn up by a finance professional which commits the debtor to pay off their debts each month for the next five years (standard timeframe). It is only available to people who have more than one debt and these debts must total above £1,700.

However, the appealing aspect of an IVA is that all your debts are wiped clean after the period, even if you owe your creditors thousands of pounds in unpaid debt when it ends. The higher monthly payments are traded off against the potential to not have to pay back all your debt.

What Do People Say About CBW Debt Services?

Some CBW customers have not been impressed with the level of service they received…

“I have dealt with many big companies in my career and sometimes you can do business and sometimes you cannot, but there is absolutely no place in business for unprofessional-ism and rudeness.”

[Google Reviews]

Maybe an IVA with Carter Backer Winter is not the best idea.

Carter Backer Winter Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carter Backer Winter legit?

Carter Backer is legitimate and well known in the UK. They have a lot of staff members and are professionally recognised by a number of bodies. As a registered company they also have to adhere to lots of regulations ensuring they act in an appropriate and transparent manner.

Where Are Carter Backer Winter based?

They are based in London. If you are planning to visit their office or write to them, we have added their London address to the bottom of this review.

Is Carter Backer Winter just for business insolvency?

No – but most of their insolvency services are directed towards corporations needing support with business debts and cash flow issues. This is not out of the norm as most financial businesses try to market towards businesses because they can make bigger profits from these clients.

Can Carter Backer give free debt advice?

Some companies will give free debt advice to soft sell their debt services. It doesn’t appear that Carter Backer offer any type of debt advice but will simply assess your situation and recommend either of their services.

For free debt advice it is always better to speak to a debt charity with no sales goals.

Is Carter Backer Winter well-known for IVAs?

The Carter Backer IVA service is the one which will be suitable to most debtors needing help with multiple debts. IVAs are more common than bankruptcies, and as these are the only two personal solutions on offer, you could say they are more well known.

Why are there not many Carter Backer Winter IVA reviews?

We were unable to find any debtor reviews that specifically referred to the IVAs at Carter Backer and the experience they had. One reason for this may be because Carter Backer offers a lot of financial services and IVAs may not be as popular as these other services.

Another reason could be that people tend to not disclose that they have had lots of debts online. Anonymity is not so easy even on the likes of Google and Trustpilot.

Will Carter Backer Winter end my debt letter, calls and texts?

An IVA is agreed with your creditors, so they become aware of the new arrangement for you to make payments. Therefore, they no longer need to contact you asking for payment or threaten CCJ action. In theory, securing an IVA means you shouldn’t receive nuisance communication from debt agencies again. The reality is that sometimes these calls and letters continue due to slow administration processes and automated technology used by the agency.

Will Carter Backer Winter definitely help me out of debt?

An IVA is a formal debt solution which must be adhered to. If you stick to the repayments for the whole period (usually five years) then you will get out of debt with Carter Backer. However, if you miss payments or don’t pay the full amount, you might not end your debts with an IVA secured. This is why it is essential that an IVA only requires you to pay what you can afford.

What is the overall verdict on Carter Backer Winter?

If you need personal debt help then Carter Backer probably aren’t going to be the best option. IVAs and bankruptcy services only cater to a niche number of debtors and not people with smaller/single debt. Even those that want an IVA may find it cheaper with other companies and debt charities. The fact that Carter Backer is based in London will probably drive up the cost of their two personal debt solutions.

Carter Backer Winter Contact Details


Carter Backer
Winter LLP
66 Prescot Street
E1 8NN

Contact number:

020 7309 3800


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