CCJ Loans – Complete Review and Analysis

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Don’t get scared if you have received a CCJ order or expect to get one. 

Your financial life might take a hit if you don’t prudently counter the situation, so I am going to tell you all about what a County court judgement is and how to get credit if you need it, even after getting a CCJ. 

It’s not your fault. Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman have risen this year from 830 to 2,006, so it’s safe to say that you’re not alone.

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What Does it Mean to Have a CCJ?

A county court verdict is given by the court when someone fails to repay the money they owe. The request may be lodged against them by the creditors who have now deemed you as a bad debtor.

Getting a court order won’t be unexpected because before a creditor can lodge a CCJ against you, they will have to send you several letters in order to warn you and settle the matter outside the court. 

If you get a CCJ order, it may have different impacts on your financial life. You might hurt your credit score or the court might issue different orders to collect the debt back. This might cause you serious problems and might as well be embarrassing for you and your family. 

The most important thing that might be affected after getting a verdict from the court is getting finances from various sources. Using facilities such as credit cards, mortgage, and loans might be a tricky task after getting a CCJ order. 

If you are not able to pay back the full debt in a month after the court’s order, this act of defaulting might be transferred in your credit record as well. 

What are CCJ Loans?

CCJ loan refers to a situation when you are looking to apply for a loan with a county court judgement against you, the CCJ will adversely affect your credit rating. Getting a loan with a record might be a difficult task. 

For starters, lenders won’t be willing to lend you money that easily because after reviewing your credit rating and record, they will be concerned about the security of their principal amount and its repayments. 

Not being able to get loans might pose serious money problems in your life as well. In this situation, the best way is to seek financial and legal advice

Getting Loans with CCJ – Is it Possible?


Getting a loan with a court order against you might be a difficult thing and not many lenders will be inclined towards lending you money. Nonetheless, it is doable. There will be certain legal and financial obligations that you might have to follow to successfully apply for a loan.   

Eligibility Criteria

Every lending institution has different eligibility criteria which are authorized and regulated by their management. Some common eligibility criteria that every institution follows is:

  • You must be a UK citizen 
  • You must be over 18
  • Have a constant source of income 
  • Some kind of collateral for the loan 

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How to Get a Loan with CCJ?

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There are several ways to go for getting a loan even if you have a judgement against you, such as:

  1. Finding Direct lenders 

You can look out for any potential direct lender who is willing to lend you money without involving any third party. This kind of lending may have higher interest rates and shorter repayments time. 

Finding a direct lender might be a hard task but not as much as you think of it. Recently, direct lending has experienced a surge in the UK. 

  1. Applying through Credit brokers

Credit brokers are companies that help you look for loans, they might be able to pull off your application even with a county record because of their in-depth knowledge of loans and their contacts with lenders.

Using credit brokers is a very practical and easy way to borrow with a county court lodging. Keep in mind, this option might be a little expensive as the credit brokerage will charge a commission. 

Check a credit broker, here.

  1. Door-step loan companies

Another way is to get a loan through door-step companies. These companies will lend you money but will come to collect the repayments at your home, thus the name ‘Door-step companies’.

It might be an easy way, however, this option might be more stressful for you if you ever miss a payment.

  1. No Guarantor Loans 

These kinds of loans are specially designed for people who have bad credit ratings or people who don’t wish to nominate any guarantor for their loan.

 A guarantor works as loan security for the lender. If the creditor fails to pay back the loan, the guarantor will be held accountable for the repayments.

In a no guarantor loan, the lender does not set a requirement for the nomination of any guarantor. These kinds of loans are usually in short amounts with high-interest rates. 

Several other options might be included in the list, but these are the most commonly used options for people who have a county court judgment in their records

No Guarantor vs Direct Lender – What is better?

The answer to this question depends on your situation. Both ways of finance have their pros and cons. 

The no guarantor loan is more suitable in a situation where you need urgent money and are confident that you’ll pay the amount back on time. Otherwise, if late payments are made, this route might cause you serious money

You can find a suitable No guarantor loan here. 

If you are looking to get a loan with less legal formalities and without involving a third party, direct lending will be a better option. You will have 1 on 1 contact with the lenders and might be able to tailor out the loan agreement according to your needs. 


How does CCJ affect my credit score?

A county court verdict will have a heavy impact on your credit score. It will negatively affect the credit rating, making it difficult to get more loans.

How to avoid getting CCJ?

The best way is to pay back the debt you owe before a complaint is lodged to a financial conduct authority. The lenders will communicate the warning to you through verbal, written, or electronic means. 

You should try to settle the matter by communicating and convincing them to offer better repayment terms. 

Is CCJ the same as debt enforcement by diligence?

Both of these have many similarities, but the diligence matter is mainly used in Scotland. You may call it the equal of County Judgement of England.

Where to get free debt advice?

There are many foundations that are helping people with debt, such as the Step Change foundation apart from that, you can always look for some financial and legal expert within your family or friends. 

Can I get a credit card with a CCJ?

According to my personal experience, you might not get a credit card from conventional banks who demand high credit ratings, but with micro-financing banks and other non-conventional banks, you might be able to grab one. 

Final Thoughts

In the end, I would just give honest advice: try to manage your debts, and avoid a court order.

However, if you are already in deep waters, don’t panic. Get a financial expert to look at your situation, and find the silver lining in it. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I’d love to help!


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