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When creditors won’t stop calling or the threat of court action looms, you may want to learn more about the debt services with Collyer Bristow. They offer commercial deb solutions as a way to help you gradually leave your debt – and those nuisance creditor calls – firmly in the past. But what is on offer and will they work?

Our concise Collyer Bristow LLP debt solutions review will walk you through their business, how they operate and much more.

Who Are Collyer Bristow LLP?

Collyer Bristow is a law firm in the UK that provides specialised legal advice to various local and international clients. The company has won numerous awards and also provides debt advice and limited insolvency services to individuals in debt. It can be extremely difficult to find these services when using their website. Despite its engaging design and unique visuals, the practicality of it can be rather frustrating.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Collyer Bristow offers two debt services, with only one of them applicable to people with personal debt:

Bankruptcy is a serious debt solution that should never be decided on without consideration. However, there is also a stigma attached to it, when in fact, it could be one of the best solutions for some debtors as you will not have to pay back your debt (with implications!).

You will need to pay for a bankruptcy application – yes, it does cost to apply – and then have it accepted. Collyer Bristow may be able to help get your bankruptcy application accepted.

What Do People Say About Collyer Bristow LLP Debt Services?

Some debtors have complained online about Collyer Bristow LLP only wanting to make a profit:

“They were more interested in collecting their money than trying to help my case. I would never recommend them.”

Unfortunately, when you use commercial debt solutions instead of debt charities, this is a reality…

Collyer Bristow LLP FAQs

Read the common questions asked about Collyer Bristow LLP and their insolvency services:

Are Collyer Bristow LLP a legit company?

Yes, Collyer Bristow LLP is regarded as one of the best legal firms around and operate internationally with a sound reputation. They are a legitimate company that are overseen and monitored by regulatory bodies. If you choose Collyer Bristow LLP, you can be sure that you are not being scammed. 

Where is Collyer Bristow LLP based?

The Collyer Bristow LLP office is in London and you can find the exact address at the end of this Collyer Bristow LLP review. However, they are an international firm and also have a base in Geneva, Switzerland.

Do Collyer Bristow LLP offer personal IVAs?

IVAs are one of the most common personal debt services offered by commercial companies and law firms. For some unknown reason, the Collyer Bristow website does not state that they offer IVAs to deal with personal debt. Their priorities appear to be corporate insolvency services.

Can they really get me out of debt?

Collyer Bristow LLP only offer to help with personal debt via bankruptcy applications. IVAs and other debt solutions are not listed among their personal solutions although they do have similar services for corporate insolvency needs. In a way, bankruptcy will get you out of debt, but it should not be your first option. There may be better alternative companies to get you out of your debt nightmare.

Why do Collyer Bristow LLP not offer IVAs and DMPs?

Legal firms tend not to offer a wide range of personal insolvency solutions compared with companies that solely target debtors as their customers. But even for law firm standards, only offering bankruptcy for personal debt problems is disappointing. Most other law firms choose to offer this service and at least IVA applications.

Collyer Bristow LLP must not see a value in offering alternative debt services unless they are helping corporations.

What is the Collyer Bristow LLP website like?

When you first visit the Collyer Bristow LLP website you may be quite impressed with the ongoing visuals and crisp imagery. But that novelty soon wears off and you quickly find the website irritating and frustrating to navigate around. In fact, it took us a long time browsing the site to locate any insolvency services at all.

Will Collyer Bristow LLP stop creditors from harassing me?

If you get a successful application for bankruptcy, your creditors should stop calling and texting. They may not stop if they have added your details to automated calling software that generates calls at the same times each day.

Will Collyer Bristow LLP definitely get my bankruptcy accepted?

Bankruptcy can only be achieved when an application to declare yourself bankrupt is accepted. This is not always as easy as it sounds and comes at a cost of hundreds of pounds. Before you make an application, it is normal to want Collyer Bristow to tell you your application will certainly be accepted. Although Collyer Bristow have a team that will be able to provide good judgement on bankruptcy applications, they can never guarantee anything.

Overall thoughts on Collyer Bristow LLP debt solutions?

We were not so impressed with the personal debt solutions available with Collyer Bristow LLP. There is no doubt that this is a stellar law firm with a huge international reputation, but they only offer bankruptcy as an option which makes them irrelevant to most UK debtors. Moreover, even if you wanted to declare bankruptcy, they are going to be more expensive than lesser-known legal teams that could get you the same result.

What are my alternatives?

Plenty of other companies can help with debt. Start by looking up the UK’s leading debt charities for free debt advice – or browse the information on MoneyNerd!

Collyer Bristow LLP Contact Details


4 Bedford Row
United Kingdom

Contact number:

+44 20 7242 7363


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