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A Guide to Competitions, Surveys, and Freebies

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For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

The costs of our modern lifestyles are getting more and more expensive, and the need to have some extra funds can be a real lifesaver. But with our working lives taking up more time than ever, it can be tricky for many of us to find additional employment that we can dedicate significant time to. 

One way that many people have managed to gather some extra cash is by taking part in competitions and surveys, and signing up to receive freebies online. More and more competitions and surveys can be found nowadays, some of which are paid for. Knowing where to find these surveys, freebies and competitions can not only earn you money, but save it too. 

Legit or quit

At any one time there are thought to be tens of thousands of active competitions happening across the country. Some of these will also legitimately pay you money for taking part in these surveys – but be careful as some of these sites aren’t legit and won’t pay out! 

We’ll tell you where to find these competitions, surveys and freebies, how to take part in them and what you might be able to earn. We’ll also go into some of the dangers involved in competitions, surveys and freebies too.

How much can you make?

The question on your lips is probably wondering about how much you can legitimately make from doing competitions and surveys online. There are some people (commonly known as ‘compers’) who enter into hundreds of competitions every day to try and increase their chances of winning. 

It can also be quite a slow process getting started with competitions and surveys, so patience is a virtue! Plus, quite often you won’t necessarily get cold hard cash – it’ll be products and things like that, which may not pay the bills as well. You could go on to sell these yourself however. 

Occasionally you can also earn actual money from competitions and surveys, but they’ll often have a ‘cash out’ threshold, meaning that you can only get your hands on your earnings once you hit a certain amount. Our advice is to cash out as soon as you hit this threshold.

Where do you find competitions, surveys, freebies?

So how do you go about finding competitions, surveys and freebies? After all, a cursory search brings up thousands of links, and you’ll be correct in thinking that not all of them will be legit. Some of them won’t pay out if there’s a cash prize, some of them don’t link up to any freebies, and some of them will bombard you with emails at every turn. 

We’ll take you through which ones you should have a look at. 


Entering competitions is a breeze. Often, all it takes is putting down your name and email address, and you’re away. Perhaps there might be a multiple-choice questionnaire to get involved with, but more often than not, it’s a really easy process. There’s a variety of different outcomes with online competitions – you could end up with a cash prize, or with a physical item (which, if you don’t want, you can always sell on to someone else!). Here’s some sites that focus on competitions to get you started.

Competitions Database

Competitions Databas is a website that does what it says on the tin! It collates all the free competitions out there for you, and it lets you input what sort of competition you want to be in the running for, as well as other handy metrics.

MoneySavingExpert – Competition Time Forum

The MoneySavingExpert forum page, Competition Time, is entirely user-generated and features a whole ream of active competitions that you can enter, telling you all about what you need to do for each one.


Market research companies scour the web to try and find new members, and one way they do this is by offering money in exchange for filling out their surveys. Be careful though – there are some survey sites that won’t pay out. You should also never pay to take part in any surveys, so steer clear of those. Here’s some of the better survey sites that you can get involved with.


Toluna is one of the biggest survey panels that works with some of the biggest brands out there. The rewards they offer for completing their surveys include PayPal vouchers, Amazon gift cards and vouchers redeemable in high street shops. Each survey takes about 15 minutes to complete, and to earn a £15 voucher, it’ll take about 4 hours or so.


For short, quick surveys that cover all manner of topics, you’ll want to check out OnePoll. One of the first survey sites in the UK, they supply information to the press and to major brands. They pay between 10p and £1 per survey.


While you may also access some freebies from the competitions and surveys you enter, there are some places where you can get your hands on freebies without any of the faff of signing up for newsletters or answering any questions. And if you end up with some freebies you don’t want, you can always sell them on! Here’s some of the sites that let you access freebies.

With updates every 24 hours, is a site that gives you access to a whole range of freebies across the internet. The freebies you can find there vary from sample products to coupons for restaurants.

Latest Free Stuff

Another website that specialises in gathering freebies from all corners of the internet, LatestFreeStuff has daily updates of freebies, samples, giveaways, and more. They even have an app you can use, so you can snag those freebies on the move! 

Are there any risks?

Like anything to do with the internet, there’s always a risk of scammers or illegitimate sites. You can off smell the dodgy sites a mile off, as they all too often offer you things that are just too good to be true. Competition sites are also rife with scamming potential, as these sites are looking to get your personal details and flog them to as many different buyers as they can. 

It also goes without saying that you should never pay for any sort of access or site as well. All the sites we have mentioned in this article offer free opportunities for competitions, surveys, freebies, and more besides. Plus, if they do request any sort of payment from you, you can report them to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA).


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