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Creditors Asking for Payment After Debt Relief Order Letter

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.


Download this free letter template to use if creditors and debt collection agencies are chasing you for payments after your Debt Relief Order has been approved. Your creditors should not be asking for payments if the debt they are chasing was included in the DRO. Make them stop with this free letter template – and get the peace from debt collectors you were promised!

We have a letter template for people with sole and joint debts. You simply have to download it for free, add some information to make it relevant to you and then send it off. 

Letter Template

To Whom It May Concern

Regarding Case #: [your case number]* (required

You have recently contacted me about the above account. This debt is currently subject to a debt relief order (DRO), reference [enter the reference number]* (required), which was made on [enter the date the order was made]* (required).

As you are aware, this is a formal insolvency procedure which places a 12 month moratorium on qualifying debts scheduled within the order. Once the 12 month period has passed, this debt will be written off. The Insolvency Service has issued guidance regarding debt relief orders, which states:

“While the subject of a DRO, debtors need not take any action in relation to continuing correspondence from creditors scheduled as qualifying creditors in their DRO and should under no circumstances make any payments to the said creditors.”

“If the debtor receives any requests for payment from creditors that are scheduled within the DRO during the period of the order, the debtor should indicate that they are the subject to a DRO, and as such creditors have no remedy in respect of these debts.”

Please confirm in writing that you will stop all collection activity immediately and that this matter is now closed. Otherwise I will have no option but to make a formal complaint to you and, if unresolved, to the appropriate regulator or ombudsman.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Downloadable Resource

The download links below take you to a Google document template where you can make a copy or save in any document format you like. Note, you may have to login to your Google account.

Download – Single (for one person)
Download – Joint (for couples)

Can creditors still contact me during a Debt Relief Order?

Once your Debt Relief Order has been approved, any creditor or debt collection agency chasing a debt that was included in the DRO will not be allowed to contact you. This is why it is important to make it clear that they should not be contacting you asking for payments. 

Our free letter templates make this easy and save you time coming up with the right words. 

Can a Debt Relief Order stop bailiffs?

Creditors and debt collectors can’t contact you when a DRO is in place, but they also can’t send bailiffs to your home to enforce the debt or take you to court. You should not have any dealings with your creditors at all when a DRO is in place. 

Why are creditors contacting me on a DRO?

Most of the time, when a creditor continues to contact you after a DRO was accepted, it is because of a delay in them being notified by the Official Receiver at the Insolvency Office (the people who granted you the DRO). It is their job to let all creditors know that a DRO is now in place and not to make contact. Some letters may have been sent before the DRO notification came through. 

You might want to double-check the DRO and make sure the debt they are trying to chase was included in your DRO agreement. There are some occasions when a creditor is still allowed to make contact, such as writing to give general account information. But they should never ask you for a payment. 

Creditors are still contacting me, what now?

After you download our free letter template and send it to your persistent creditor, there is a good chance you will never hear from them again. If in a rare situation where they continue to contact you and you are sure the debt was included in the DRO, you can escalate the problem.

You should contact the Official Receiver at the Insolvency Office and tell them what has happened. They will then chase the creditor up and make sure they do not contact you again. It’s recommended to send your creditor or debt collector a letter first.


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