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Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery sends debt letters to get money back for their clients. Whether you know you owe the debt or are bewildered by the letter and do not know what they are talking about, our guide can help.

Follow our step-by-step explanation to learn your rights, what Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery cannot do, and importantly – what you need to do now.

Who Is Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery?

Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery is a department within the Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors chain. The company as a whole run four offices and provide legal services to UK residents. They mainly provide conveyancing and assistance for property purchases, as well as will writing.

But they also offer debt collection services. Interestingly, they even offer services to debtors to help them get out of debt. More will be discussed on that later.

Is Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery a Scam?

No, if you have received a debt letter from Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery, this letter is a genuine attempt to get you to pay for a real debt.

However, just because Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery and the debt exists, it doesn’t mean you will 100% have to pay. To understand this better, follow the advice and information in this guide.

Who Do Curtis Whiteford Crocker Collect Debt for?

Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery is a group of solicitors that offer their debt collection services to any individual or business that needs them. They could collect for all types of reasons, such as:

  • Unpaid rent or loan repayments
  • Unpaid utility bills
  • Unpaid mobile phone contracts
  • Unpaid parking fines or council tax

The list goes on.

Contact Curtis Whiteford Crocker Solicitors

If you want to contact Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery, you can do so by calling or emailing staff at one of their four UK offices, namely:

  1. Curtis Whiteford Crocker Plymouth
  2. Curtis Whiteford Crocker Tavistock
  3. Curtis Whiteford Crocker Torpoint
  4. Curtis Whiteford Crocker Knightsbridge

You can consult contact information for each of these locations on this contact page of the Curtis Whiteford Crocker website.

But if you are calling to dispute the debt letter that they have sent you, then there is a better way of dealing with this letter, and even a better way of proving that you do not owe the money (if applicable).

Explaining Your Curtis Whiteford Crocker Debt Letter

To explain what you can do after receiving a Curtis Whiteford Crocker debt letter, you must first understand what that letter really is…

These letters are known throughout the debt collection industry as a Letter Before Action, sometimes shortened to LBA. These letters are asking you to pay the money you owe by a certain date, and usually if you don’t, they will go to the courts for an order to enforce the debt.

An LBA can cause all sorts of worry, anxiety and stress. Even more so when you read the way debt service companies word these letters. The thought of going to court may be scary, but you should know that Curtis Whiteford Crocker and the client they are collecting for would rather not have to do this either.

That’s why you can escape Curtis Whiteford Crocker debt without going to court, even if you do not have the full amount of money to pay right now. Find out more by reading on.

Can Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery Take My Possessions?

An LBA threatens court action most of the time, and a letter from Curtis Whiteford Crocker will be no different. If you take action you can stop all this from happening, which means do not ignore the Curtis Whiteford Crocker debt letter under any circumstance.

If you were to ignore it and the courts award Curtis Whiteford Crocker’s client with a CCJ, thyme could then use enforcement agents to come to your home and request payments or a payment plan. Failing this, they could take items to be sold to pay the debt.

In a worst-case scenario – and it usually never gets to this stage – you could lose your home:

“My experience with CWC has been the worst of my life. My property was repossessed due to the fact my wife left me and I couldn’t afford the payments on my own. The property was sold at auction for half its market value to the developer I originally bought it from.”

[Google Reviews]

But remember it doesn’t have to get to this point by following the advice we have for you below.

Can Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery Make Repeated Calls?

You might not just receive a debt letter from Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery. They may even phone you to discuss the debt. They are allowed to call you but not repeatedly throughout the day, and they cannot call you at times of the day you have asked them not to, such as during working hours or after a certain time on the evening.

They must respect this or they are breaking FCA regulations – and you could report their behaviour.

Can Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery Come to My Home?

There is nothing stopping Curtis Whiteford Crocker from knocking on your door and asking to discuss the debt, but Curtis Whiteford Crocker are not enforcement agents and do not have any right to come inside your property. You don’t even have to speak to them if you don’t want to.

Some debt collection groups do try to come to debtors’ homes, but this is not likely to happen with Curtis Whiteford Crocker as they are a legal team of solicitors, not administrators from a debt collection groups, and importantly, they are also not enforcement agents with any legal powers!

Has Curtis Whiteford Crocker Made a Mistake?

You may be sitting with a debt letter from Curtis Whiteford Crocker on your lap and completely bewildered to what debt they are referring to.

Sometimes debt collection process involves scattergun tactics to find the right debtor, and this means mistakes are made, often if you have a similar name or have lived at the same home as the real debtor.

As Curtis Whiteford Crocker are a legal team and not likely to use these scattergun tactics, the chances of them making a mistake is reduced, but not impossible.

Curtis Whiteford debt recovery

What You Need to Do NOW….

Even in a situation where you think Curtis Whiteford Crocker has made a mistake, you must take action. Anybody with a debt letter from this legal team must respond and they should do that with a prove the debt letter.

Send Curtis Whiteford Crocker a Prove the Debt Letter

You can respond by asking Curtis Whiteford Crocker to send proof that you owe the debt. This will force their hand and make them identify any mistaken identities on their own. A prove the debt letter can also buy you time if you are aware of the debt but want to consider other options.

There is also the chance that they will struggle to prove the debt and you won’t have to pay. Proof can be supplied in different ways. Good examples include signed contracts or signed tenancy agreements. Proof is not simply telling you that you owe their client money.

How to Write a Prove the Debt Letter

You don’t even need to write a prove the debt letter. These types of letters are really common across the industry with thousands of people sending them to debt collection groups every year. You can find a prove the debt letter template online.

Money Nerd offer a fantastic choice of templates to use.

But you can still write your own if you prefer. If you do, remember to request proof and declare any future communication without the requested proof is harassment and will be reported to the FCA.

It’s worth keeping a copy of the letter, paying for recorded delivery and never singing the letter. The latter is in case your signature is used to create false proof. It is not likely but has happened to people in the past.

When You Shouldn’t Send a Prove the Debt Letter

There are two times you do not need to send a prove the debt letter:

  1. Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery already proved the debt
  2. Your Curtis Whiteford Crocker debt is statute barred

What Is Statute Barred Debt?

Statute barred debt is a type of debt that can no longer enforced by the courts – and thus an enforcement agent – because it is too old. The debt doesn’t get wiped but it does mean you can never be forced to pay it off have items repossessed to pay it off.

Is Your Curtis Whiteford Crocker Debt Statute Barred?

Your Curtis Whiteford Crocker debt is statute barred if all of the following are true of your debt:

  1. Your Curtis Whiteford Crocker debt is six years old
  2. The debt that Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery are claiming you need to pay has not been paid off in part in the last six years
  3. You have not admitted that you owe the debt to Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery or anyone else in the last six years
  4. There has never been a court order issued for the debt

Send a Statute Barred Notification to Curtis Whiteford Crocker

If a-d apply to your debt, then Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery cannot take you to court to collect it. The courts are too busy to deal with these older debts and you will not have to pay.

However, you still have to notify Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery that the debt is statute barred. Instead of sending a prove the debt letter, you should send a statute barred letter.

Again, professional and effective templates of these letters can be found online via debt charity websites and debt forums.

My Debt Is Proven and Not Statute Barred, HELP!

If Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery proved you woe the debt, it is not statute barred and you can’t afford to pay it all off, there are other options you can use.

Ways to Pay Your Curtis Whiteford Crocker Debt

#1: Agree on a Payment Plan

You can agree on a payment plan with Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery. There is evidence on Google reviews and on their website that they will accept payment plans on behalf of their clients.

#2: Consider an IVA

An IVA is an alternative option for people who have more than their debt with Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery. It allows you to consolidate your debts into a fixed five-year repayment schedule with large repayment every month. The benefit to you is that after five years any unpaid money no longer has to be paid. You will need a professional legal team to create your IVA agreement.

Interestingly, Curtis Whiteford Crocker solicitors create IVAs themselves, but as they are the ones chasing your debt, it is probably best to use another firm to make this for you due to a conflict of interest.

#3: Your Other Debt Solutions

Other debt solutions are out there, and they may be better for your personal situation. You can use online debt websites like Money Nerd and debt charities to find the right debt solution for your circumstances.

Considerations When Agreeing a Payment Plan

Agreeing to a payment plan with Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery is likely to be the easiest and best option for many people. If you go down this avenue, ensure you never commit to payments you will not be able to afford.

This could lead to other debts and have disastrous consequences.

Discover Further Support for Your Curtis Whiteford Crocker Debt

Whatever the next move is for you, dealing with Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery isn’t something you have to do alone. There are lots of excellent debt charities in the UK who can listen, advise and even talk to Curtis Whiteford Crocker Recovery for you.

Search for them today!

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