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Debtors don’t often realise that there are lots of ways to get out of debt in a controlled way, and some of those methods are offered by CVR Global. These guys are a commercial financial business offering individuals in debt a path away from their money worries. Keep in mind that any debt solution service you opt into will not be free.

Does that mean CVR Global debt solutions are worth your hard-earned cash? Let’s find out!

Who Are CVR Global?

CVR Global is a huge operation housing 80 staff and 16 partners. They offer advisory services as well as extensive businesses insolvency services. Although the company is mainly geared towards corporate insolvency, they do offer some debt solutions that are suitable for individuals. The company is registered in the UK and is a global business with eight offices, including locations on the British Virgin Islands, Gibraltar and Jersey.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

CVR Global offer two of the main debt solution services. These are:

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Bankruptcy

Both of these services are classified as formal debt solutions because they require the input of professional insolvency experts and need to be accepted. You can’t do these on your own hence why you must pay a fee.

Bankruptcy is one debt solution that is often misunderstood and always considered a bad solution. In fact, bankruptcy could be the best option for your circumstances.

Learn more about Bankruptcy on our Money Nerd guide.

The CVR Global Customer Experience

When scrolling the internet for debt solution reviews about CVR Global, we could not find any that related to these types of services. Instead, we took to the company’s website to look into the overall customer experience when trying to find information or get in touch.

They score well on both fronts. The website is easy to follow, and the insolvency services have their own tab with each service listed below. The site also offers a contact form for you to get in touch conveniently.

CVR Global Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common CVR Global questions here:

Is CVR Global a legit company?

Absolutely. CVR Global is a legitimate company that you can trust t give you an honest service that is not misleading or a scam. They have become a respected advisory firm and you can be sure that they are following FCA and other applicable regulations.

Why are there no CVR Global reviews for debt solution?

Personal debt solutions are not CVR Global’s biggest priority. It appears their other services and corporate insolvency services get the most attention. This may be why there are not as many relevant CVR Global reviews. Another reason could be the sensitivity of the subject and people tending to keep their financial situation private.

What is the CVR Global email address?

The CVR Global email address is found on their website. We have provided a link to their site at the end of this CVR Global review, along with their contact number and head office address.

What type of debtors can CVR Global help?

The two debt solutions available for individuals are only suitable for people who have significant debts that they will struggle to repay. Therefore, CVR Global can only help people with a lot of debt or multiple creditors. You will not benefit from CVR Global if your debt is less than £1,700.

Can CVR Global guarantee an IVA?

An IVA is an attractive option for debtors because it can stop them from having to repay the whole debt. However, most of your creditors must agree to the IVA, and no matter what CVR Global think will happen they can never be certain. In fact, you can never be 100% sure of securing an IVA no matter who you use.

Can CVR Global guarantee bankruptcy claims?

In the same breath, CVR Global cannot guarantee a bankruptcy claim will be successful either. Bankruptcy applications also have to be accepted and nothing is ever certain until its certain.

Does CVR Global debt solutions cost a lot?

As one of the most successful insolvency practitioners – for businesses – it is likely that you will have to pay a lot for CVR Global services. Their fees can be charged each month during your IVA, meaning you continually pay them as well as your creditors.

What is an alternative to CVR Global debt solutions?

You could choose a UK debt charity to get free debt advice first. They could help you understand your options. Failing that, there are other debt solution providers who can offer IVA services and bankruptcy claims. There is likely to be someone available that is not as expensive as CVR Global.  

Will CVR Global IVAs stop my creditors from sending debt letter?

When you secure a CVR Global IVA, most of your creditors, if not all of them, have agreed to the new arrangement. They therefore have no reason to keep contacting you and requesting payment directly. But on some occasions those annoying debt letters keep coming through the letterbox. Sometimes this is an error because of automated technologies used by debt chasing agencies.

Should I use CVR Global to get out of debt?

CVR Global are only a half decent option if you are a debtor in significant trouble. They will not be suitable for many debtors with smaller debts and those who don’t want to declare bankruptcy. We recommend passing on CVR Global unless you are in severe debt and are willing to pay high fees for their help (over time). Your first move should be to seek free debt advice from UK debt charities, or look up the guidance on the Money Nerd website.

CVR Global Contact Details


Three Brindleyplace
West Midlands
B1 2JB

Contact number:

0121 794 0600


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