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About – Who Are Debt Assist UK?

Debt Assist UK helps people in debt. They are based in Manchester but offer their services to people in debt across the UK. They are fully recognised by governing debt industry bodies, and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  

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What Debt Services Do Debt Assist UK Offer?

When you visit Debt Assist UK’s website, you will see a list of debt solutions including:

  • IVAs – a form of insolvency
  • Debt Management Plans – an informal agreement between you and your creditors
  • DROs – a form of insolvency for those with debts of over £20,000
  • Bankruptcy applications – insolvency administered by the court
  • Self-employed IVAs
  • Multiple Scottish debt solutions – such as sequestration and Trust Deeds

Debt Assist UK provide information about each of these debt solutions. They state on their website: “Debt Assist UK only provide debt advice; we do not directly provide any financial solutions ourselves“.

Debt Assist UK Website Review

Scottish Debt Solutions

If you are Scottish, Debt Assist UK can help you. The Debt Assist UK website provides information about Debt Solutions which are specific to Scottish residents, such as Sequestration and Trust Deeds.


Debt Assist UK doesn’t offer in-person services, which means you can’t go into their offices to speak to them.

Information correct as of 08/04/21 (DebtAssistUK)

Debt Assist UK Customer Experiences

There are some reviews online about the work of Debt Assist UK. It’s important to read company reviews, as they can give you a clear idea of what to expect when interacting with a company. Read up on Debt Assist UK’s company reviews here.

Information correct as of 11/06/21 (feefo)

Company information:

The details of this company, Debt Assist UK, can all be found online. We researched Companies House and the company’s own website to compile the company profile below. Scan through it to find information such as Debt Assist UK’s company age (date of incorporation).

Date of incorporation: 18 October 2016
Company status: Active
Company number: 10433541
Company type: Private limited Company
Unit 14
Universal Square
Devonshire Street North
Greater Manchester
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs 10:30-7:30 Friday 10:30-3
Phone number: +4401618508349

Information correct as of 07/04/21 (CompaniesHouse)

FCA registration:

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the conduct regulator for financial services firms and financial markets in the UK. Debt Assist UK has a listed registration with the FCA. This means they are licensed to practise. The details and link are below:

FCA regulated: Yes
FCA status: Authorised
FCA regulated activities: 1) Consumer Credit – Debt Counselling
FCA reference number: 769143
Trading names: Assist Group Limited / Debt Assist / Debt Assist UK Ltd
Place of business:
Unit 14
Universal Square
Devonshire Street North
Greater Manchester

Information correct as of 07/04/21 (FCA)

Data protection registration:

Debt Assist UK is on the data protection register. This means that the privacy of your data will be protected. Data protection registration means that a company is registered with ICO, the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest.

Registration No: ZA305080
Data controller: Assist UK Group Limited
Universal Square
Devonshire Street North
M12 6JH

Information correct as of 07/04/21 (ICO)

Where are Debt Assist UK located?

Debt Assist UK explain that they are based in the financial heart of Manchester. But where is that exactly? To get a clearer picture of their location, take a look at their office location on a map.

Debt Assistance UK FAQs

Are Debt Assist UK a real company?

Yes, Debt Assist UK is a legitimate business.

How can I contact Debt Assist UK?

You can contact Debt Assist UK using the free number provided at the bottom of our Debt Assist UK review.

Contact Debt Assist UK


Debt Assist UK
Universal Square
Devonshire Street North
M12 6JH

Contact number:

0800 029 3992



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