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About – who are Debt Hacker?

Debt Hacker helps people who are in debt. They are located in London and were established in 2018. 

On their website they say:

“At Debt Hacker, we are campaigning to put power in the hands of borrowers and help them fight back against exploitative, high-cost lending.”

What debt solutions does Debt Hacker provide information about?

Find out below whether Debt Hacker provides the kind of help you need.

Debt Hacker doesn’t provide information about any specific debt solutions on their website.

Debt Hacker is a website that offers information for people in debt because of payday loan repayments being too unaffordable. They provide a range of online tools for people to send letters to payday lenders and ask for payment reductions, interest freezing and to make complaints on their behalf.

Scottish Debt Solutions

Debt Hacker doesn’t provide information about Debt Solutions which are specific to Scottish residents, such as Sequestration and Trust Deeds.


Sometimes it’s easier to talk face-to-face rather than over the phone. Debt Hacker doesn’t offer in-person services, which means you can’t go into their offices to speak to them.

Information correct as of 20/04/21 (Debt Hacker)

Debt Hacker reviews

It’s important to see how other customers have rated their experience with Debt Hacker. Take a look at their up-to-date reviews on Trustpilot.

*Information correct as of 11/06/21 (TrustPilot)

Company information:

After researching Companies House and their website, we found the following information about Debt Hacker:

Date of incorporation: 3 April 2018
Company status: Active
Company number: 11286435
Company type: Private Limited Company by guarantee without share capital use of ‘Limited’ exemption.
Address: C/O Jbp, 34 Smith Square, London, England, SW1P 3HL
Email Address: [email protected]

Information correct as of 20/04/21 (Companies House)

Data protection registration:

Data protection registration means that this company is registered with ICO, the UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest. The privacy of your data will be protected.

Registration No: ZA465765
Data controller: Debt Hacker
Address: 34 Smith Square, London, SW1P 3HL

Information correct as of 20/04/21 (ICO)

Where are Debt Hacker located?

You may want to speak with a debt management company in person. If you do, it’s important to find a company whose offices are near your own address. Take a look at their office location on the map.

Address: C/O Jbp, 34 Smith Square, London, England, SW1P 3HL

Contact Details for Debt Hacker


C/O Jbp, 34 Smith Square, London, England, SW1P 3HL


[email protected]

To get a feel for the company, have a scroll through their Twitter feed!



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