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DFH Debt Management Review

Have you come across DFH Debt Management recently and are wondering whether they can really get you out of debt? Learn everything you need to know about DFH Debt Management in this review guide – and read real reviews by their customers.

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Who Are DFH Debt Management?

DFH Financial Solutions, also known as DFH Debt Management, is a trading style of Bridgewater Support Solutions. This means they are the same company but working under a different name and branding. The entire group has been operating since 2006 and work from a base in Manchester with over 100 employees.

They offer debt solutions to people who are struggling to get out of their debts. They charge fees for this as a commercial company, but the fees might make getting out of debt cheaper for the debtor or make getting out of debt less stressful. They are a commercial outfit and not a debt charity

To date, DFH Debt Management claim to have helped over 5,000 people in the UK to get out of debt. 

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DFH Debt Management Debt Solutions

DFH Debt Management offer a wide range of debt solutions which are applicable to people across the UK. They even include debt solutions that people with Scottish debt could benefit from. Their service list includes:

  • Debt Management Plans (DMPs)
  • Administration
  • Debt Relief Order (DRO)
  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)
  • Trust Deed
  • Sequestration (Scottish bankruptcy)
  • Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

There is no arguing that DFH Financial Solutions offer a lot of debt solutions under one roof, but the one they appear to push the most is a Debt Management Plan (DMP). This solution has its own pages and tab on the website, whereas the others are grouped together. 

A DMP is a debt solution that will spread out debt repayments over many months, and hopefully gets the creditor to stop applying interest on the debt as long as payments are made. They can be set up by anyone, but people choose companies like DFH Debt Management to do it for them to avoid the stress and to get a better deal (not guaranteed!).

DFH Debt Management Reviews

The reviews of DFH Debt Management are mixed. But the main complaint among people who leave a bad reviews is the amount of money the group charges for DMPs and alike. Read some of them for yourself here:

“[…] decided on a debt management plan with them which I thought would be amazing…. I was paying £100 per month, turned out DFH take £50 in “fees for helping” or whatever. Wouldn’t say I had a ‘bad’ experience just think it’s done all wrong […]”

[Google Reviews]

“I was with them for 5 months but I’ve changed DMPs, poor telephone manners from some members of staff, they did try to help I made every payment on time but still had creditors contacting me and adding late payment fees. To make it worst they took 50% of my monthly payment for themselves.”

[Google Reviews]

The amount of money DFH take from your payments could put you off using them…

DFH Debt Management FAQs

Is DFH Debt Management a real business?

Yes, DFH Debt Management is a legitimate business with real offices and lots of staff. They are part of a network of debt management companies through numerous trading styles. Their company is registered and monitored by debt industry bodies, meaning they must treat you correctly and adhere to standards. 

How does DFH Debt Management work?

It all works by providing DFH Debt Management with your financial details, including info about your debts. Once they have this, they can advise on a debt solution that might be beneficial to you. It is then up to you whether to take them up on the solution – but be aware of the entire costs and never feel pressured to do so.

Will the debt advice be free?

We cannot really call it free debt advice even if it is free. Any information they provide is geared towards getting you to sign up to a debt solution. It may be the right advice, but it is not like the advice you receive from a debt charity. 

Can I request a callback instead?

If you don’t want to call DFH, you can request a callback from their website at a better time to suit you. 

What is the DFH Debt Management number?

We have added all their contact details at the end of this DFH review. 

What is the DFH Debt Management referral scheme?

If you recommend another person in debt to use DFH, they will reward you with £50 when they sign up to a service. This was the case at the time of writing and there may be additional terms and conditions to be aware of. 

Will DFH Debt Management freeze my debt interest?

When you try to get a DMP, it is hoped that DFH will be able to get the creditor to freeze any interest that is accumulating on the debt. This should help you manage payments and get rid of the debt faster. But a DMP is not legally binding and there is no certainty that this can be achieved. In fact, you might be able to agree the same deal by contacting your creditors directly and then avoiding the DFH fees.

Some solutions you will need a debt management company’s help, such as an IVA or bankruptcy. 

Why does DFH Debt Management charge so much?

They charge hefty fees because they are a big company with lots of employees. This has been one of the main complaints among reviewers.

Would Money Nerd recommend DFH Debt Management?

We don’t think that DFH is the worst debt management company around and they do offer one of the biggest selections of debt solutions, making them relevant to more of the UK debtor market – and more helpful.

We are not sure some of their debt solutions are worth it, and would recommend speaking with a debt charity first. 

Contact DFH Debt Management


Bridgewater House
58-60 Whitworth Street
M1 6LT

Contact number:

0161 228 6055 (new customer number only)


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