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Are Ensors Accountants a good provider of debt solutions like IVAs and other services? Here we dive into their business and see what they offer to debtors struggling to stay afloat. We have investigated their services, searched the net for debtor reviews and much more to bring you a complete review of the company and their offerings.

Ensors is certainly not a debt charity and you will have to pay for their help, but the big question is are they worth your money? Find out right here.

Who Are Ensors Chartered Accountants?

Ensors Chartered Accountants specialises in a variety of accounting and financial services to customers throughout the UK. They are an award-winning agency will also assist private individuals with debt management and debt solutions. You can trace the business back to the 1880s – quite literally via their website storyline.

As they are primarily accountants and finance professionals, you should not expect as many debt solutions with Ensors as there would be with outright insolvency practitioner businesses.

So, What Debt Services Do They Offer?

It can be easy to miss these debt services when scrolling through their website:

  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate insolvency

Their Individual Voluntary Arrangement service will attract a lot of attention. This is when they create a formal agreement with your creditors, so you pay monthly instalments over five years. These payments are usually larger than other repayment plans. So why agree? The benefit to an IVA is that your debts are written off at the end of the term, even if you still owe lots of money.

Not everyone will qualify for an IVA, but you can learn further details right here.

What Do People Say About Ensors Accountants Debt Services?

Ensors’ customers have different experiences depending on which services they use. Debtors have not been so impressed and even claim they were charged for advice which was supposed to be free:

“Terrible experience with this company, they charged me for advice that they claimed is free.”


Ensors Accountants Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about Ensors debt solutions, you will probably find the answer here:

Are Ensors Accountants good?

Ensors is a legitimate accountancy firm in the UK and have been running for over a century. They have received awards for their work in different areas. If you choose Ensors you can be confident that they will follow the best industry practices and not mislead you.

What is Ensors One Click?

Data protection and guarding against cybersecurity is a priority for all types of business, especially the likes of Ensors that deal with sensitive financial information. As a result, Ensors have launched their own method to send and receive documents with improved security. The platform is called Ensors One Click.

Have Ensors Accountants won insolvency awards?

Even though Ensors are primarily accountants and wealth planners, they have won awards for their insolvency services. This is rather unique as many accountancy firms offer insolvency services as a side service without too much custom or attention. They last won an award for their debt services in 2015.

Can Ensors Accountants really end my debts?

If you get an Ensors IVA agreed with your creditors, this method will guarantee you to end your debts if you keep to the agreement for its duration. The reason this will certainly end your debts is because it a formal legally binding agreement.

But it must also be said that Ensors offer two solutions and these are only suitable for people with lots of debt. If your debts are smaller then you probably can’t use Ensors to get out of debt.

Do Ensors Accountants offer free debt advice?

Free debt advice is not listed as one of their personal insolvency services. Moreover, the review we provided earlier states that the client believed they were getting free advice and Ensors ended up sending them an invoice for it. Always clarify if any debt advice is free or not when dealing with Ensors.

Will Ensors Accountants stop creditors from chasing me?

If you secure an Ensors IVA, then you would logically assume that creditors are now aware of the agreement and will stop sending you threatening debt letters or calling you requesting payments. This should happen instantly, but if your creditor or debt collection agency use automated calling technology, you could continue to get these annoying and stressful communications until you make a complaint. 

Are Ensors Accountants guaranteed to get me an IVA?

No commercial debt solutions company is able to say for certain that you will get an IVA and put you on the road to a debt free life. The reason they cannot make that promise is because it is down to your creditors to agree. Only with a compelling proposal will they agree. And that is down to your financial capabilities and the work of Ensors. If Ensors or any other insolvency practitioner suggest you will 100% get an IVA, you should question why they assume that.

Will Ensors Accountants ensure I get my bankruptcy accepted?

At the same time, there is no certainty that Ensors will manage to get your bankruptcy application approved. These applications cost over £700 so you should not assume that you will be able to declare bankruptcy as a failed application doesn’t come with a refund. Ensors professionals should be knowledgeable enough to have a good idea when an application will be successful and advice you appropriately.

And, what is the verdict on Ensors Accountants?

Overall, Ensors offer limited personal insolvency services which won’t appeal to the masses. Also due to their reputation and awards, they are going to be more expensive than other providers. It could be worth checking out free debt charity services instead.

Ensors Accountants Contact Details


Ermine Business Park

Warwick House


PE29 6XY

Contact number:

01480 417800



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