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Excel Civil Enforcement Debt – Do You Have to Pay? 2022

Excel Civil Enforcement Debt Collectors

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If you have , you probably received an Excel Civil Enforcement notification of attendance.

What does this mean and what can Excel Civil Enforcement Debt really do to you? We have a complete rundown of this debt industry firm and how to approach their debt letters.

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Excel Civil debt

Who Are Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd?

Excel Civil Enforcement Ltd is a law enforcement agency. They operate a team of trained agents who are legally allowed to collect debts for their clients.

These clients have already been to court to get a court order on the money they are owed, meaning the people who owe the money were found to owe the debt by the courts.

They currently operate from two offices based in Wales:

  • Excel Civil Enforcement Colwyn Bay
  • Excel Civil Enforcement Swansea

Excel Civil Enforcement has received multiple awards for their work in the debt collection and other aspects of the law enforcement industry.

They also run an eviction team to get properties back from unlawful occupants such as squatters.

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What Type of Debt Do Excel Civil Enforcement Collect?

Excel Civil Enforcement work for clients from a string of different fields but the bulk of their work is on behalf of local authorities and government departments. We know this because they state it on their official website.

“Our clients are local authorities and Government departments.”

We also know this because people who have dealt with them as debtors have stated so on internet forums:

“I had a visit from EXCEL Civil Enforcement yesterday for collection of Council Tax.”

[Legal Beagles Website Forum]

They went on to say that the council tax debt was with Pembrokeshire County Council.

However, this Wales-based company also state they operate throughout the UK, which means you could receive communications from Excel Civil Enforcement debt services if you live outside of Wales.

The Process of UK Debt Collection

Excel Civil Enforcement Debt Collection is not the same as a debt collection agency or team of lawyers who offer debt chasing services. To understand the differences, you must first understand how debt collection works in the UK.

The general stages of debt collection are:

  1. The creditor asks the debtor to pay of threatens legal action. They sometimes do this by outsourcing it to debt collection agencies or law firms.
  2. The debtor pays, asks for proof of the debt then pays, or ignores the debt request
  3. The creditor/debt collection agency or law team go to the courts to get a court order on the debt if it was not paid.
  4. If the courts find that the debt is owed (evidence needs to be provided) then they issue a court order for the debt to be paid.
  5. A court order is then used by the creditor to use a law enforcement agent to collect the debt by visiting the debtor.

Excel Civil Enforcement Vs Debt Collection Agencies/Solicitors

By looking at a general timeline of this process, it is easy to see the difference between a debt collection agency or legal debt services compared with a law enforcement team. Law enforcement teams like Excel Civil Enforcement come into the process right at the end to collect the debt with court orders. If Excel Civil Enforcement is involved, the debtor has ignored the request or not dealt with it the right way.

In other words, it is somewhat too late – but all is not lost!

Have You Received an Excel Civil Enforcement Notice of Attendance?

If you are in this situation, it is likely that you received an Excel Civil Enforcement notice of attendance letter. This is a letter to tell the debtor that they will be coming to enforce the court order on the debt. The notification gives the debtor seven days to make the payment on the debt owed (plus a £75 fee) or they will come to your home.

 Sometimes they do not send these notifications and can just turn up. And this leads us to the common Excel Civil Enforcement complaints you can find easily online…

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how to debt

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Common Excel Civil Enforcement Complaints

If you have recently ignored a debt letter or serving papers telling you that you were being taken to court, Excel Civil Enforcement may not be in possession of the order and come calling. By reading some recent Excel Civil Enforcement complaints, they are likely to call early:

“I have had a man banging on my front door this morning at 7.15am”

“Had 2 muppets bang my door at 6.30 giving it the big one trying to threaten and intimidate my partner.”

[Yell Website Excel Civil Enforcement Reviews]

This is common practice for law enforcement officers because they want to be there before you head out. They have also been known to be quite threatening and intimidating.

excel civil enforcement debt

Can Excel Civil Enforcement Enter My Property?

Yes. With a court order or writ of possession, these agents working for Excel Civil Enforcement Debt Collection can enter your property. They can use force if needed but will not kick down doors or break windows.

They will try to enter the home peacefully and without aggression. They tend to stand in doorways if you leave the front door to collect papers. This is so they can gradually enter without trouble.

Will Excel Civil Enforcement take My Possessions?

With the same court order, they are able to take your possessions. These possessions are then sold at an auction to raise money and pay off the debt. Note, that the auction usually sells items under their value.

Some items cannot be taken from you, such as:

  • Vehicles in other names or on finance schemes (you don’t own them!)
  • Consumables
  • Essential items you need to work and earn money, such as tools or a computer

Try to research and understand how far enforcement agents can go to collect debt before they arrive!

Can Excel Civil Enforcement Take My Home?

Sadly, yes. It is possible for Excel Civil Enforcement debt collection agents to repossess your home as well as vehicles, games consoles and other valuable items.

This doesn’t tend to happen in most situations because they can recover the money via other means, and because the debt would have to be of extreme significance to repossess a property.

Will Excel Civil Enforcement Always Offer a Payment Plan Option?

Most of the time when a law enforcement agent comes to collect debt, they will ask for the full amount of money owed. They will then listen to your capabilities to pay a lump sum on the day and commit to a payment plan.

However, these agents may reject your offer because they see that they can repossess items around your home (or on your driveway) that will get their client more of their money back.

It is also crucial to know that Excel Civil Enforcement do not have an obligation to offer you a payment plan. They could reject your offers from the outset and take goods – although this is rare.

This is why it is crucial to reply to debt letters and never ignore them. Agreeing to a payment plan before the creditor has a court order prevents you from having to make an upfront larger payment, and it often enables you to agree a better plan.

You should never agree to a payment plan you cannot afford!

Keep Your Possessions with an Excel Civil Enforcement Payment Plan

The promising news is that Excel Civil Enforcement does appear to be geared towards helping debtors get through their financial troubles with payment plans. Their website even has a special section for debtors to go and make payments.

When you agree to a payment plan, it is paramount that the plan you agree fits your budget. Committing to bigger payment thinking you can deal with it later is not a solution. This could cause more debts to sprout up.

Always create a monthly budget before coming up with a figure you can pay each month, taking into account necessary payments such as rent, food, water and heating etc.

Contact Excel Civil Enforcement for a Payment Plan

You may want to agree on an Excel Civil Enforcement payment plan before they come calling. This will only be possible if you know they are in charge of collecting your debt via an Excel Civil Enforcement notice of attendance.

You can contact them using the contact form on their website. Or call them on 03300 081 014.

Do I Have to Choose an Excel Civil Enforcement Payment Plan?

Before a court order is issued, you have a lot more options to escape your debt than after the order has been given. However, there are still things you can do.

Excel Civil Enforcement debt agents will try to make you simply sign up to a payment arrangement, as illustrated on their website:

“Do not be tempted to ‘consolidate’ your debts – take professional advice – or you may end up owing even more”

[Excel Civil Enforcement website]

This is not 100% correct as professional advice can be beneficial and it doesn’t always cost. There are free debt charities who provide professional advice and can help you understand your rights when dealing with debt collectors and law enforcement agents like Excel Civil Enforcement.

Moreover, consolidating your debts may not be the best option for everyone, but it could be an advantageous route for some. Debt solutions like IVAs and debt consolidation loans could help you save on how much you have to pay.

Making a Complaint About Excel Civil Enforcement Debt Collection

Just because Excel Civil Enforcement debt agents may have the right to enter your home and repossess your valuables, it doesn’t mean they do not have regulations to adhere to.

As a financial company in the UK, Excel Civil Enforcement must answer to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and comply with industry standards. If you believe that Excel Civil Enforcement has acted unlawfully, you have the right to make a complaint about Excel Civil Enforcement to the FCA.

It is always to back up your Excel Civil Enforcement complaint with evidence when possible.  

I Need Further Help for My Excel Civil Enforcement Debt

If you require further technical or emotional support when dealing with debt and law enforcement agents, there are some excellent debt charities at your service here in the UK. These charities can breakdown confusing information and chat with you in an empathetic way.

Some of the best UK debt charities are:

  • StepChange UK
  • Christians Against Poverty
  • National Debtline

You may also want to consider getting in touch with Citizens Advice who can also discuss debt problems and solutions.

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Another fantastic resource is the Money Nerd website. We provide helpful blogs and articles that discuss different debt collectors and ways to get out of debt.

All our content is written is a simple way to make it easy to understand. Without confusing terms and jargon, we make clearing your debt easier, faster and sometimes cheaper!

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Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
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  • Reduce pressure from people you owe money to
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring