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FCA Auto Services Debt – Should You Really Have To Pay?


For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

You might have had vehicle arrangements with FCA Automotive Services debt but are still facing letters claiming you owe them money.

FCA Automotive Services debt letters are not that uncommon and plenty of their customers are becoming frustrated, angry and anxious after hearing that they are in debt and owe significant money. This usually happens after the customer has voluntarily terminated their car financing agreement.

If you are one of many people to receive an FCA Automotive Services debt letter, look no further than our complete guide on what to do next.

Don’t worry, here’s what to do!

There are several debt solutions in the UK that can be used to improve your finances. Choosing the right way to tackle your debt could save you time and money, but the wrong one could cause even more harm

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Are FCA Automotive Services Debt Letters a Scam?

No, FCA Automotive Services is a legitimate company and governed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They provide financial services in the vehicle industry. Some people use FCA Automotive Services Ltd to buy cars over time, while others protect their already owned cars with other services.

The bottom line is that FCA Automotive Services is a financing company in the automotive industry. Many customers use FCA Automotive Services to buy FIAT cars, Jeeps, Alfa Romero vehicles, Maserati cars and more.

All of their services are listed on the FCA Automotive Services website, where you can also find the FCA Automotive Services Login portal for current customers and their contact information.

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What Is FCA Automotive Services Contact Number?

The head office for FCA Automotive Services is based in Slough and they have different contact numbers depending on what type of customer you are.

You can find their customer service email address on the site, or you can call 0344 561 4738 for general enquiries.

Customers with existing contract hire agreements must call 0344 561 4611 and press option two.

What Type of Debts Do FCA Automotive Services Chase?

FCA Automotive Services may chase missed payments on their car financing agreements. If you have failed to keep up with the payments you agreed to, the debt could be chased and the vehicle eventually returned to FCA Automotive Services.

However, one of the biggest complaints on online forums is FCA Automotive Services requesting payments after Voluntary Termination (VT). Voluntary Termination is when the customer terminates the financing agreement and returns ownership of the car to FCA Automotive Services.

As part of the legislation, FCA Automotive Services are responsible for picking up the vehicle or they must ask for the vehicle to be driven to a close dealership. They cannot charge you to return the vehicle and they cannot ask you to drive significant distances.

Some forum users claim that FCA Automotive Services have gone against this regulation and are charging customers to pick up the car – or claiming damage on the car that was not there. See below:

“I’m handing a car back to Fiat through VT (no issues with that) and was advised that it’d be collected by Manheim Auctions. The letter stated if I chose to have it collected I would be charged £70 payable to FCA once collected. Got a call from Manheim yesterday to make arrangements and was advised that the nearest collection site to me is Manchester – I’m in Sunderland. There is a Manheim Auction site about 5 miles away but they don’t accept returns!”

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Most customers do not know their rights and are being faced with FCA Automotive Services debts and invoices. You can wipe these charges by showing you know your consumer rights.

Could FCA Automotive Services Have Made a Mistake?

When someone receives a letter stating they owe money or debt, these letters usually come from solicitors of debt collection agencies. Solicitors usually do their due diligence and send the letter to the right people, whereas debt collection agencies usually send out lots of letters to similar addresses or people with identical names to hopefully find the right person.

FCA Automotive Services is neither a law firm or a debt collection agency, but they are a financial company in the automotive industry who may have to recover debts. They are not as likely to send out debt letters by mistake as they rely on signed agreements and customer details on file.

But it is not impossible that FCA Automotive Services have contacted you by mistake.

Even if they have got the right person, that doesn’t mean you owe the debt because they could have made a mistake regarding your account or you may dispute their fees.

Should I Just Ignore FCA Automotive Services Debt Letters?

If you recently received an FCA Automotive Services debt letter and disagree with their claims or cannot afford to pay, it is natural to want to bin the letter and not give them another thought.

Unfortunately, binning the letter will not make FCA Automotive Services go away and it could cause your debt to grow.

They could employ one of the aforementioned debt collection agencies to collect your debt and threaten to get a CCJ to collect the money. Or they might make these threats themselves.

What Could FCA Automotive Services Do to Me?

FCA Automotive Services is regulated by the FCA. If they fail to adhere to financial conduct regulations, they could be heavily punished. This means FCA Automotive Services cannot claim to have powers that they do not.

They are not allowed to tell you that they can repossess your items or your home when they cannot.

Only law enforcement officers could do this when a CCJ has been issued. However, be aware that they could try and get a CCJ if the debt is legitimate and you do not pay.

How to Report FCA Automotive Services Debt Recovery

If FCA Automotive Services do claim to be able to repossess your home or make similar threats, you can make an official complaint to the FCA.

You can also request FCA Automotive Services Ltd to only make contact with certain methods and at certain times. If once you have made these requests that they do not respect them, you may make a complaint about them for these reasons as well.

Can I Stop All Calls and Letters from FCA Automotive Services?

You will not be able to stop all contact from FCA Automotive Services because the debt could be genuine, and they need a way to communicate with you regarding the debt.

But You Can Get FCA Automotive Services to Prove the Debt

If you disagree with the debt/payment that FCA Automotive Services claim you owe, you may want to dispute the debt. Alternatively, you can ask them to prove the debt. This means they would have to supply a signed agreement between you and them, such as a car financing agreement.

By supplying the agreement, they have proof of the money you owe, but you could use the content of that agreement to dispute any payments.

For example, FCA Automotive Services may have not given you your consumer rights or they may have not abided by the agreement themselves.

If they claim you have debt, it is best to use a prove the debt letter template which stipulates your rights in these circumstances. Citizens Advice could help with consumer disputes and tell you what to do next.

What If FCA Automotive Services Do Prove the Debt?

If FCA Automotive Services prove that you owe them money and there is no disputing the payment on your end, you will need to make provisions to pay off the debt.

Sometimes FCA Automotive Services debt can be smaller payments and payable in one lump sum for people with a regular income. If you can afford to pay the debt, then it is worth doing to avoid interest payments or further action.

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I Cannot Afford to Pay My FCA Automotive Services Debt…

Not everyone can afford to pay their FCA Automotive Services debt in one payment, especially if the person owing the money does not have a large income or they are currently out of work.

In these situations, it is still pivotal that you do not ignore FCA Automotive Services debt letters.

One way of approaching this situation is to communicate with FCA Automotive Services and agree to a new payment plan to pay off the debt without causing yourself financial hardship. To do this, you will need to calculate how much you can afford to pay towards the debt each month.

Make sure your calculations account for all your necessities, such as rent, utility payments, groceries and commuting to work if applicable. Do not overcommit to payments as this could result in missed bill payments and new debts being created with other companies.

Other Ways to Escape FCA Automotive Services Debt

Working out a payment plan with FCA Automotive Services UK is one way to get rid of your debt in time. But it doesn’t have to be the only way. Debt solutions are not always the same for every person. Some people can pay less money on their debt or pay off their debts quicker by choosing other options.

The number of debt solutions are extensive and can make us off wanting to research what will help us the most. Yet, lots of (see the end of this guide) are able to help. And you can find detailed information on debt solutions made simple on MoneyNerd.

You don’t have to be a financial guru to understand your options!

Some examples include:

  1. An IVA to pay off debt over five years and wipe away any unpaid debts
  2. Debt management Plans (similar to payment plans)
  3. Debt Relief Orders for those without a home

When You Never Have to Pay Your FCA Automotive Services Debt

There may be a situation where any debt owed to FCA Automotive Services does not have to be paid. This would be when the debt is an old debt and classed as statute barred.

What Is a Statute Barred Debt?

Statute barred debt is when a debt is:

  1. At least six years old
  2. You have not made a payment to the debt in the last six years
  3. You have not acknowledged the debt to FCA Automotive Services or any debt collection agency in the last six years
  4. There is no existing CCJ for the debt

If these four apply, your debt is classed as statute barred and you do not have to pay any money owed to FCA Automotive Services Ltd.

Why Do I Not Have to Pay?

You do not have to pay statute barred debt because the debt cannot be enforced in the courts, i.e. FCA Automotive Services cannot get a CCJ for the debt. It is important to realise that the debt does not get wiped, it is simply not enforceable by FCA Automotive Services or any legal firm or debt agency.

The reason this loophole exists is because the courts get overwhelmed with old debt cases which puts pressure on their ability to deal with other – and newer – cases. To save the courts’ resources and time, they have issued an end date on old debts to be legally enforced.

Tell FCA Automotive Services UK Ltd Your Debt Is Not Enforceable

It is not likely that FCA Automotive Services will allow a debt to go unpaid for six years without already issuing a CCJ – but it is not impossible.

If you believe your debt is statute barred and FCA Automotive Services are trying to collect it or threaten a CCJ, you can let them know the debt is statute barred in a letter.

The debt support charities below offer excellent statute barred letter templates on their site to help you do this easily.

Get Free Debt Support for Your FCA Automotive Services Debt

When dealing with disputes over FCA Automotive Services payments or FCA Automotive Services debt, you can contact the following organisations for support:

  • National Debtline
  • Christians Against Poverty
  • Step Change UK
  • Citizens Advice

They all have their merits and can offer support to help you choose a debt solution. You don’t have to fight FCA Automotive Services debt alone!

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Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
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  • Reduce pressure from people you owe money to
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring