Finger injury claims are more common than you think.

Many of us have suffered a finger injury. However, not all of us have made a finger injury claim. This is because many of us are unaware of the procedure and the process of application.

So, in this article I have decided to share the complete process to claim compensation for a finger injury, FAQs, and everything you need to know about the subject matter.

What qualifies as a finger injury?

There are several types of finger injuries. This includes thumb injuries as well. 

I will list down the most common finger injuries for better understanding.

  • A dislocation in the bone or ligament
  • A fracture in your fingers or thumb
  • A ligament or soft tissue rupture
  • Finger injuries causing amputation
  • Tear in the skin, nerves, or blood vessels
  • Muscle damage
  • Impaired movement in the thumb or finger
  • Thumb injuries

All of the above mentions qualify as finger injuries. The amount of finger injury compensation claim may vary based on the type of injury you have sustained.

How much compensation do you get for a finger injury?

The finger injury claim varies upon the individual finger and the type of personal injury.

For a minor fracture or tear in your finger or thumb, the finger injury compensation could be £4,055.

For a partial loss of your little finger, the payout will range between £3,370 to £5,000.

However, if your injury limits your ability to grip, you can make a claim for up to £10,440.

Moreover, if you require amputation for all fingers and thumb, the maximum amount of compensation could go up to £93,540.

However, your finger injury claims may increase if your case is more severe.

How much can I claim for loss of a finger?

The amount of claim for loss of finger injury depends on the individual finger and the type of injury. 

The injury compensation for the little finger ranges between £7,380 to £10,440.

In case you have lost your ring finger, the compensation claim may go up to £18,620. 

However, if you have injured your middle finger the compensation could go up to £21,320. 

Lastly, for a partial loss of index finger, the compensation amounts range anywhere between £7,780 to 10,440.

How do I claim compensation in case of a finger injury?

Firstly, you need to understand how it happened.

If you have suffered a finger injury at work, you need to provide medical records and witnesses from the time of the incident.

You also need to provide documentation about your work environment and the type of work you do. Then, you should find yourself solicitors to make the finger injury compensation claims.

In case you have suffered a finger injury through an accident, you can claim compensation through personal injury solicitors.

In this case you need to provide picture evidence, and file against the third party. You need video or picture images proving your declining injuries. Your medical records need to be up to date as well.

However, if your injury is a result of medical negligence you need to provide a detailed report about the procedures. It is important to collect as much evidence as possible to prove your case regardless of how the injury occurred. 

The more evidence you have, it may be easier to claim compensation. Your solicitor can guide you on how much compensation you are entitled to. The amount may vary based on the type of injury.

How severe does the finger injury have to be to get a claim?

You can make a personal injury claim for any type of finger injury

It could be as minor as a tendon tear or hairline fracture. The severity of the injury could go up to an amputation or a total finger loss. If the injury was caused at work or at home, and was not your fault you can apply through a personal injury claim for compensation. 

How much can I claim for an index finger injury?

In case of a fracture, the estimated compensation could range between £7,780 to 10,440

However, the compensation claim for loss of finger is estimated to be around £10,380 to 15,990. 

If you require an amputation, the finger loss compensation could go up to £21,320.

In what case can I make a finger injury claim?

You can claim compensation for several types of finger injuries.

The most common finger injury claim include:

  • Finger injury at workplace due to heavy lifting or shifting
  • Broken ligament or tendon injury caused by usage of heavy machinery
  • Keyboard injury caused by repetitive work conditions
  • Extracurricular activities: sports, chores, running errands
  • Slip and fall injury claim
  • Lost tip of finger compensation
  • Finger injuries caused by a car or motorbike accident
  • Child care centers and nurseries claim

It is crucial you understand that the accident should not be your fault when applying for a finger injury compensation. Otherwise, the process may become difficult or more time consuming.

What type of finger injury can you receive a compensation claim?

There are several finger injury claims you can make. These include:

  • Injury claim for pain and suffering
  • Injury claim for mental trauma
  • Injury claim for physical impairment
  • Injury compensation for amputation
  • Finger injury compensation for loss of total earning
  • Personal injury claim for lost income compensation
  • Transport expenditure claim
  • Ongoing expenses claim
  • Finger injury compensation for medical negligence
  • A laceration limiting movement

What is the injury compensation amount for a damaged terminal phalanx?

The injury compensation amount for a damaged terminal phalanx of the index or middle finger is approximately £21,320.

How much compensation claim can I make for a vibration white finger?

Vibration white finger is a serious condition, it can hinder your ability to carry out basic tasks. 

The compensation claims vary based on the severity of the pain.

If you have a single vibration white finger and irregular pain, the compensation amount could be anywhere between £2,560 – £7,380.

For a relatively more serious case, causing more frequent pain, the compensation rate could be between £7,380 – £14,310. 

Moreover, if the vibration white finger is hampering your ability to carry out simple tasks you may be able to receive an amount ranging from £14,310 to 26,990.

For severe cases the finger injury claim could drastically increase and go up to £32,780.

How much compensation can I get for a finger amputation?

Finger amputation amounts vary significantly.

The amount of compensation for loss of finger could be anywhere between £3,370 to £21,320. 

However, compensation amount for amputation of several fingers could range between £24,740 to £52,810.

The injury claim for an amputation for three fingers: middle, ring, and index is estimated to be £52,810 to £77,430.

If you require all your fingers to be amputated, the estimated cost will range between £82,040 to £93,540.

You can apply for these claims through personal injury solicitors. 

Does the compensation amount depend on how the injury is caused?

Your claim may differ based on how the injury was caused.

The most important thing is understanding that the accident should not be your fault. You may not be able to receive a claim otherwise. 

Moreover, the compensation amount may vary on a number of other things including:

  • How the injury occurred 
  • Where the accident occured: at home, at work, or in a public place
  • If the injury was a result of medical negligence 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What value can you generate in the UK for an injured finger?

The compensation varies depending upon the finger injuries. 

The calculated amount for a lost tip of finger compensation could range anywhere between £3,370 to £5,000. 

However, if you require amputation, the injury claims could be around £7,380 to £10,440.

Is it possible to claim money for a finger injury?

Finger injury compensation is a very common problem.

If you have injured yourself at home or at work you can apply for an injury compensation even after several months of the accident. 

Moreover, if your injury hampers your ability to work, you can also apply for a lost income compensation.

Furthermore, if your productivity has decreased due to an amputation you can also apply for a finger loss claim for future income earning.

Can you make a claim for a tendon injury in your finger?

The injury compensation amount for a broken tendon can vary. 

A tendon damage that causes total loss of grip or deformity could get a compensation of £12,700. 

The amount for a tendon injury for the index or middle finger could be £13,940.

How to make a claim if I sustain a finger injury at work?

If you have sustained a finger injury at work that was not your fault, you will be able to make a finger injury claim. It is crucial you take pictures of your personal injury and gather evidence. You also need witnesses for the injury you sustained at work.

You can file against your colleague through a personal injury claim. Your solicitor will go through your medical reports and evidence to help you sort the amount of compensation you can get.

What amount of payout can I claim for a broken tendon?

A broken tendon may be termed as a minor finger injury. The amount of compensation for a broken tendon could be approximately £4,055.


finger injury compensation

A finger injury can hinder your ability to carry out everyday tasks.

If you have the right information, applying for a claim is not as difficult as you might think. This guide provides all the essential details about how to make a finger injury claim. 

For further information you may want to consult your solicitor. They may provide more information about the compensation claims based on your individual case.

Please feel free to contact us if you feel we have missed any significant injury claim information.

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