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Free UK Debt Counselling Online – Top 3 Counsellors Reviews

Free Debt Counselling Review

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you get free debt counselling online? We explain what to expect and how debt counselling can save you money compared to free debt advice. 

There are subtle differences between the two – but they could save you thousands of pounds.

What Is Free Debt Counselling?

Debt counselling is when you receive specialist information on how to get out of debt for your specific situation. The information provided by a debt counsellor will be tailored for your debts and your personal income and any other financial situation you are currently experiencing.

The debt counsellor won’t just tell you about your options but will specifically explain which option is best for you and why. Instead of leaving with more questions than you started with, debt counsellors are there to provide clarity and a clear path out of debt. 

Sometimes you can even get free debt counselling online! 

What Is Free Debt Counselling Online?

The above service is also available online through various websites. You can contact debt counsellors over the web and get information more conveniently. Debt counselling may also be available over the phone and now through chat functions within mobile apps!

The Benefits of Free Debt Counselling Online

There are lots of benefits of free debt counselling, such as:

Debt Counselling Online Vs Debt Advice

You could be forgiven for thinking that free debt counselling and free debt advice are exactly the same thing. Some aspects of each are identical, but there are differences that can make, well, a difference.

Free debt advice is when debtors are explained the various options to get out of debt. They will learn about their legal rights and solutions like DMPs, IVAs, DROs and much more. This information is used to help them choose the right path for them.

Debt counselling is a little different. Counsellors will not only provide the aforementioned information but they go further to state which debt solution would be most advantageous for the individual by taking into account their situation.

How Can Debt Counselling Online Save Me Money?

Debt advice may lead to a debtor going home and contacting their creditors to ask for a Debt Management Plan. They received some good information on this debt solution and want to get one to make their debts more affordable. It might do just that!

But a debt counsellor might be able to suggest another debt solution that is more specific to the debtor’s situation, such as an IVA. By getting tailored recommendations from experts rather than just equipping yourself with information, debtors can avoid choosing the wrong solutions and choose the most advantageous one, ultimately saving them money.

Do I Have to Use Debt Counselling Services?

No, no debtor has to use debt counselling services or even debt advice. But it is highly recommended. Both services can be beneficial to debtors by helping them understand what to do next. 

By speaking with professionals, it can also take a weight off your mind and mitigate any mental health problems arising from these money worries. 

When there is free debt counselling on offer in some places – why not?

Where Can I Get Free Debt Counselling Online?

There are different online sites that offer debt counselling services. But because debt advice and debt counselling are often used interchangeably – and incorrectly – you might not receive the service you are expecting.

The most common websites that offer free debt counselling services online are:

  • Debt management companies
  • Specific debt counselling service providers
  • Limited debt charities (usually means debt advice)

Debt management companies are usually the biggest providers of debt counselling services. The reason for this is simple. Debt management companies want to sell you a debt solution so will provide a counselling service for free in the hope you will choose the debt solution recommended by themselves and offered by them.

However, be careful because they may recommend a service on their books when a service, they don’t offer could be more advantageous. Speak with multiple debt management companies to avoid this pitfall. 

A Free Debt Counselling Services

Below you can find a charity that offers free debt counselling online:

  1. Step Change UK

Step Change is a debt charity. They don’t just provide debt advice but can actually provide some debt solutions. They also provide free debt counselling online and can recommend which debt solution is best for you. Their services are always free and therefore impartial.

Where Else Can I Get Debt Help Information?

For further information on debtor rights and debt solutions, why not take a look at the rest of the Money Nerd website. We have a dedicated blog to answer the most common questions by people in debt.

And we have a specific page dedicated to explaining debt solutions in a simple way.

Check us out soon!


Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
  • Affordable repayments
  • Reduce pressure from people you owe money to
  • Stop interest and charges from soaring