French Duncan may provide the answers to your debt nightmare. Or they may make your current situation even more confusing, expensive and frustrating. This is one of many commercial debt help companies that charge you to help you get out of debt. But is the fee worth the end result? We have cast our magnifying glass over French Duncan to understand how they operate and if they really do help debtors.

Keep scrolling to learn more about French Duncan debt services and if they are the solution to your current money worries.

French Duncan IVA Debt

Who Are French Duncan?

French Duncan Debt Solutions run a team of professional insolvency practitioners to help all UK debtors, including those living in Scotland who may require different services. This is no surprise considering they have over 25 years of experience from their four Scottish offices. The company is also part of HLB International, which is among the biggest accounting firms in the world.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Along with debt advice, you may consider one of five debt services available with French Duncan:

  • Free debt advice
  • Sequestration
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Debt Arrangement Scheme
  • Trust Deed
  • MAP Bankruptcy

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement is always a popular debt solution with any provider. French Duncan offer this service by agreeing with multiple creditors a monthly repayment schedule usually lasting 60 months. They can only do this if your debts exceed £1,700 and you are able to pay at least £100 back each month, but you may need to pay back much more.

This is a big commitment for a long period, but the benefit is that after the 60 months are up, all your debts are wiped away. Even if you owe a lot of money when the IVA ends, all that money no longer has to be paid back. These are not suitable to Scottish resident but comparable services are available.

What Do People Say About French Duncan Debt Services?

Many French Duncan reviews online discuss the company’s lack of customer service, often describing them as “unhelpful”. However, opinions do appear to be mixed:

“Exceptionally unhelpful.”

[Google Reviews]

“I found the team at French Duncan to be very helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to friends and family.”

[Google Reviews]

French Duncan Frequently Asked Questions

We have rounded up the most frequent questions asked about French Duncan debt solutions:

Are French Duncan a legit company?

French Duncan are a legitimate insolvency practitioner company offering services for all UK residents. They are registered and regulated, ensuring that everyone who deals with them gets fair treatment and is not misled into the debt solutions they are agreeing to.

What’s up with the name…?

Honestly, we don’t quite know why they are called French Duncan. We searched on all corners of the internet to find out but came back empty handed. If you really want to know, it may be best to ask one of their staff directly.

Does French Duncan really work?

As a legitimate company, their services can work to get you out of debt. For further proof of this, you may want to look at some of the French Duncan success stories on their website. For them to work, you need to keep to repayments.

Can French Duncan guarantee me an IVA?

No insolvency practitioner can guarantee that your IVA application will be accepted by your creditors. Your creditors cannot be forced to agreeing but if you create a compelling agreement with the right monthly repayments, then you will stand a good chance. French Duncan should be able to advise if your case is not likely to be accepted once they know your situation. They may suggest alternative debt solutions from their extensive list of services.

Is French Duncan’s debt solutions expensive?

As you now know, French Duncan are here to make a profit out of you as well as help you get out of debt. They may charge monthly fees for their service and those can soon add up to significant costs if you have an IVA that lasts five years. You may be paying French Duncan thousands over the lifetime of a formal debt solution.

Is there a cheaper way?

There are undoubtedly other insolvency practitioners that offer the same services at a cheaper cost, you just need to find them. Some debt solutions are available at debt charities and these don’t cost anything. Do your research to save your money!

Will French Duncan stop creditors from calling?

One of the joys of agreeing a debt solution is knowing that creditors will stop harassing you and let you get on with life. However, some debtors have accepted formal agreements but continue to get asked to make payments directly. Some of the common reasons this happens are administration errors and automated calling technologies used by debt collection agencies.

How to contact French Duncan?

At the bottom of this French Duncan review, you can find the contact number to give French Duncan a call. Alternative ways of contacting them can be found on their website, which is also available at the end of this post.

You can even request a call back if you currently do not have any money topped up on your mobile.

How can you make payments to French Duncan?

French Duncan accept a wide range of payment options from card payments to bank transfers. They do not run an online portal for you to log in and make online site payments. Some other debt solution providers have started providing this convenient option.

What’s Money Nerd’s verdict on French Duncan?

French Duncan is by far one of the biggest debt solution providers and one of the leaders in the Scottish market. They have mixed reviews which is common for insolvency providers dealing with sensitive issues. The only downside is that some alternative options may be cheaper and debt charities could save you a lot compared to the cost of French Duncan services.

French Duncan Contact Details


133 Finnieston Street
G3 8HB

Contact number:

0141 221 2984



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