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If you have unpaid debts ad are being chased by debt collection agencies, there are ways to get out of debt using Fresh Start UK. They offer debt management services that help you work towards becoming debt free, but they are a commercial group that charge fees for their services. So, are they any good and worth your money?

We have the lowdown on Fresh Start UK right here. Learn about their services, latest reviews and answers to the most common questions surrounding Fresh Start UK.

Who Are Fresh Start UK?

Fresh Start UK is a company offering debt solutions to UK debtors to help them escape financial difficulty. They provide a range of services from IVAs to Debt Relief Orders depending on the debtor’s needs. The company is situated in Hull and was established in 2009 as the city’s first ever debt management company.

Learn more about Fresh Start UK, their debt solution services and their contact details below.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Fresh Start UK offers six different debt solution services. These are:

One of their most popular services is an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA). This is a debt solution applicable to debtors with multiple debts that are worth more than £1,700. If you can commit to monthly payments of around £90 or more, an IVA can save you money. How, you ask? Well, an IVA usually lasts for five years. Once this repayment period is over, so are your debts. All debt is wiped after the IVA finishes even if you still owe thousands of pounds.

They also offer popular Protected Trust Deed services, which are the IVA equivalent for Scottish residents.

What Do People Say About Fresh Start Debt Services?

A good way to judge the quality of debt management services is by uncovering what other debtors have experienced by choosing Fresh Start UK. Here are some reviews and comments found online:

“I’m having a few problems with these lot.. I have a few debts there sorting out but I’ve had letters and letters from the debt management company saying they haven’t heard from them etc! I know I have missed 2 payments but I have sorted this with them and paying double this month coming.”

[Money Saving Expert Forum]

“Warning – they’re useless they are. I was with them and I’m still trying to sort out the mess! You’re better off trying one of the ‘free’ DMP providers – CCCS/Payplan etc. Failing that, just pass the threat-o-grams onto them and let them deal with it.”

[Money Saving Expert Forum]

As you can see, the reviews of Fresh Start UK aren’t exactly glowing, with some previous customers suggesting that the free debt solution providers are your better option.

Fresh Start Frequently Asked Questions

Are Fresh Start debt solution services cheap?

No, Fresh Start is a commercial company that wants to earn a profit from helping you escape debt. That means you should expect to pay fees for their debt management services.

Are there free alternatives to Fresh Start UK?

Yes, some debt charities and special debt groups can offer similar services to Fresh Starts UK with no charge at all. You can get the same debt solutions at a lower cost elsewhere.

Do Fresh Start offer free initial consultations?

Kind of.

Fresh Start UK will provide free advice to debtors who are considering their services. The initial discussion will be free, but they could charge you for further advice and consultations. This is unlike debt charities, which provide free advice every time you get in touch.

Will my creditors still contact me if I use Fresh Start UK?

The hope is that your creditors will stop calling or harassing you if you use one of the services on offer with Fresh Start. However, that isn’t always the case and you may still receive annoying calls or texts from creditors when using Fresh Start.

Proof of this can be seen in one of the reviews listed earlier. Note that the debtor was still being hassled by creditors despite signing up to a Fresh Start UK service.

Are Fresh Start’s debt services paid monthly?

Yes, all of the debt solution options available with Fresh Start require monthly payments. However, Fresh Start will also accept more frequent payments if it will help you manage your money. You can request to make weekly or fortnightly payments if desired.

Do Fresh Start provide debt statements?

Yes, if you sign up with one of their services and start making payments, they will send you a statement each month to show how much you have paid and where your current debts stand. This is also good to show the fees that Fresh Start will have taken from your payments.

Will my creditors definitely accept a Fresh Start IVA?

It is never guaranteed that your creditors will agree to an IVA. However, many will do because it is a formal agreement that ensures you will pay them something, even if they never receive the full amount for the debt.

Are Fresh Start UK fees always the same?

No, the fees they charge you change over time. The initial six months of your debt management service will be higher than any following months. The reason for this is that these earlier months is when Fresh Start do more of their work. After that, the process is pretty much automated.

However, fees after the six-month mark can still be pretty steep.

How long does it take to activate their services?

Fresh Start UK claim to contact your creditors within one day. But this is not always the case, especially with IVAs that can take much longer. Expect them to be slower than they claim.

What is the final verdict on Fresh Start UK?

Fresh Start UK is not the worst debt management company out there. But remember they are a commercial company which will cost you a lot in fees over time. It may be easier and cheaper to use one of the free services available elsewhere.

Fresh Start Contact Details


48-50 Lowgate

Fourth Floor



Contact number:

0800 924 7244


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