If you sell products on websites or even social media marketplaces, you could learn a thing or two from our free guides explaining how to sell on eBay, Facebook and Depop. More on this shortly. 

Selling products online has become a lucrative side-gig for many UK residents, and it has even flourished into full-time businesses for others. With 40% of students stating they want to run their own business, we have entered a truly entrepreneurial age.  

Scroll further to uncover details about selling on Facebook, eBay and Depop, as well as our free guides that will help you do it successfully. 

Selling on ebay Guide

What Do People Sell Online?

Most people who sell items online will sell pre-owned items they want to make some money from. This might include clothes, items of furniture, electronics and much more. You tend to find people selling on Facebook will sell second-hand items, but you can even find property for sale on Facebook’s Marketplace these days. 

Those who sell new or handmade items tend to gravitate towards eBay or Etsy. They can sell absolutely anything from handmade candles to accessories, jewellery or something else. There really are no limits when selling on online websites.

Is It Easy to Sell Products Online?

If you have ever listed something for sale on any of these sites, you will probably have had some success. All of these websites are packed with users, so there is a big market out there to sell to. But there are many hints, tricks and tips to sell better and for more money. If you want to make the most of your online selling venture, make sure to download our free guides at the end of this post. 

Do I Have to Register as a Business to Sell on eBay etc.?

The UK Government provides every UK tax resident with a trading allowance of £1,000. So, if you sell items online and you make a profit of £1,000 or below, you do not need to tell HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about your little online side gig.

However, if you make more than £1,000 from selling on Facebook or other marketplaces, you will need to tell HMRC, and you might have to pay tax. This is done with an annual self-assessment, just like self-employed people must fill in each year. You’ll need to record how much you have earned and any expenses you incurred (such as shipping costs) to submit an accurate self-assessment. 

I Have More Questions About Selling Online…

If you have more questions about selling online or if you want to know how to be successful when selling on eBay, Facebook or Depop, make sure to download these free guides:

  • How to sell on Facebook Marketplace
  • How to sell on Depop
  • How to sell on eBay

Happy online selling!

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