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Harper McDermott Trust Deed Reviews & In-depth Info 2022

For free and impartial money advice and guidance, visit MoneyHelper, to help you make the most of your money.

Harper McDermott | Protected Trust Deed & DAS Scotland Experts

Have you been considering a Harper McDermott Trust Deed? This debt service may be suitable for you and get you out of debt. They may even help to write off some of your debts.

But is a Trust Deed from Harper McDermott a good idea? Our Harper McDermott review will help you to decide if they are the right way to turn. 

Who Are Harper McDermott?

Harper McDermott is a Scottish business that helps people get out of debt. They have in-house insolvency practitioners meaning they can provide debt solutions themselves without passing you on to other companies. This may be expected, but you will be surprised at how many debt management companies are actually just “middlemen”. 

The company claims to be one of the biggest insolvency firms in the whole of the UK, and they even claim to be top of the Trustpilot charts. We’ll delve into that more in our Harper McDermott Trust Deed reviews section.

Harper McDermott offer five different debt solutions. Four of these services are for Scottish residents only, but they do offer Individual Voluntary Arrangements too, which is similar to a Scottish Protected Trust Deed but used in England and Wales. 

What Is a Harper McDermott Trust Deed?

A Harper McDermott Trust Deed is one of their four Scottish debt solutions on offer. It is a debt solution for people with over £5,000 of debt and multiple creditors. Harper McDermott only offer protected Trust Deeds, which means these solutions are legally binding and your creditors cannot go back on the agreement. It also means you must stick to the terms or your protected Trust Deed will fail. Occasionally Protected Trust Deeds fail. This occurs when you stop paying into your arrangement and your Trustee doesn’t have faith in your ability to pay and will terminate your Protected Trust Deed.

If this happens you are: No longer protected from your creditors. They can begin to contact you again once your Protected Trust Deed fails. Your Trustee may petition the court for you to be entered into Sequestration. (Bankruptcy). At this point any interest and charges on your debts will become unfrozen and creditors may petition the court for your wages to be arrested or another court order.

The Harper McDermott Trust Deed will tie you into making monthly repayments to your creditors for a set period up to a maximum of four years. Once your agreed period of repayment has finished, you are eligible to have any remaining debt wiped off.

If you want to know the details of a Protected Trust Deed, we recommending checking out our Money Nerd Trust Deed blogs.

Harper McDermott Trust Deed Review

Read Harper McDermott Trust Deed Reviews

Trust Deed Scotland is a registered trademark and trading name of Harper McDermott Ltd, and this is important because there are no reviews on Trustpilot for Harper McDermott, however under their trading name of Trust Deed Scotland there are over 3,500 Trustpilot reviews in the Debt Relief Service category with a current TrustScore ranking of 1st place out of 41.

Money Advisor, MLS Solvency Ltd, Creditfix and National Debt Help are placed positions 2-5 in the same category.

Harper McDermott Trust Deed FAQs

Can I trust Harper McDermott?
Yes absolutely. We don’t doubt that the team at Harper McDermott can be trusted. They are all qualified professionals and are governed by debt industry regulations. They must keep the standards expected or could face fines and punishment. Harper McDermott Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in respect of consumer credit related activities and their licence can be reviewed by visiting the FCA’s website and searching for licence number 820851. Thomas Fox is authorised to act as an Insolvency Practitioner for Harper McDermott by the Insolvency Practitioners Association.
Will my boss find out about my Harper McDermott Trust Deed?
It is not common for anyone else to learn about your Harper McDermott Trust Deed. If you failed to make repayments, your employer could be notified and payment could be taken directly from your salary. However, this is a rare occurrence.
How much are Harper McDermott Trust Deed fees?
They have a fixed fee from £1,000 to £2,500 and a realisation fee which us usually 10-20% of the debtors’ assets and income. This second fee is personalised to your situation.
Do I pay fees on top of the agreed repayment?
No, the amount you agree to with Harper McDermott as an intermediary will include the fees you must pay Harper McDermott each month. There are no additional payments to make once the Trust Deed is underway. The initial debt advice is free.
How long does a Harper McDermott Trust Deed last?
Usually four years but it depends on your circumstances. Some can be shorter and on rare occasions, they can be longer.
Can I have a Trust Deed and keep my car?
You can keep a vehicle with a value below £3,000. You can keep a vehicle you need for work even if it is above this valuation.
Will creditors continue to contact me?
No, all creditors must contact Harper McDermott instead of you to discuss anything. They should not contact you again once the Trust Deed is signed and approved.

Harper McDermott Debt Arrangement Scheme

Harper McDermott are one of the leading companies in Scotland to offer the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) as a growing popular alternative to a Protected Trust Deed.

With many of the same benefits as a Protected Trust Deed, an approved Debt Payment Programme (DPP) offers protection from the people who you owe money to and freezes interest and charges. Your home and car are protected but you will pay off your outstanding debt in full.

After an initial call with Harper McDermott, or any other commercial debt solutions company or debt charity you will be more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each solution and how it may impact you, based on your personal circumstances.

MoneyNerd recommends that you shop around and speak to 2-3 different companies, or debt charities if you are unsure of any debt advice you receive. You should never feel pressured into entering into any debt solution without feeling like you are in control. You should always be able to make an informed decision, at your own pace.

Under the trading style of Trust Deed Scotland, Harper McDermott are seen on TV screens across Scotland raising awareness of both Protected Trust Deeds and the Debt Arrangement Scheme. Fronted by Jennifer Reoch, of Heart Radio and STV’s Scottish Children’s Lottery.

As recently as January 2021 thanks to an update to formal Scottish debt solution legislation, Harper McDermott have introduced Low and Grow DAS to more Scottish residents experiencing financial difficulties.

What is Low and Grow DAS?

Low and Grow DAS is a formal debt solution introduced in January 2021 that may help Scottish residents who have experienced a loss of income due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The solution may appeal to those who are in a position to repay their debt over a longer period of time but require a short term solution in the intermediate period before their regular income returns to normal may be eligible to apply for a Low and Grow DAS.

The benefits and risks are the same as any other debt payment programme (DPP) undertaken as part of the Debt Arrangement Scheme.
When a person repays their debts through DAS, interest and contractual charges are frozen. DAS lifts wage arrestments; stops court action including Sequestration (bankruptcy in Scotland) and requires one monthly payment that is distributed to all creditors on their behalf.

When applying for a DPP using the Low and Grow process, it is recommended that a minimum of 5% of the overall debt is paid for the duration of the discretionary condition period of lower payments, or a minimum of £35 per month, whichever is lower.

Do We Recommend a Harper McDermott Trust Deed?

We believe Harper McDermott to be a genuine company and they offer protected Trust Deeds that can get you out of debt. We think they may be more expensive than some other companies and are slightly concerned by unfounded claims regarding their Trustpilot presence.

You might want to shop around first and speak with debt charities. 

Contact Details for Harper McDermott

The quickest way to contact Harper McDermott is by giving them a call on 0141 278 3989. Their lines are open on weekdays only. Between Monday and Thursday, they are open from 9am to 6pm, whereas on Fridays they are open from 9am until 4pm.

You can also send them a message via their website or shoot them an email on [email protected]

Learn More About Protected Trust Deeds!

Before you commit to a Trust Deed with Harper McDermott or anyone else, you should learn more about them. You can do that with us on our Trust Deed section, or speak with a free debt charity with no commercial motive. Step Change Scotland is one of the best!


Are you struggling with debt?
Are you struggling with debt?
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