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If you’re struggling with debt, Harrington Brooks is one of the commercial businesses that offer debt solutions, but they come at a price. Today’s post will be diving into the inner workings of the company to look at what debt solutions are available with them and if they are worth their fees.

There are some free debt solutions available via other means – and we’ll discuss these too – but it is still worth hearing about what commercial debt help businesses like Harrington Brooks has to offer first.

Who Are Harrington Brooks?

Harrington Brooks is another large debt solution provider based in the UK. They have been providing services to debtors since 1998 and claim to have helped 50,000+ people to choose the right debt service. The business is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Harrington Brooks can provide you with one of five different debt solutions. You could benefit from:

Despite the fact that you can set up a Debt Management Plan yourself, lots of people choose companies like Harrington Brooks to do it for them. These are monthly repayment plans where the timeframe that you have to repay can be extended and any interest on the debt may be frozen.

However, they are completely informal meaning your creditors – or yourself – never have to legally keep to them. If that worries you, an IVA could be more suitable.

What Do People Say About Harrington Brooks Debt Services?

Debtors who used Harrington Brooks are having the same regrets as many people who choose these commercial services. They wish they used debt charities instead because:

“Was with these cowboys for a while 2012 to about 2017 before they conned me about of my agreement. Debt nearly cost me my life. Now im back in a fit stateIi will be pursuing these criminals to the ground until I get every penny back.”


“Harrington Brooks customers have received refunds in regards to the high admin charges against our payments, I made a complaint regarding this that fell on deaf ears, as at the point of joining Harrington Brooks they were never mentioned and had I known I was being charged for the service would have gone to CCC or Step Change who offer the same service for free.”


Maybe you should reconsider if you are thinking about using Harrington Brooks debt solutions!

Harrington Brooks Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve also been researching the answers to common questions about Harrington Brooks:

Is Harrington Brooks a real company?

Harrington Brooks is a real company and not a scam. Some people call Harrington Brooks a scam because they charge for their services which may be free at debt charities (not always!) but that doesn’t make them a scam. They are a commercial business that needs to make a profit and are fully regulated to work in the debt industry.

Has Harrington Brooks Been Taken Over?

Harrington Brooks’ DMP portfolio was taken over by George Pennington Limited. This information was announced on the Harrington Brooks website, which is still active. You can still use the Harrington Brooks site and the contact details at the bottom of this reviews to speak with them about their services.

Where are Harrington Brooks based?

Harrington Brooks is based in Trafford Park, Manchester. If you want to write to them, you can find their full address further below.

Do Harrington Brooks offer free debt advice?

It is debatable whether Harrington Brooks offer free debt advice. You can speak with them on the phone for advice or you can fill in a questionnaire about your debt circumstances to get a recommendation. However, either will result in you being pointed to one of the Harrington Brooks’ services that you have to pay a fee for.

For impartial free debt advice with no selling motive, you will be better speaking with a UK debt charity or Citizens Advice.

Are Harrington Brooks debt solutions expensive?

Harrington Brooks have been known to have high administration charges and were even forced to refund some of them. See the earlier review for more details. You could have to pay a monthly fee to Harrington Brooks depending on the service you need. This can add up and make using Harrington Brooks DMPs and IVAs expensive over time.

Are there cheaper options other than Harrington Brooks?

There might be a cheaper alternative to Harrington Brooks if you look around online. Using a debt charity is a way to cut out any additional costs to get out of debt, if the charity in question can provide the debt solution that is best for you.

Do debt charities offer the same services as Harrington Brooks?

Debt charities do offer some of the same services that are on offer at Harrington Brooks but not always. You will need to speak to the likes of Step Change and National Debtline to find out what support is available.

Can Harrington Brooks guarantee me an IVA agreement?

Harrington Brooks IVAs are a popular choice because they can be financially beneficial to debtors over the long run. But that doesn’t mean you are certain to get one because all your creditors need to agree and accept your proposed repayments. Harrington Brooks may think you have a good chance, but the certainty is never 100%.

How can I contact Harrington Brooks?

We have provided all the details to contact Harrington Brooks in the section below. Remember you can use their website to fill in a form to get sales-driven advice on your situation.

Final thoughts on Harrington Brooks….

Our final thoughts on Harrington Brooks are that they are reputable and regulated provider of personal debt solutions with a decent amount of services to choose from. Unlike some legal firms and accountants, they have more than just IVAs and bankruptcy services.

However, there may be a cheaper way to go about things by choosing a UK debt charity for assistance instead. The bottom line? Do your research!

Harrington Brooks Contact Details


Think Park
Mosley Road
Trafford Park
M17 1FQ

Contact number:

0161 413 9530 



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