The Importance of Establishing a Good Credit Rating

It is particularly important at this time to know what your credit rating is, and also to be in a position to know if this rating changes, and why. Experian is usually the company which comes to mind when thinking of credit checks. But we recommend QuickCreditScore, which will not only give you a free credit check, but also monitors your credit profile constantly, and alerts you when anything changes or there is unauthorised access. They also have very robust ID theft monitoring with fraud alerts and very useful Identity Recovery Assistance. This gives a much more extensive service than the better known credit rating companies can deliver.

Being aware of your credit rating, and knowing how to increase your credit score, is just one aspect of your credit health recovery.

For People Seeking A Permanent End To Debt Misery

For people who have arrived here seeking a permanent way out of debt we can recommend independent advice leading to one of the many forms of debt management plan or debt settlement programme, including the ever-popular IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement). This is the sensible alternative to a debt consolidation loan which should only be considered if you cut up your credit cards and other forms of temptation!