Have you received a letter from Inter-Credit International Debt Collection claiming you owe money to the DVLA? Perhaps you don’t recognise the debt and you’re trying to find more information on this firm?

In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about Inter-Credit International ltd and what you should do if you receive letters or phone calls chasing you for debt.

Who is Inter-Credit International Debt Collection?

Inter-Credit International is a debt collection agency who work on behalf of the DVLA to collect outstanding debts for unlicensed or uninsured cars.

However, caution should be taken if you receive a letter from this firm. Their website is not secure and they claim to be a member of the Credit Services Association but they are not in the directory of members.

They also have several 1-star reviews on Google with claims of harassment. Because of this, it’s never advisable to pay the debt without getting more information first.

Why is Inter-Credit International ltd Contacting Me?

Most people receive a letter from this firm claiming that they owe money to the DVLA and Inter-Credit International is recovering the debt on their behalf.

This could be for an unlicensed vehicle, overdue car tax, or driving an uninsured car.

If you don’t recognise the debt being claimed, it’s best to do your own digging to make sure the claims are legitimate. We’ll cover the steps you need to take later in the guide.

Should I Ignore Letters from Inter-Credit International?

It’s never advisable to ignore letters from a debt collection agency, even if you dispute the debt they claim.

Inter-Credit International is known to work with the DVLA, so it’s unlikely the letter you received is a scam. This isn’t to say that it isn’t incorrect though. So it’s always best to write back and ask for more information.

Quote from InsideInsurance: “These are the debt collectors that the DVLA use to collect unpaid fines and so worth double checking with the DVLA what the problem is and get them to call off their dogs if it’s a mistake.”

Should I Pay Inter-Credit International What They are Asking?

Most letters from this firm direct people to their website where they can make an online payment. We don’t advise doing this upfront without first taking the steps outlined below to confirm the debt is legitimate.

Quote from Hullboy_2: “I received a letter from Inter Credit also for £80, saying the DVLA may wish to prepare a claim against me, I have sent 4 e-mails to the DVLA asking if they are, they surprisingly cannot give me an answer so I’ll just see how far they are willing to go.”

Also, if paying the debt would put you into further hardship, do not pay it. There are options available to help you avoid putting yourself into more debt and we’ll explore these options later.

Can Inter-Credit International take me to court?

Although debt collectors can take you to court, this is more of a last resort strategy. Remember, this is a company trying to make a profit and courts can become expensive.

Most debts chased by this firm are relatively small (less than £500), this means it often won’t be worth their resources to take your case to court.

What Legal Action Can Inter-Credit International Take?

There are a few steps Inter-Credit International can take to recover the money owed:

1. Send letters

The main method debt collectors use to recover debt is to send multiple, intimidating letters that compel you to pay the money owed.

Online reviews show that they can be very persistent in sending letters and phone calls, so you may get multiple.

This is because it’s cheapest for them to recover the debt from you without having to take any of the next steps outlined below.

Here’s a review left on Google by David Nealie: “Real lowlifes use blacklisting and stalking  their targets 24 hours…”

2. Issue a County Court Judgement

After exhausting the letter and phone call route, they might file a County Court Judgement filed against you. This will compel you to pay the debt and will usually involve monthly payments.

3. Send bailiffs

Bailiffs can be sent (with a warrant) to get payment from you or take your property. Read our guide on how to deal with bailiffs here.

What Do I Do if Inter-Credit International Are Harassing Me?

From online reviews, it does seem like this company has overstepped the mark by persistently phoning people in the past.

 Although they have the right to call you, they cannot harass you and put pressure on you to pay the money they claim you owe.

How Do I Make a Complaint Against Inter-Credit International?

You can make a complaint with the firm directly using the following channels:

Post: Inter-Credit International Ltd, St David’s House, 11 Drake House Crescent, Waterthorpe, Sheffield, S20 7HT

Tel: 0333 345 5541

Email: [email protected]

The FCA also takes complaints from debt collection agencies if you believe you have a claim.

Your complaint must be within six months of your last contact with Inter-Credit International and you must provide evidence of misconduct or harassment.

inter-credit debt collection

What Do I Do When I Receive a Letter From Inter-Credit International?

When you receive a debt collection letter, it can be tempting to pay it immediately to make them go away. But it’s best to do a couple of checks to ensure the debt they claim is legitimate:

1. Check your credit report

If you’re unsure whether the debt is legitimate, head to Credit Karma to check your credit report. This is a free service that allows you to monitor your credit score. If the debt is in your name, it will show up on your report.

2. Call the DVLA directly

If the claim is you owe money to the DVLA and you’re unsure of the validity, call the DVLA directly. They should be able to tell you if the debt is registered and if they have employed Inter-Credit International Debt Collection. You may then be able to settle the debt with them directly.

3. Ask for a prove the debt letter

If the DVLA are unhelpful, ask Inter-Credit International to prove the debt. They should send you original documentation showing the debt owed and the circumstances surrounding it.

For example, if the debt owed is a fine for overdue tax, they should have original tax documentation and specific information on your car license, make and model.

Top tip: Never sign anything you send to Inter-Credit International as it’s then possible for them to forge your signature on documents.

3. Check if the debt is Statute Barred

Is the debt they are chasing more than six years old? Then it is likely the debt is Statute Barred.

This means you can no longer be taken to court over the debt and are not obligated to pay it.

What Do I Do if I Can’t Afford to Pay Inter-Credit International?

It can be incredibly stressful receiving a debt collection letter, even more so when it’s in conjunction with a governing body such as the DVLA.

But you should never pay any outstanding debt if it means putting yourself in even further debt.

If the only way you could afford to pay Inter-Credit is by taking out a loan, you should inform them that you cannot afford to pay the debt and are looking into debt management options.

They should then give you time to make the right decision for your circumstances. Here are some of the options available to you:

1. Agree on a payment plan or flat reduction

Inform Inter-Credit International that you cannot afford to pay the debt in the full amount. They should be willing to discuss either a monthly payment plan, or a reduced settlement figure.

If you decide to ask for a monthly payment plan, it’s vital to ensure you can afford the monthly figure given to you for the full agreed term. If you default on these payments, you could be taken to court or have a black mark on your credit score.

Check out this guide on setting up a debt management plan before going any further.

2. Debt Relief Order

This is a good option if your total debts are less than £20,000, you don’t own a home, and have barely any income.

3. An IVA

This is a debt management scheme that consolidates your debt and turns it into one monthly payment. This payment is made for around 60 months, at which point, all remaining debt is written off completely.

Still unsure of how to deal with Inter-Credit International?

There are many more debt management options available to you to help you get out of debt as quickly as possible. Make sure to check out this debt management guide to find out more about different debt management routes that could work for you.

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