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You may be thinking about using the James Cowper Kreston debt solution services to stop being bombarded with debt letters or plagued with calls from debt collection groups. Just be aware that their debt help services are not the same as those offered by debt charities. You will have to pay fees to get their help and support.

That begs the question, should you really consider James Cowper Kreston debt solutions, or should you be looking elsewhere to get out of debt?

Who Are James Cowper Kreston?

James Cowper Preston advertise themselves as professional accountants and business advisory. They offer a wide selection of financial services, and if you look hard enough, you’ll also find they offer debt solutions for individuals too. All of their offices are based in the south of England, which may put a few debtors off if they were hoping to meet with them in person. However, most debt solutions can be provided remotely.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

James Cowper Kreston provide a range of debt solution services, namely:

  • Debt Relief Orders
  • Debt Management Plans
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements
  • Bankruptcy
  • Informal creditor negotiations

Debt Relief Order applications are one of James Cowper Kreston’s formal debt solutions. They will help you get a DRO that blocks creditors chasing you for money for a period up to 12 months. Only certain debtors may get an application accepted and they will need to have low income with very little money left over after paying their rent and bills.

Understand more about Debt Relief Orders and see if it is the correct debt solution for you, with Money Nerd.

The Online Customer Experience at James Cowper Kreston

We hunted for some reviews on James Cowper Kreston specifically relating to their debt services for individuals. But as this is a very small part of their whole operation, all the reviews we found were not relevant to debtors. Instead, we turned to their website to analyse the customer experience.

The insolvency section of the site is primarily dedicated to businesses, however, there is a small section for individuals and personal debt suggesting the services that are available. It feels like these are somewhat not as important as the other work they do, especially when they even suggest speaking to other agencies and charities.

It is not the best impression for debtors needing caring and empathetic solutions. And you will probably have to contact them via their contact form.

James Cowper Kreston FAQs

Are James Cowper Kreston legit?

Yes, James Cowper Kreston work in a number of financial industries and are committed to providing clear and professional services. As a UK company, they are governed by the Financial Conduct Authority and must deal with you in a way that is fair and transparent. There is no apparent reason not to trust them.

Are James Cowper Kreston debt solutions expensive?

It is often the case that big financial firms and accountants charge more for their debt solutions than companies which only deal with personal debt. Add to that that all their offices are based in the south of England, and you have a recipe for more expensive services. You will probably find that James Cowper Kreston are more expensive than a number of other providers.

Can James Cowper Kreston help people with smaller debts?

One thing going in James Cowper Kreston’s favour is that they offer a good selection of debt services. Other companies operating as accountants and financial advisories tend to limit the number of personal debt solutions and market to businesses insolvency more – not James Cowper Kreston. They even have debt solutions that can help people with small unsecured debts, such as a Debt Management Plan (DMP).

Do James Cowper Kreston help people with big debt?

They can help people with a lot of debt, and debts with multiple creditors. The James Cowper Kreston IVA is a way to get all creditors to agree to monthly repayments and you probably won’t even have to pay your full debt off to have it cleared. Overall, everyone in debt may be able to benefit from James Cowper Kreston.

Can I get free debt advice from James Cowper Kreston?

There is no indication that James Cowper Kreston offer free debt advice. Any advice you receive is likely to be provided with a sales pitch to their services. For free advice without obligations or pressure, speak to UK debt charities instead.

Am I guaranteed a James Cowper Kreston IVA?

James Cowper Kreston should be able to spot a good IVA application and make a compelling case for debtors, but they do not offer guarantees. And so they shouldn’t. Nobody can guarantee you an IVA application will pass.

Will debt letters stop if I use James Cowper Kreston?

Debt letters should eventually stop if you use a James Cowper Kreston debt solution. If they don’t, your contact details may be within an automated sending system with a debt collection agency.

What is the James Cowper Kreston number?

If you want to call James Cowper Kreston, you can find their contact number at the bottom of this review.

Are James Cowper Kreston services available with debt charities?

Some of the services offered by James Cowper Kreston can be available with select UK debt charities, as well as free advice. You could save money by speaking with one of these charities first.

What are the final thoughts on James Cowper Kreston insolvency services?

We are impressed with the number of personal debt solutions available with James Cowper Kreston and their subsequent ability to help different types of debtors. But some of these services may be overpriced and available for free in other places.

Do your research before choosing James Cowper Kreston – and use Money Nerd for more guidance!

James Cowper Kreston Contact Details


5 Chancery Lane

Contact number:

+44 (0)203 817 9350



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