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JMW Solicitors debt solutions review

Should you be considering JMW Solicitors debt solutions as a way for you to get creditors off your back? We’ve done the hard work and been investigating what debt solutions they offer and if they are better than the free services found elsewhere.

Find out if we give JMW Solicitors a “yay” or “nay” in our latest debt solutions review. From their services to frequently asked questions, everything is covered right here.

Who Are JMW Solicitors?

JMW Solicitors is a legal firm in the UK based in London and boasting over 40 years of experience. It is this experience that has won them a spot among the top 100 law firms. Their main London office is joined by a Manchester base and a Liverpool establishment specialising in family law. Within their legal services are a number of insolvency offerings to help people get out of debt. The company is fully registered and regulated.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

JMW Solicitors provides personal debt advice along with three other debt solution services:

JMW Solicitors offer Debt Management Plans (DMPs)and other informal arrangements. They will negotiate with your creditors to help you pay affordable repayments each month, hopefully freezing any debt interest in the process.

You pay JMW Solicitors for their help, but as DMPs are informal, your creditors can simply change their mind at any time. This doesn’t mean they will – and you can learn more about Debt Management Plans here.

What Do People Say About JMW Solicitors Debt Services?

JMW Solicitors are not short of bad reviews online. Many of these reviewers claim that the company is highly unprofessional and even aggressive:

Awful! is being polite. They overcharge you and when you challenge them they are aggressive. They publicise themselves as being a professional law firm with skilled lawyers- this all publicity! Reality is that they make a lot of money by being aggressive and money grabbing- they don’t provide a real service!”


If you’re looking for an unprofessional firm who don’t keep you updated, commit to doing things without the intention of following through, pass your case on to someone else without letting anyone know, mention contract changes at the 11th hour and mix you up with other clients then this is the firm for you.”


If you are considering JMW Solicitors debt solutions, you may want to think again…

JMW Solicitors Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some FAQs concerning JMW Solicitors and their debt solution services:

Is JMW Solicitors one of the best?

With regards to legal practices, JMW Solicitors are certainly one of the best law firms in the UK. They have over four decades of experience and have been named among the top 100 firms. However, this doesn’t mean to say they are the best at providing insolvency services and debt solutions. It could also mean their services are more expensive than others, especially when they are based in London.

Even though they are highly rated on paper, just remember that many have negative things to say about them online. They can’t all be lying, right?

Do JMW Solicitors offer free debt advice?

Unlike debt charities and to a lesser extent some other commercial debt solution companies, JMW Solicitors do not offer free debt advice. You will need to pay for consultations to explore your debt options.

Is JMW Solicitors mainly for business insolvency?

Yes, JMW Solicitors mainly deal with corporate insolvency and business bankruptcies. They do however continue to offer personal debt solutions to some extent. They don’t offer as many personal debt services as some other companies. But this is normal for legal firms in the UK.

Will JMW Solicitors guarantee to get me an IVA?

JMW Solicitors should be able to give you a good idea whether you are suitable for an IVA and if your creditors are likely to accept the agreement. But even then, there is never a certain guarantee that you will get the IVA. Nobody can offer this assurance, and you should be wary of any debt solution provider that suggests otherwise.

Are there cheaper alternatives to JMW Solicitors?

Almost certainly there will be cheaper debt solutions on offer with other companies. JMW Solicitors is a legal firm and that tends to bump up the price on these sorts of services. You may get a better result, but you might not. Sometimes, some debt services are free elsewhere so there is no need to spend your hard-earned cash at JMW Solicitors.

What are the free alternatives to JMW Solicitors?

Some services like debt advice and DMPs are available for free with UK debt charities. This means you could get the same type of service without having to pay simply by getting in touch with these recognised charities.

JMW Solicitors Debt Solutions Review

Will JMW Solicitors stop nuisance debt calls?

When you agree to a JMW Solicitors IVA, the hope is that you will never have to pick up the phone to aggressive agency workers chasing you for money – or deal with threatening debt letters. That could be the case when using JMW Solicitors, but sometimes creditors have your letters and calls automated with savvy technology.

You might agree to a JMW Solicitors IVA, but you might not be removed from the automated processes and will continue to get nuisance calls.

So, are JMW Solicitors debt services a good idea?

Overall, JMW Solicitors are not offering the most options for personal debtors and they may be more expensive than other providers. You might even be paying for something you can get for free with a debt charity. We think they may be good at what they do but most people in debt would benefit from not using JMW Solicitors and using another company instead.

JMW Solicitors Contact Details


Kings House

36-37 King Street



Contact number:

0345 872 6666


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