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Before signing up to a Trust Deed, it is natural to want to know more about the company you are dealing with. This time we have been looking at the KMPG Trust Deed service.

Uncover more about KMPG Debt Solutions and if you should use their services. You need to hear this first!

Who Are KPMG Debt Solutions?

KPMG Debt Solutions is a commercial business based in Scotland with an office in Edinburgh and one in Glasgow. They provide debt solution services to help Scottish residents out of debt. They have been providing these insolvency services for more than 20 years and claim to have helped thousands of Scottish debtors out of their financial nightmare. 

They offer three formal debt solutions, namely Sequestration (similar to bankruptcy in the rest of the UK), Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) and Protected Trust Deeds. The company is fully registered and qualified to provide these services. 

What Is a KPMG Trust Deed?

The KMPG Trust Deed is one of their most popular services. A Trust Deed works by tying you into monthly repayments that get split between your creditors (and KMPG will take a percentage as their service fee).

These repayments typically last for four years but some can go on longer or shorter if your debts are smaller. The big advantage of a Trust Deed comes at the end of the repayment period. Once your term of repayments ends, any remaining debt you have is wiped away.

Some people end their Trust Deed and wipe hundreds if not thousands of pounds. It is very similar to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement in England and Wales. They’re not entirely the same and you can find out the differences between IVAs and Trust Deeds on our blog. 

The KPMG Trust Deed service is a protected one, which means it becomes a legally binding agreement between all parties. Your creditors can’t change their mind or not wipe remaining debt at the end if you keep to repayments. Simultaneously, you must keep to the agreement or face legal action. 

Read KPMG Trust Deed Reviews

KPMG have a parent company and also offer other financial services. Their Trustpilot reviews for this company are not impressive with a current rating of poor. The below review is not unusual:

“Bunch of stealing crooks at KPMG.”


We found a thread about KMPG on the popular forum:

“I have had a lot of problems with my trust deed with KPMG – mainly due to poor communication. […] Their fees do seem to be astronomical compared to the firms recommended on here.”


But not everyone has had a bad experience:

“[I] am 16 months into TD with KPMG and I have to say I haven’t had any issues so far.”


KPMG Trust Deed Frequently Asked Questions

Do I qualify for a KMPG Trust Deed?

You will usually qualify for a Trust Deed is you have debts above £5,000 that you are not able to repay in full within four years. You also need to live in Scotland to get a Trust Deed. 

Do KMPG Debt Solutions offer free advice?

Your initial advice from KMPG will be free of charge, but remember, this is a commercial company with a motive to get you signed up. For impartial debt advice, speak with a debt charity first.

Will people know I am using a KMPG Trust Deed?

Your KMPG Trust Deed will be made public on an official register. However, it is extremely unlikely that someone will look at this register and find you. Some workers in finance need to disclose they are using a Trust Deed.

Can I have a KMPG Trust Deed and keep my car?

Cars with a value of £3,000 or less can be kept while using a KMPG Trust Deed. You can usually keep more valuable vehicles if you use them for work. 

Can I have a KMPG Trust Deed and a bank account?

Yes, you will be allowed to have a UK bank account while on a KMPG Trust Deed. You will not be able to get an overdraft facility on your bank account, however. 

Will a KMPG Trust Deed stop creditors from hassling me?

Creditors are not allowed to contact you after agreeing to a protected Trust Deed with KMPG. They must communicate with your trustee (KMPG) instead. You should not receive any more debt calls or letter. 

Do We Recommend a KPMG Trust Deed?

The negative reviews and comments found online make us hesitant to recommend readers to use KMPG for a Trust Deed service, or any other debt solution. We would say they are a legitimate company and can really use their services to help you get out of debt. If you do decide to use them make sure you understand the full details of your agreement and legal obligation.

It may be worth speaking to other companies as well – and make sure to speak with a debt charity like Step Change. 

How to Contact KPMG Debt Solutions

You can contact KPMG Debt Solutions by calling 0141 530 3794. They are available to talk six days per week. From Monday to Thursday, they are open from 9am until 8pm. On Fridays their lines are open until 6pm and on Saturdays they close at 5pm. 

Or you can request a call back from one of their team by sending a request from their website. 

Hold Your Horses – Read This First!

But before you getting in touch with KPMG Debt Solutions, we recommend learning more about Trust Deeds from a debt charity – or from us here at Money Nerd.

We have created a dedicated Trust Deed hub on our site to help people bust the myths and understand the details about Trust Deeds. You won’t find any confusing language on our guides!

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