McCambridge Duffy is another business that offers debt solutions. They claim that they can help you eradicate your debt with their services, but you will have to pay for their work. If you can’t afford to pay off your debt, you may be reluctant to pay for a debt help service that costs. With that in mind, are McCambridge Duffy worth it?

We have reviewed McCambridge Duffy and their debt solutions to save you time. Keep reading to understand more and if you should consider their debt help services.

McCambridge Duffy IVA Debt

Who Are McCambridge Duffy?

McCambridge Duffy offers reliable debt advice and insolvency services to customers throughout the UK. The company has been in business since 1932 and helps businesses and individuals to regain control of their finances. The company is registered in the UK and is seen as one of the leading insolvency firms on the market. Although they do offer many services, much of their easy-to-use website is geared towards discussing IVAs.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

McCambridge Duffy can provide eight different debt solutions for their clients. One of these may help you get out of debt:

Among the services offered by McCambridge Duffy are formal and informal debt solutions. For example, an IVA is a formal agreement that must be created by certain professionals. On the other hand, debt consolidation may be an informal solution advising you on the process of consolidating existing debts into one place with a lower interest rate, saving you money on each repayment.

An effective alternative to debt consolidation is the snowball method to clear your debt.

What Do People Say About McCambridge Duffy Debt Services?

Trustpilot reviews of McCambridge Duffy suggest debtors have had to pay out thousands of pounds more than their total debt when using their debt solutions. This could have been avoided with debt charities, but take a read for yourself:

“Having completed my Iva 4 years ago, they still taking PPI refunds. Total debt £12,400 total paid back £18,300.”


“Correspondence from them is only if they want your extra money that you have been paid. Sent letters to the effect that I couldn’t pay the total amount but could reduce some of my outgoings to pay off but received nothing back except another letter demanding the payment.”


The high fees and lack of communication is a big concern!

McCambridge Duffy Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about McCambridge Duffy? Here are the most common questions that debtors ask:

Are McCambridge Duffy real and regulated?

Absolutely! Despite what some people may think about commercial debt solution companies, McCambridge Duffy are not a scam. They are genuine and are regulated by the appropriate financial bodies on the services they offer. But that doesn’t mean you should choose them. There are plenty of legitimate insolvency practitioners to consider.

Do McCambridge Duffy services really work?

McCambridge Duffy mostly offer formal debt solutions which are legally binding agreements between all parties. As long as you stick to them and complete all your payments, you will come out the other side completely free from debt. However, they also offer informal debt solutions which have no legal weight. With these solutions, there is no guarantee that creditors will stick with them and they therefore may not get you out of debt. 

Why is a McCambridge Duffy IVA so popular?

The McCambridge Duffy IVA is a popular and effective choice for some debtors. This seems to be the solution that lots of people gravitate towards (of those who are applicable). One of the reasons for this is because the McCambridge Duffy website promotes IVAs on nearly every page with special tabs just for IVA solutions. An IVA may not be right for you.

Does McCambridge Duffy offer free debt advice?

McCambridge Duffy do offer free debt advice but this advice is designed to keep you in their sales funnel and point you towards one of their debt solutions. In a way, you could consider it 50% advice and 50% a sales pitch. For impartial debt advice, it is better to speak with Citizens Advice or a UK debt charity.

Am I guaranteed a McCambridge Duffy IVA?

There is never a guarantee that McCambridge Duffy will be able to get your creditors to agree to a formal debt solution, including an IVA. They can only work with what they have, meaning what you are able to commit to paying each month. McCambridge Duffy professionals should be able to see a solid application from the outset and not lead you to believe you will get an IVA when you don’t have a chance.

How do I know that I will benefit from a McCambridge Duffy IVA?

On the McCambridge Duffy website, they have a special IVA calculator which enables you to get a bigger picture of what an IVA could mean for you. You can enter your estimated total debts and what you can repay each month to get a breakdown of what an IVA looks like specifically for your debt circumstances.

Will McCambridge Duffy block creditors from calling?

Once your debt solution has been agreed and payments have started, your creditors should not be contacting you anymore or requesting additional payments. Unfortunately, because many creditors and debt collection agencies now used automated software, you could continue to get nuisance calls or texts about your debt even after signing up with McCambridge Duffy.

Can I get McCambridge Duffy debt services for less?

McCambridge Duffy is one of many debt solution providers in the UK and you should do your due diligence to ensure you find the best debt solution at the cheapest price. Some other providers, including free debt charities, may offer the same debt services at a lower cost – or in the case of charities, for free!

What are our thoughts on using McCambridge Duffy debt solutions?

If you are prepared to pay a fee, sometimes equalling thousands of pounds extra over the lifetime of your agreement, we don’t think McCambridge Duffy are that bad. However, some negative reviews and the chance to get the same service for cheaper elsewhere will probably make you disagree.

McCambridge Duffy Contact Details


17 Hanover Square

Contact number:

0800 043 3328



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