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Unlike debt charities that offer free debt support, you can also find debt help services with commercial companies like MHA Larking Gowen. They offer debtors the chance to sign up to services which help them get out of debt in an effective way, but some of your money goes to paying for these commercial services.

Will you benefit from choosing MHA Larking Gowen debt solution services or is your money better kept for other ways to escape debt? We have the key information below.

Who Are MHA Larking Gowen?

MHA Larking Gowen are chartered accountants in the UK with over 300 staff members, specialising in an array of financial services to businesses and individuals. They are by no means a new kid on the block as they have been operating since the 1880s. Within their financial services, you can track down some debt solutions available to individuals.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

MHA Larking Gowen are currently offering two personal debt solutions. Clients may benefit from:

Out of their two formal debt solutions for people with multiple debts, an IVA may be your preferred choice. This is an agreement made on your behalf by an insolvency professional. They will discuss a repayment plan with your creditors that lasts for five years. You may be shocked to see that the monthly repayments are higher than normal, usually starting around £100 but can be £300+. That is why they are designed for people in a lot of debt.

The reason why they are so appealing is that debtors can commit to the fixed term and then have no repayment obligations thereafter. The bottom line is that they become debt free after their IVA ends even when debts remain largely unpaid.

The MHA Larking Gowen Customer Experience

We were unfortunately unable to find reviews about MHA Larking Gowen specifically related to their IVA services and bankruptcy help. So, to get a feel for the company and the experience they offer, we turned to their official website.

The website is fairly easy to navigate around – if you can look past some of the bright green visuals. The contact page is easy to use, and you can find details for each of the offices easily. The phone numbers provided are not free to call, but debtors could always choose to use an online form to get in touch instead. Additionally, they have a chat feature which does appear to be a bot rather than a real human.

MHA Larking Gowen FAQs

Find out the pivotal MHA Larking Gowen information right here:

Are MHA Larking Gowen regulated by the FCA?

MHA Larking Gowen have been offering accountancy and other financial services over their 100+ year history. During that time, they have been recognised by industry bodies and are fully regulated by the FCA. When you choose MHA Larking Gowen debt solutions, you know they are not a scam – even if you have to pay for them.

What type of personal debt can MHA Larking Gowen help with?

MHA Larking Gowen only offer two personal debt solutions. A limited list of services is common when the company is not entirely focused on debt solutions, such as accountants. Unfortunately, that excludes some debtors to their help. MHA Larking Gowen can only help people who have so much debt that they are suitable for an IVA (£1,700 minimum with multiple creditors) or people wanting to declare bankruptcy.

MHA Larking Gowen will not be able to help many other people in debt.

Does MHA Larking Gowen offer free debt advice?

Nowhere on the MHA Larking Gowen website does it say that they offer free debt advice. They may offer an initial consultation, but it is likely to point you towards their own debt services (if applicable).

Who does offer free debt advice?

If you do want free debt advice from a group that are not out to sell you a debt service, you should always call the UK’s fantastic debt charities.

You can also get informative debt advice that is easy to understand from MoneyNerd.

Will I get an MHA Larking Gowen IVA without problems?

Meeting the criteria of an IVA is just step one. Next, MHA Larking Gowen need to get the majority of your creditors to vote in favour of the repayment schedule. Although you could have a good proposal and MHA Larking Gowen can do good work, they can never guarantee that your creditors will vote for the IVA to be approved.

Can MHA Larking Gowen guarantee my bankruptcy application will be successful?

Just as an IVA requires approval, so does a bankruptcy application. MHA Larking Gowen should be experienced enough to tell when an application is accepted, but that still cannot provide you with guarantees.

Can MHA Larking Gowen end debt letters and nuisance calls?

MHA Larking Gowen’s services should make debt letters stop. But some companies use automated ways to send letters – and even call you. For this reason, some nuisance communications may continue.

Are MHA Larking Gowen debt solutions cheap?

As one of the UK’s biggest accountancy firms with a large workforce, you should not expect MHA Larking Gowen to offer their services on the cheap. You will have to pay fees for their work and you may have to pay ongoing fees for some services, amounting to a big overall invoice.

What do we think of MHA Larking Gowen debt solutions?

We think MHA Larking Gowen only appeal to a certain type of debtor and they are probably more expensive than alternative IVA companies. Our advice is to look around and speak with debt charities before you commit to any service.

MHA Larking Gowen Contact Details


8 The Courtyard
Wyncolls Road

Contact number:

01206 843999


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