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As part of our new series reviewing commercial companies offering debt solutions and services, we have taken a look at Milsted Langdon and what they have to offer. This review includes information on who they are, what services you will find with them and much more.

Before signing on any dotted lines with Milsted Langdon, take a moment to hear what we have found out about their debt solutions.

Who Are Milsted Langdon?

Milsted Langdon is one of the Top 100 UK accountancy firms and members of the MGI Worldwide network. The company was established in 1988. and specialises in local UK tax advice and international fiscal services. These are available to businesses and individuals. But as you will have guessed, they offer debt solutions as well.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

Milsted Langdon offer four debt solutions that could work for you:

Their Debt Management Plans (DMPs) are informal agreements with creditors to make monthly repayments or adjust existing agreements to make them more affordable. It is hoped that the company negotiating on the debtor’s behalf can get the interest rate to be frozen on the debt at the same time.

But there is a lot more you need to know about Debt Management Plans. For example, because these are not formal agreements, there would be nothing stopping your creditors changing their mind next month.

The Milsted Langdon Customer Experience

We brought you this Milsted Langdon review hoping to include some reviews online from debtors who have used their DMPs, IVAs and other debt solutions. Unfortunately, the reviews we could find online centred around accountancy services and were not relevant to people in debt. And that’s why we decided to check out their website instead.

When accountants offer debt solutions, these services are often harder to find on the company site because it is not their flagship offering. However, Milsted Langdon has made it easier to find than others with a dedicated insolvency tab and a tab for personal services so you don’t get caught up in any corporate insolvency services.

The site also offers an online contact form and client portal which can be used to track your payments. Overall? Not bad.

Milsted Langdon Frequently Asked Questions

Are Milsted Langdon regulated and legitimate?

Yes, as one of the best accountancy firms in the UK, you can bet your bottom dollar that Milsted Langdon is a legitimate company. They are regulated and must comply with regulations and industry standards when communicating with you. Don’t think that they are out to scam you – but that doesn’t mean you should use them.

Can Milsted Langdon cater to serious debt needs?

Yes, two of the services offered by Milsted Langdon are aimed at people with a lot of debt, a lot of debtors or both. An IVA may be suitable for people with £1,700 of debt or more with multiple creditors, whereas a bankruptcy application service may be suitable for people unable to pay off their debts.

Do Milsted Langdon offer help for people with smaller debt?

It is normal for some of the top accountants and financial firms to only offer IVA and bankruptcy services. However, Milsted Langdon do offer services that could be used by people with smaller debts and do not qualify for the aforementioned services, namely Debt Management Plans (DMPs). 

Do Milsted Langdon offer free debt advice?

Milsted Langdon list debt advice within their personal debt solutions. But don’t expect to get this advice for free. You will probably be expected to pay for debt advice with a Milsted Langdon professional and it is not likely to come cheap. You can avoid these fees by getting debt advice from a UK debt organisation instead.

Can Milsted Langdon guarantee to get me out of debt?

Milsted Langdon has a good chance of being able to help a lot of people get out of debt, simply because they offer services to cater to debtors with small or large debts. However, they can only get people out of debt who can make some sort of repayments and afford their own fees. So ultimately, not everyone will benefit from Milsted Langdon.

Is it hard to contact Milsted Langdon?

Not at all. Milsted Langdon has multiple ways you can get in touch. We have provided Milsted Langdon contact details at the end of this guide, including the contact number and their official web address.

How much are Milsted Langdon debt solution fees?

Milsted Langdon do not disclose their fees online and they could change them depending on your personal circumstances and needs. Be warned that fees may be ongoing and amount to a serious expense for their help.

Will Milsted Langdon prevent agencies from sending debt letter?

Milsted Langdon will agree debt solutions with your creditors, and this in itself should prevent them from contacting you again or making legal threats. But it doesn’t always happen overnight and sometimes those nuisance communications can take a while to stop.

Can I get DMPs cheaper with other companies?

As Milsted Langdon is a renowned company, they are likely to hike the price up for their debt solutions. There is undoubtedly a number of cheaper providers on the market if you want to find DMP services. Some debt charities may even be able to offer a comparable service without cost.

Should I use Milsted Langdon insolvency services?

Milsted Langdon do well by being able to cater to more debtors than those wanting IVAs or bankruptcy, which is common for companies of their stature and accountants. But we think their services are going to be overpriced compared to others on the market. Overall, maybe it is time to shop around first.

Milsted Langdon Contact Details


4 Queen Street

Contact number:

01225 904940


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