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Find out what debt solutions and services are on offer with MoneyPlus and if you should keep them in mind when researching the best way to get out of debt. They are one of many commercial companies that can help their clients get out of debt over time, usually many years, but does it come at a cost?

Understand more about MoneyPlus and how they operate in this debt solutions review. You might be surprised about what you find out!

Who Are MoneyPlus?

MoneyPlus is among the leading pack for insolvency practitioners and debt solution providers, boasting many glowing reviews online. They also offer one of the biggest arsenals of debt solution services, enabling them to cater to more debtor needs throughout the UK. Some of their services are applicable to the needs of Scottish people needing debt help, which differ to those in the rest of the UK.

What Debt Services Do They Offer?

MoneyPlus is one of the established debt solution providers, meaning they have one of the biggest selection of debt services:

A Debt Relief Order is a popular service at MoneyPlus. This a service somewhat identical to bankruptcy but on a much smaller scale. If you owe less than £20,000 and only have £50 disposable income each month, you will likely qualify for a DRO. This means no creditor can chase you for money for the next 12 months. Note, some debts do not qualify for a DRO, including debts from TV licensing or criminal fines.

What Do People Say About MoneyPlus Debt Services?

MoneyPlus appear to have made some debtors happy while others are left confused and angry:

“I was made to feel at ease after it had taken all my courage to ring about my money problem. The service was excellent and I am very happy with the plan that has been arranged for me.”


“Made a payment to them! They never paid my creditors. More interested in signing people up so they can get paid. Once you’re signed up the customer service is none existent. They will tell you they will call back on a certain time and date then you won’t hear from them for a couple of weeks! They charge over the odds l! Avoid!”


A lack of customer care once you sign up to a debt solution is a red flag!

MoneyPlus Frequently Asked Questions

Here are frequently asked questions from people considering using MoneyPlus:

Are MoneyPlus a scam?

No MoneyPlus is not a scam company. They are a legitimate debt solution provider in the UK and fully recognised and regulated by industry bodies, including the FCA. Just because MoneyPlus may have made some debtors annoyed by their customer service does not make them a scam.

Is MoneyPlus a charity?

At the same time, MoneyPlus is not a debt charity either. They are a commercial debt solutions provider that help people get out of debt – at a cost. Whereas debt charities offer their services for free, MoneyPlus charge debtors and make a profit alongside helping them to get out of debt.

For debt help from a charity, consider contacting Step Change UK or the National Debtline.

Is MoneyPlus expensive?

MoneyPlus do not divulge their fees unless you inquire about their services. This is because the price of each service is different because the work involved changes. Moreover, individual debt situations may alter the price of MoneyPlus services.

It may be that MoneyPlus is more expensive than other companies, as the second review from above hints at.

Can MoneyPlus help Scottish debtors?

Yes, MoneyPlus is also available for people living in Scotland and in debt. Some of the services available for English and Welsh residents is not applicable for the Scottish debt industry. But MoneyPlus offer such a big selection of services that they offer alternative options no matter where you are based in the UK.

How can I contact MoneyPlus?

You can contact MoneyPlus by calling them on a telephone number provided on their website. We have made it available at the bottom of this MoneyPlus review for your convenience. The number is not a freephone number like many of the alternative debt solution providers offer. But you can get in touch via a free contact form on their website.

Do MoneyPlus accept online payments?

Some of the best debt solution companies run online platforms where debtors can log in to make payments and keep track of their debt situation. MoneyPlus is one of them. When you agree to some of their services, you will be given log-in details to make use of this convenient service.

Will MoneyPlus stop creditors harassing me?

If you have chosen MoneyPlus as a way to get creditors off your back, you would hope after agreeing a formal arrangement through them that they would stop calling. Some of the time that becomes a reality and debtors never hear from their creditors again as they keep up with payments through MoneyPlus.

On the other hand, some creditors use automated technology to keep sending their debtors payment reminders and notifications. It could be that your creditors will keep pestering because of this automated software. To stop them, you may need to contact them and make them aware of the agreement in place through MoneyPlus.

What is the final verdict on MoneyPlus?

MoneyPlus is a good option for people willing to pay for debt solutions. Some equivalent services are available for free with debt charities, so it is always worth assessing the market first. Because MoneyPlus have such a wide variety of services – one of the largest selections in the UK – you will likely find some of their services are not available with debt charities.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research other commercial debt solution providers to dig out the best priced services for you!

MoneyPlus Contact Details


New Bailey Street
M3 5FS

Contact number:

0161 837 4000


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