We have put together a National Debt Advice Review to help people who are considering using their debt solutions. If you are in debt and looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, National Debt Advice may provide the answer.

But is it the only answer or even the best answer? Find out with Money Nerd.

What Is National Debt Advice?

National Debt Advice is a commercial business looking to make a profit by helping people out of debt. How would that work? Well, their team look to sign you up to a relevant debt solution that gets you out of debt by paying less. However, you have to pay for the service and that is where National Debt Advice make their profit.

Hold on, we found something…

When digging around on their site, we noticed that they put in the very small print that they pass your details to a third party who provides this advice – not them. This may be cleared up further when you read our National Debt Advice review section below.

What Services Do National Debt Advice Provide?

National Debt Advice offer a good number of debt solutions that can be utilised by debtors across the UK, including Scotland where people there need specific solutions. Their services include:

  • Debt Management Plans (DMPs)
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVAs)
  • Debt Relief Orders (DROs)
  • Bankruptcy applications
  • Sequestration (Scottish bankruptcy equivalent)
  • Trust Deeds
  • Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

A Debt Management Plan is one of the most common solutions that debtors can benefit from. These are new agreements between you and your creditors to make monthly repayments. 

When these are agreed, it is usually hoped that National Debt Advice can get the creditor to remove or reduce the interest that is building on the debt to make it easier to pay off.

There is lots more to a Debt Management Plan you should know about. Before picking up the phone to National Debt Advice, make sure to read this DMP guide for debtors

National Debt Advice Reviews

National Debt Advice Reviews show that the company splits opinion. At the time of writing this review, 50% of reviews on Trustpilot gave the company five stars, while the remaining 50% gave them one star. 

Here are what some National Debt Advice reviewers have said:

“After nearly a year of stress and sleepless nights, National Debt Advice helped to get me out of debt. I cannot thank them enough. Would highly recommend.”


“Absolutely rude when You tell them that You want to be deleted from their database. Calling every day and trying to make money on your situation!!!”


“I do not understand. I go on their website, ring the number and go through to someone at credit fix.”


The last reviewer states that the company number is sending them through to Credit Fix. This is another debt solutions provider and one of the biggest in the UK. You can read our Credit Fix review for details on them, which may inform your decision to use National Debt Advice if there is a link between the companies.

Common Questions About National Debt Advice

Is National Debt Advice a scam?

There may be some mystery about the way National Debt Advice work, but they are still a legitimate company and are not a scam.

How can I call National Debt Advice?

We have provided the phone number to call National Debt Advice at the end of our National Debt Advice review. You will also find their address and their official web address there too.

So, how does National Debt Advice work?

If we hadn’t read the small print or stumbled across the review above, we would have said that National Debt Advice advisors will assess your situation and recommend a debt solution. However, now we cannot be so sure.

It may be that National Debt Advice use the call staff of Credit Fix, or it may be that they are just a lead magnet company providing all their leads to Credit Fix.

Will National Debt Advice get me out of debt?

It is possible for you to get out of debt by using the services of National Debt Advice, whether they come directly from them or via another company. But that doesn’t guarantee they can help everyone.

What types of debt will National Debt Advice help with?

They can help with unsecured debts such as credit cards, loans, rent arrears, catalogue store cards and much more. Speak with them to see if your debt is suitable for any of their debt solutions.

Can National Debt Advice guarantee me an IVA?

Even if you are the perfect candidate for an IVA, National Debt Advice or any other debt solutions provider is not able to guarantee you will get one. That is because creditors must vote on the IVA and National Debt Advice cannot be sure of how they will vote, even if they have a good idea.

Can a debt charity provide the same things?

UK debt charity will offer better debt advice than National Debt Advice because their advice is not motivated by sales. Moreover, some charities can even help sort out debt solutions and will not charge you for them.

But not every solution on offer with National Debt Advice is on offer with UK debt charities.

Do we recommend National Debt Advice?

We are not so impressed with National Debt Advice because they conceal how they really operate. The small print isn’t enough for us. We think debt solutions provider should be providing absolute clarity – and National Debt Advice is not.

Get more information on debt solutions instead from Money Nerd. And if you do decide to use a commercial debt solution company, then shop around for a more transparent business.

Contact National Debt Advice


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Contact number:

01625 801007



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