National Debtline is a debt charity that helps individuals deal with their unwanted debts.

I have compiled this complete guide for your better understanding with FAQs. Read the information provided carefully to understand National Debtline!

What does National Debtline help with?

National Debtline is a debt charity. It is created by the Money Advice Trust. Their main role is to provide debt related advice and services. This is free and confidential. 

National Debtline advice is for the people living in England, Wales, and Scotland

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How will I benefit from the National Debtline?

There are a number of benefits you could get from the National Debtline. 

These include:

  • A fair and transparent method of monthly payments will be proposed to you.
  • Your monthly payments will be decided based on your affordability. This is an amount calculated after deducting your monthly income and disposable income.
  • National Debtline is recognised by the courts in the UK. This means it will be accepted by the creditors. 
  • In case your financial situation changes, you will be able to make changes to your amendment. 
  • You could be able to use the Standard Financial Statement through an advice agency.
  • If you decide to sign up for a Debt Management Plan (DMP) through National Debtline, they will negotiate with your creditors themself.
  • You could avoid selling your home if you contact your advisors on time.
  • Your remaining debts could be written off at the end of the agreement. However, this could depend on your particular debt solution and if your creditors agree.
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What type of debt solutions can I get help for through the National Debtline?

You could get help for a number of debt solutions. A solution will be suggested to you after analysing your debts and financial situation. 

I will list them down for you. 

These include:

  • Bankruptcy or Sequestration 
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) 
  • Debt Management Plans (DMP)
  • Trust Deed 
  • Minimal Asset Protection 
  • Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)
  • Debt Consolidation Strategies 
  • Debt Relief Orders (DRO)

Your advisor could ask you to submit documentations to thoroughly analyse your individual case.

What if I am not satisfied with the advice I got through the National Debtline? 

It is possible that you might not like the offer provided to you. However, this is nothing to worry about. 

You could speak to your advisor and inform him about your concerns. A revised plan could be given to you. 

Moreover, you could complain to their helpline or email them about your problem. You will get a response within an estimated time of 2-3 days. 

If you are still not satisfied you could opt for an alternate debt solution or debt management company.

Is National Debtline worth it?

National Debtline is a registered debt charity. They provide free advice on debt related problems. If you are unable to manage your debts, contacting National Debtline could be worth it.

They will be able to help you generate a plan to pay off your debts. Moreover, they will negotiate with your creditor. 

You could be able to understand which debt solution is the best option for you after getting advice from the national debtline.

How do I contact National Debtline?

You could contact the national debtline through their telephone number. Moreover, you could even write to them through their email address. 

National Debtline also offers free advice through their online webchat.

What are the reviews for National Debtline?

National Debtline has helped hundreds of people in the UK manage their unwanted debt problems. 

More than 89% of their customers would recommend National Debt services to their friends and family who are dealing with debt problems. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I make a complaint against my advisor from National Debtline?

In case you are not satisfied with your debt advisor you could call them on their free number and fail a complaint. 

Moreover, you could write them an email that includes the details of the issue. 

Remember to include: 

  • What the issue is 
  • When you faced this issue 
  • Who your advisor is
  • Suggestions (if you have any) 
  • Your information: name, address, telephone number. 
  • Your registration codes

Within 2 to 3 working days your email will be responded to. 

You will be contacted by a member from the agency to verify your complaint. Moreover, you could be asked to provide evidence to prove your point. 

It could take some time to work on your complaint. I would advise you to be patient during this time. 

How many people benefit from National Debtline?

Thousands of people benefit from the National Debtline in the UK.

A survey in 2016 concluded that National Debtline helped 138,20 people through their telephone service. 

Moreover, they helped 34,065 people through their webchat. 

There were approximately 1,104,300 visits on their official websites. This means several thousand people got advice through their web chat.

What are the alternatives to National Debtline?

In case you are not satisfied with the National Debline, you would be relieved to know that there are other debt agencies available. I will list down the most prominent ones for you.

These include:

  • PayPlan
  • StepChange
  • Citizens Advice
  • Debt Advice Foundation
  • Debt Support Trust Management

Is National Debtline a scam?

Most certainly not. National Debtline is a debt charity that helps individuals manage their debt problems. 

They are run by the Money Advice Trust and are available for individuals who live in the UK. 

You could visit their website or call on their free telephone number for further information. 

Can contacting National Debtline be beneficial?

Contacting National Debtline could be beneficial for you. They could help identify why you are unable to pay off your unwanted debts. Moreover, they could provide a solution to your debt problems. 

You could be able to get out of your debt problems more conveniently.


Unwanted debts could be difficult to deal with, especially if you can’t understand how to manage your budgets and everyday costs. 

There is no harm in contacting an agency to help you with your debt problem. Read the guide carefully in order to be well informed about how you could benefit from a debt charity. 

I would advise you speak to your counsellor before making a final decision. 

If you feel we have missed out on anything you would like to know, please feel free to contact us.

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