Have you received a letter from Pamplona stating you owe them money?

It’s intimidating receiving letters from a debt collector, especially when you don’t recognise the name and you’re unsure whether they’re legitimate or not.

If you’re being chased to pay Pamplona Capital Management debt, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to deal with them confidently.

Pamplona Capital Management

What is Pamplona Capital Management?

This is a group of investors who have collectively put up £100m to buy portfolios of loans and credit card debt.

US hedge funds, private equity firms and even pension funds are among investors. These United States investors secure debt packages from big-name banks and lenders here in the UK.

They are also known for buying debt managed by IVA agreements. For banks, selling IVAs is a way to reduce risk and free up capital. For the person paying the IVA, it means potentially being hounded by an unknown debt collection agency if they default on their payments.

Who Owns Pamplona Capital Management?

Pamplona Capital Management in London is not a solicitors or debt management company, but it is a capital management firm. They’ve got dozens of investors and have raised millions to acquire and profit on consumer debt.

95% of their investors are based in the US but their focus is on UK-based consumer debt.

Why are Pamplona Capital Management Contacting Me?

Have you defaulted on payments to an IVA? Perhaps you took out a bank loan or credit card and have fallen behind on payments?

Whatever the case may be, your financial institution has sold your debt onto Pamplona Capital Management LLP who are now in charge of the debt owed.

They will be chasing you in attempts to make a profit by recovering as much as the debt owed as they can.

If I Ignore Pamplona Capital Management Will They Stop Calling Me?

This is a question many people disagree on. Some say that if the debt owed is small enough, then the debt collectors will give up chasing it if you don’t respond.

However, others have experienced their case being escalated to court and having to pay additional fees because of this.

If you’ve received one letter from Pamplona, it doesn’t hurt to wait to see if they send another one if you ignore it.

This firm buys large portfolios made up of hundreds of small debts. If your debt is relatively small, chances are they’re not going to expend significant resources trying to recover it.

However, if you are getting consistent letters that are threatening legal action, it’s time to do something about it. We’ll look at what to do later in the guide.

What Action will Pamplona Take Against Me If I Don’t Pay the Debt?

Although Pamplona do have the legal power to take you to court if the debt goes unpaid, there are several steps they’ll take before this (if they ever plan on taking legal action).

1. Send letters and make phone calls

Most debt collection agencies do their best to make you pay the debt by sending multiple letters and calling your home.

Remember, they’re recovering the debt for profit, so will do all they can to minimise the resources used to recover the debt from you.

Unfortunately, many debt collectors use the same tactic in these letters and phone calls – intimidation.

No matter how stern the language is, don’t let these letters and calls intimidate you.

2. Send a default notice

If the letters and phone calls don’t work, they’ll likely send you a default notice. This explains that your account is closing and if the debt isn’t paid within a given timeframe, court action may be taken.

3. Claims form

After this, you’ll receive a claims form stating that court action is being taken. You’ll get a final option to make contact to pay the debt before Pamplona take your case to court.

Remember, court action will only be considered if the debt is substantial enough. Small debts are not worth the time and effort of court, so they will continue to chase you with letters and phone calls to save on resources.

Can Pamplona Capital Management LLP Take Me to Court?

Technically, yes they could take you to court. You’ll know if this is going to happen because you’ll receive paperwork in advance.

If a County Court Judgement is filed, you’ll be compelled to pay the debt owed either as a lump sum or in monthly instalments. Going through the court will also incur additional fees.

If you receive a court summons from Pamplona without any prior warning, you can apply to have the County Court Judgment set aside, which will give you more time to make other arrangements before being tied into monthly payments.

Can Pamplona Capital Management Repossess My House or Take My Belongings?

It is highly unlikely that your house will be repossessed over Pamplona Capital Management debt.

Most consumer debt is unsecured, meaning your home was never used as collateral.

However, if they manage to take you to court and get a County Court Judgement filed against you, they do have the power to apply for a warrant to send bailiffs to your home.

These bailiffs are court-appointed and have the power to seize assets with equal value to the debt owed.

Find out more about how to deal with bailiffs here.

How to Make a Complaint Against Pamplona Capital Management

If you feel harassed or mistreated by Pamplona Capital Management London branch, you should file a complaint outlining your grievances and giving evidence of misconduct.

Post: 25 Park Ln, Mayfair, London W1K 1RA

Phone: 020 7079 8000

Email: info@pamplonafunds.com

How Should I Respond to Pamplona Capital Management?

If you’re concerned about responding to the initial letter and are worried about the legitimacy of the claim, wait until they send more correspondence. However, it’s never a good idea to bury your head in the sand and ignore multiple letters and phone calls.

1. Ask for proof of the debt

In order to recover any debt, debt collection agencies must have proof of the debt in question. You can write to them, dispute their claim, and ask for proof of the money owed.

They will need to send an original copy of the signed credit or loan agreement that you took out with the original lender.

If they can’t provide this, they have no legal recourse.

Bear in mind that they may dodge requests for proof and continue to send letters demanding payment. Keep a record of your request for proof and ignore any further attempts to contact you without providing proof.

2. Check your credit report

In the meantime, it’s worth checking your credit history to see if the debt in question is listed under your name.

This is especially important if you don’t recognise the debt they are claiming you owe.

3. Is the debt statute barred?

In England, debt collectors have six years to recover debt owed before it becomes statute barred. After this, they have no legal power to take you to court to recover the debt – so don’t pay it!

I Can’t Afford to Pay Pamplona Capital Management

You should only be considering paying the debt collector if:

1. They have provided proof of the debt

2. It is not statute barred

If so, you do have an obligation to pay your debts. But if you are struggling financially and can’t afford to pay, that’s a different story.

You should never give money to a debt collection agency if it means you’ll need to take on more debt, or won’t be able to be your bills and basic necessities.

If you’re struggling financially, here are some options available to you:


An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a scheme which consolidates all of your debts and bundles them into one monthly payment.

Find out more about an IVA here.

A Debt Relief Order

If your debt is less than £20,000, you don’t own a home, and you have a low income, this might be a good option. It freezes all payments for a year, giving you time to catch up. 

Find out more about a Debt Relief Order here.

The Snowball Method

If you have some extra money each month you could put towards your debt, this is the method for you.

Read more about the Snowball Method here.


This is a last resort that hits reset on your finances. It will significantly impact any future attempts to gain credit or finance, so it should not be taken lightly.

Find out more about bankruptcy here.

Pamplona Capital Management Debt

More Ways to Deal with Pamplona Capital Management Debt

The bottom line is you should never feel trapped when you receive a letter from a debt collection agency. Although they are intimidating and will scare you with threats of legal action, you have many different options available to you.

Takeaways of this guide:

  • Pamplona is an investment group which purchases consumer debt for profit.
  • You should never pay a debt collector without first getting proof of the debt owed.
  • There are many debt management options available to help you get out of debt.

Explore more debt management options here.

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