Are you either relocating or going on holiday with your pet? If you are, you might be considering pet insurance that covers trips to Europe and the rest of the world.

If this is the case, you may have a large number of questions such as: what are the best pet travel insurance companies?; Does travel insurance cover pet illness?; and can you get one-off pet travel insurance?

If you are looking for answers to any of these questions or regarding anything within the topic of pet travel insurance uk or pet travel insurance Europe, you should read on here:

pet travel insurance to europe

What exactly is Pet Travel Insurance?

Pet insurance is exactly what it says the tin. It is used to cover the expenses incurred by accidents during the time when your pets are travelling.

A lot of pet owners choose not to purchase pet travel insurance and it can often be a risky thing to do. However, there are many pet travel insurance companies around and it can sometimes be an expensive and complicated choice, so it is understandable that people often choose to forgo the cost.

Yet you may feel a lot safer travelling with pet insurance so you should be fully aware of your options before making the trip.

What’s the Difference Between Pet Travel Insurance and Pet Health Insurance?

If you’re looking for longer, ongoing coverage for your pet rather than one off pet travel insurance, then you may want to consider pet health insurance.

This type of pet insurance also covers expenses incurred by disease or injury but in fact some pet health insurance actually covers pet travelling internationally.

However, if you are relocating or moving permanently with your pet you may want to ask your insurer whether your pet is covered as each companies’ terms differ.

Can you get One-off Pet Travel Insurance?

Most of the time pet insurance companies will either offer a number of day, multi pet travel insurance or they will offer a single ‘one-off’ package. This will cover a pre-specified amount of time measured in days and will only be suitable for a single trip rather than multiple trips within the allowance. This means your one-off trip to Europe or anywhere in the World can be covered without you having to pay a fortune year round every year.

How to Choose your Pet Travel Insurance Provider?

In order to find the right Pet Travel Insurance provider for you, you need to consider three things:

  • What you need to cover (pet fees, theft or loss, holiday cancellation)
  • How often will you take your pet abroad (one time policies vs multi-trip policies)
  • Whether you pet is already covered (your pet might already be covered on your existing policy).

What are the Best Pet Travel Insurance Companies?

There are many options when it comes to pet health insurance but not so many with regards to pet travel insurance. Some options for you to look through are:

  1. Bought by Many Pet Insurance
  2. Waggel Pet Insurance
  3. Direct line Pet Insurance
  4. The Insurance Emporium Pet Insurance
  5. Healthy Pets Pet Insurance
  6. Tesco Bank Pet Insurance
  7. Co-op Insurance Pet Insurance

One cannot tell you which company is best for you but as mentioned you need to assess the total amount of coverage you might need, the destination that they will be covered, the duration of the coverage and perhaps whether that have any introductory customer discounts.

Does Pet Travel Insurance Cover Illness?

For the most part, if your pet becomes ill during your trip, insurance does often cover the medical treatment expenses as it would with injury and disease. However, this can sometimes vary with each provider so ensure that before you sign up to anything that you have been fully informed of the terms & conditions.

This also refers to if your pet becomes ill before you travel, you may or may not be covered if you decide to cancel your holiday. Again, check with your provider before joining their insurance policy or travelling abroad.

Is Pet Travel Insurance a Legal Requirement?

No, pet travel insurance is not a legal requirement but those who love their pets (as almost everyone does) will feel a lot more comfortable knowing that if something was to go wrong the their pet will be covered when having any treatment.

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