Phoenix Commercial Collections usually collect debts for council tax, unpaid parking tickets and rent arrears.

If you recently received a debt letter from Phoenix Commercial Ltd, try not to worry and read our guide instead.

We bust the myths to tell you what to do right now and avoid the debt from going to the courts – even if you cannot afford to pay.

Phoenix Commercial Collections

What Is Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd?

Phoenix Commercial Collections is a debt collection company who collect unpaid debts for their clients. Most debt collection companies of this sort are simply administration workers who have been outsourced the task of retrieving debt by other companies.

They do not have further legal powers and cannot come to your home or take items. However…

Phoenix Commercial Collections appear to be more than just administration and debt collection support. They also offer law enforcement services, which means they offer to enforce debt that has been to the courts by sending agents around to request payment or remove goods.

Whether they do this in-house or use external law enforcement agent groups is unknown. They offer this service on their official website, but there are suggestions that they are just the middlemen and they outsource this higher task. In this case, Phoenix Commercial Collections are like any regular debt collection group with limited powers.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore their debt letters!

Phoenix Commercial Collections Council Tax Collection

Phoenix Commercial Collections are known to try to collect debts from business rates, parking fines and unpaid rent for their clients.

But their most well-known area of debt collection revolves around unpaid council tax. If you have received a debt letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections, it is most likely to be in regard to unpaid council tax, possibly in and around the Bolton area where the company is based.

Now that COVID-19 has slowed down, council tax debt is being chased again!

Here is a situation described by a forum user who is dealing with Phoenix Commercial Collections:

“I have returned home from work today and found that a Bailiff has been to my property to collect goods for unpaid council tax. And requesting that I pay £1,340.00 or goods will be taken from my property for resell. I have rung the council and asked for the debt to be taken back they refused as no payments had been made. I contacted Phoenix Commercial and they refused to speak to me […]”

[Money Savings Expert online forum]

What this person is describing is a debt that has not been dealt with and has escalated to the courts and law enforcement action. Your Phoenix Commercial Collections debt doesn’t have to get this situation if you have received an initial letter and follow the advice in this guide.

By taking action and not ignoring debt letters from Phoenix Commercial Collections, you can avoid being taken to court and being issued with a Phoenix Commercial Collections removals notice (a notice that they will come to remove your goods).

Phoenix Commercial Collections Reviews

If you search for Phoenix Commercial Collections online, you will soon be confronted by a wall of negative reviews from debtors. These people have reported that the staff of Phoenix Commercial Ltd have been intimidating, rude and harassed them.

It must be noted that these are reviews left by angry debtors and the clients of Phoenix Commercial Collections may think of their services differently.

Contact Phoenix Commercial Collections Bolton

You can call Phoenix Commercial Collections on 0333 323 0333. Lines are open between 8am and 6pm on weekdays and are closed on weekends.

Yet, there may be a better way of dealing with Phoenix Commercial Collections debt letters than calling them directly. Read on to find out more.

Report Phoenix Commercial Collections Harassment

Plenty of reviews left by debtors have claimed that Phoenix Commercial Collections have harassed them and used techniques that are not permitted by the FCA.

If you feel like Phoenix Commercial Collections have harassed you or behaved illegally, it is best to report them to the FCA rather than complaining to Phoenix Commercial Collections directly.

I Have Received a Phoenix Commercial Collections Debt Letter

Anyone who receives a debt letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections should act promptly. Leaving the debt letter to deal with later or throwing it away could end up meaning the debt goes to court and a law enforcement agent comes to visit your home.

It doesn’t have to be this way, even if you cannot afford to pay right now, just by taking action swiftly.

When you receive a debt letter, the first thing you should do is request that Phoenix Commercial Collections provides proof that you owe the debt. Just because they say you owe it (and even if you agree!) does not mean you need to pay instantly. They must provide proof!

And for this we must…

Send a Prove the Debt Letter to Phoenix Commercial Ltd

To request proof, you simply have to ask for it by sending Phoenix Commercial Collections a letter. The letter you send should preferably use tracked delivery and you should keep a copy for your records.

There are many great templates for these types of letters online, mainly because so many debtors send them to agencies such as Phoenix Commercial Collections.

You can of course write the letter yourself. If you choose to write a prove the debt letter instead of using one of the many templates online, make sure to:

  1. Include any reference numbers on the previous letter
  2. Ask for proof and state that this is a legal requirement to collect debt
  3. State that any future calls or letters without proof is harassment
  4. Phoenix Commercial Collections harassment will be reported to the FCA
  5. Never sign this letter, but do print your name

What If I Think Phoenix Commercial Made a Mistake?

Even if you think that Phoenix Commercial Collections sent their debt letter to you by accident, you should still send them a prove the debt letter. This is the perfect way to make them realise there has been a mistake. They are not likely to accept there was a mistake by you simply telling them there was.

Reasons why mistakes are made are usually because the letter was sent to somebody with a similar name or similar previous name to the real debtor. Or because of a recent change in address.

Or, Send Phoenix Commercial a Statute Barred Letter Instead

There are two occasions when you should not use a prove the debt letter. The first is because Phoenix Commercial Collections already sent you proof of the debt, such as a copy of a signed agreement.

The other is when your debt is statute barred debt and you will not have to pay!

Statute Barred Debt Explained

When debt cases need to be resolved, they go to the courts so they can issue a CCJ and have legal rights to enforce the debt. But the courts were becoming too stretched by the number of debt cases in England and Scotland, so they decided older debt could no longer go to the courts and get a CCJ.

This is great news for people in debt because it means their debt cannot be collected with law enforcement agents, otherwise known as bailiffs.

Even though your Phoenix Commercial Collections debt is still there and not wiped away, they wouldn’t be able to collect your old debt and you wouldn’t have to pay unless you offered to. If you can pay comfortably then you may choose to do so to protect your credit score.

Is My Phoenix Commercial Debt Statute Barred?

Your debt with Phoenix Commercial’s client will be statute-barred if all of the four apply. If three or fewer apply, then your debt is not statute barred today:

  1. The debt is six years old at least
  2. You did not make any payments to reduce the debt in the previous six years
  3. You have not agreed to any company that you owe the debt in the previous six years
  4. No CCJ has been issued for the debt in its lifetime

Criteria two and three will reset the six-year clock at the point a payment or acknowledgement of the debt was made.

How to Inform Phoenix Commercial Collections

If you have received a debt letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections and believe your debt is statute barred, don’t send a request for proof but send a statute barred notification instead.

This is simply a letter stating that the debt is statute barred and they (Phoenix Commercial Collections) cannot collect it or take you to court.

To do this correctly, it is recommended to use one of the statute barred templates found on debt charity websites. These have been professionally written and are known to work.

What If I Still Owe Phoenix Commercial Collections the Debt?

If Phoenix Commercial Collections proved that you owe the debt and your debt is not statute barred, there is only one other avenue to explore and avoid the debt going to court -debt solutions.

The most obvious one is agreeing to make monthly payments to Phoenix Commercial Collections to wipe the debt away. This may take time, but it is great if you cannot afford to pay the debt you owe.

Even better, Phoenix Commercial Collections expect you to request this option and even dedicate payment plan portals and contact numbers for this to be arranged. During the COVID-19 pandemic they welcomed debtors to get in touch and lower payments, which shows they are willing to cater to your needs.

The golden rule when agreeing a payment plan is to never accept bigger monthly repayments than you can afford. By doing this, you increase the risk of getting into other debts.

Consider an IVA

Another popular option is to use an IVA to clear your Phoenix Commercial debt. This is an agreement drawn up by a specialist company for individuals who have multiple debts totalling more than £1700. If you owe Phoenix Commercial Collections and other companies money, this could be an appealing option.

An IVA works by agreeing larger monthly repayments for five years. Once these five years are up, all of your debt is cleared. Some people only pay off 20% of their debts before they are all wiped. The reasons companies agree is because it guarantees some payments from you.

Phoenix Commercial Collections

Your Rights When Dealing with Them

When dealing with Phoenix Commercial Collections, you should know your rights. These are:

  • Your debt cannot be discussed with other people, including spouses and employers
  • Phoenix Commercial Collections cannot threaten to repossess items without a CCJ
  • You do not have to welcome Phoenix Commercial Collections into your home without a CCJ
  • You can request calls to be made at certain times of the day
  • Phoenix Commercial Collections must clarify any confusing terms or jargon they use
  • They cannot pressure you into choosing a debt solution

Find Further Support

Further support when dealing with Phoenix Commercial Collections can be found by using debt charities. Some of these charities offer free support and advice, or they can explain debt solutions, and which one works best for your personal circumstances.

They are also great for finding letter templates discussed above. Consider searching Step Change UK, National Debtline or Christians Against Poverty for further information.

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