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Should you pay or ignore a Plymouth parking fine? In this article, I’ll share what happens if you choose to pay and how to pay. You’ll also learn the risks of not paying and the actions Plymouth City Council will take to claim the payment from you. I’ll also discuss the appeal option you have when facing a parking fine that you believe to be a mistake.

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances, parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat with an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

You can try it out now, just remember to cancel the trial once you’ve got your answer.

What is a Plymouth Parking Fine?

A parking fine issued by Plymouth City Council is called a PCN. This is a Penalty Charge Notice, not to be confused with a Parking Notice Charge.  A PCN is issued when you have committed an illegal parking or driving offence. A PNC is a parking fine that is handed out by private car park operators. These are given out by the operators when you park incorrectly in their facility.

You may receive a PCN through the post if you were caught committing an offence on camera. Alternatively, the council may attach the PCN to your vehicle at the time of your offence. Either way, you will need to either pay or appeal the fine to avoid further action.

How Long Do I Have to Pay the Fine?

You have 28 days in total to pay the parking fine before the council increase the fine and further action is taken. If you make the payment within 14 days of the date on the PCN a 50% discount is applied. This saves money and could be considered if you have the money available and agree with the parking ticket.

What Happens if I Ignore a Plymouth Parking Fine?

Ignoring a parking fine won’t make it disappear. By choosing not to pay you face an increased fine, costing you money and even putting your vehicle at risk. The council have the power to remove your vehicle when you have at least 3 unpaid PCNs. Once your vehicle is removed the Devon and Cornwall Police are notified and provided details regarding the location of the car.

Extra Costs for Removed Vehicles

If the council remove your vehicle, you can get it back providing your pay all the outstanding PCNs. Additional costs are involved in retrieving the vehicle, including recovery, storage, and disposal fees. You will be able to collect your vehicle after payment clears providing you can show proof of ID and proof of vehicle ownership.

The additional costs for removal, storage and disposal fees are as follows:

  • £105 for the removal of the vehicle
  • £12 per night for each day or part of the day that your vehicle remains there. These charges begin from midnight the day after your vehicle entered the impound.
  • £50 vehicle disposal

It is possible to appeal the removal of a vehicle. You can have the fees refunded if your appeal is successful.

Should You Appeal?

If you don’t wish to have the cost of your fine increased by not paying you do have the option to appeal. Appealing can be worth considering if you have evidence to support the appeal. You may have experienced a medical emergency that stopped you from getting to your vehicle in time. Perhaps your car broke down and you were waiting for breakdown recovery. Whatever the reason you need to have evidence such as photos, documents, letters and/or invoices.

Learn More About Your Fine Before You Appeal or Pay

I recommend you investigate why you were issued a PCN before you make your appeal. You can use Nottingham City Council’s online PCN service to find out details about the contravention.

How to Appeal a Plymouth PCN

Plymouth City Council requires all appeals to be in writing. You can write an appeal letter using the free PCN appeal letter template I have available. You must include your PCN number with all communication, which begins with the letters PL. Additionally, you need to provide your vehicle registration number.

Use the online appeal service to send your written appeal. The council will respond to your appeal via email if you provide them with your email address. You can send a physical letter to Plymouth Council if you prefer. However, they do recommend that you use their online system instead to avoid delays.

If you submit the appeal within the 14-day discount period and is successful, the fine is cancelled, and you’ll be informed in writing. If you are unsuccessful, you’ll have a further 14 days to make the discounted payment and they close the case.

How to Pay

If you decide to pay the fine remember you can have the amount owed reduced by 50% if you pay within 14 days of receiving the PCN. If you wish to pay, there are a few options available.

Pay Online

Pay using the Nottingham online payment service. You can view details of the fine before making payment. To pay simply enter the PCN number, and your vehicle registration number and have a debit or credit card to hand.

Pay On the Phone

The other option is to use the automated phone line by calling 01752 546220. You can also call this number if you have lost your ticket and wish to find your PCN number. Select option 2, input your registration number and the number will be provided.

Do You Have to Pay?

In many circumstances parking tickets are not enforceable.

It’s a bit sneaky, but last time I had a parking fine, I paid £5 for a trial to chat to an online solicitor.

Not only did I save £50 on solicitor fees, I also won my case and didn’t have to pay my £271 fine.

You can try it out now, just remember to cancel the trial once you’ve got your answer.


Trouble Paying Your Parking Ticket

If you wish to pay but are struggling to avoid the cost give the council a call. You can discuss your circumstances and they will give you some options. You may also wish to seek help from debt advisors such as Citizens Advice or Step Change.

Ignoring parking fines can lead to greater debt. Plymouth City Council may also remove your vehicle or seek help from enforcement agents to recover the money you owe. Paying the fine within the 14-day discount period is useful for those who don’t wish to appeal. Appeals can be used to stall; however, you must have proof to support your appeal. Furthermore, fraudulent appeals are a criminal offence.

I hope you found this article useful in helping you decide to pay or ignore your Plymouth parking fine. Please check out the suggested articles below for further information.